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Video: Moa Bones – Hey

moa1-13  by Shoot the band

Last month, Moa Bones released the ‘Spun‘ LP. Now, he’s put out a new video for ‘Hey’, where the confident words of a Man playing the Love game, can collide harshly with the natural awkwardness of reality. Wishful thinking and imagination blend together in a struggle with archetypes, while Moa Bones lays his passionate manifest of love and optimism to The Woman. The video directed by Yorgos Garefalakis premiered on Exclaim! earlier this morning.

Hey snapshot

Athens based singer/songwriter Dimitris Aronis (aka Moa Bones) combines classic folk tunes with a playful modern aesthetic. His second full album, ‘Spun’, released by Inner Ear Records on 25th of May. Moa Bones has produced the whole album, the sound of which returns again to the familiar paths of homemade and lo-fi aesthetics, like his early demos. 9 tracks of true indie-folk trendsetting and painfully self-conscious lyrics. ‘Spun’ was recorded in his room, during fall 2014. ‘Spun’ is an experiential album influenced from country music, the blues and American singing-songwriting of the 60’s.