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Jori Hulkkonen – Don’t Believe in Happiness


Jori Hulkkonen is building towards his next full length album on My Favorite Robot, but before then comes a lead single with some fresh remixes from Zombies in Miami and Kiki.

Hulkkonen is a regular on this label and his last album came on it in 2015, with one before that coming in 2012. A prolific producer with a real mastery of his synths, he creates atmospheric soundtracks couched in techno but with a wide world of influences contained within.

The fantastic first track is ‘Don’t Believe in Happiness’, which is also the name of the album. It is a dark but beautiful track of synth laced ambience with only occasional kick drums somewhere deep down below. Gorgeous pads and melodies ring out in a church like fashion and elevate your soul in the process. Add in some whispered vocals and the whole thing has a tender ‘80s feel to it which leaves a lasting impression.

Mexican pair Zombies in Miami aka Canibal and Jenouise of labels like Correspondant and Suara then step up with a fine remix. Their smooth and seductive vision is more beat driven but remains deep and spiritual with a slithering lead synth line and supple drums all working you into a zoned out trance.

Last of all comes Kiki, the long time BPitch Control artist from Helsinki. His take on the track reworks it as something more song like, with great structure and plenty of tension in the way it builds through eerie vocals and sections of synth drama and eventually upright drums. It’s a blissful cut with an infectious beat and offers something refreshingly different.

This is another in a long line of standout and synth heavy tracks from Jori Hulkkonen that make the prospect of his next album all the more appealing.

1. Dont Believe In Happiness
2. Dont Believe In Happiness (Zombies in Miami Remix)
3. Dont Believe In Happiness (Kiki Remix)

NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Hide In (incl. Ewan Pearson & Zombies In Miami Remix)


Following on from ‘The Owner’ released last year, NTEIBINT and Stella join forces once again to bring their elegant sound to Eskimo Recordings with ‘Hide In’. Industry veteran Ewan Pearson is in to remix inducing an acid flare and Mexican duo Zombies In Miami also provide a stellar remix.

NTEIBINT reveals that “originally ‘Hide In’ was a slow and melancholic ballad, with pompous synths supporting Stella’s beautiful vocals. I revisited the original recordings and started deconstructing and rebuilding the song using a live bass as the foundation of the track. ‘Hide In’ is essentially a love song you can dance to!”

NTEIBINT is the musical alter ego of Greek producer George Bakalakos. The gifted producer is known for lush, sonic soundscapes that are masterfully constructed taking the listener to new dimensions. George Bakalakos is also the host of a daily radio show on the Athenian radio station En Lefko 87.7.

Stella (née Stella Chronopoulou) is a pop singer-songwriter and musician also based in Greece. Her debut album was released in February 2015 on Inner Ear. Acclaimed by listeners and critics alike, it became one of the most successful Greek indie albums of 2015.

Ewan Pearson is a man whose talents cover all corners of the industry, from being a DJ and engineer to a published academic and magazine columnist. Over the years he’s worked with huge names including The Rapture, Tracey Thorn, M83, Delphic and currently with Jagwar Ma. Also featuring with an original track on ‘The Yellow Collection’, Zombies In Miami have been building a wealth of support with releases on labels such as Correspondant, Cómeme, Love on The Rocks and Kompakt. Their original live show infuses techno with rock influences for a wholly unique experience.

NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Hide In
NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Hide In (Ewan Pearson Remix)
NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Hide In (Ewan Pearson Instrumental Mix)
NTEIBINT feat. Stella – Hide In (Zombies In Miami Remix)