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Wolfram – United 707 EP1


Wolfram returns to DFA Records with a brand new single entitled United 707. The last DFA heard from this Austrian-born, globe-trotting DJ, he was out working hard promoting the two 12” singles “Can’t Remember” and “ Talking To You” (featuring Andrew Butler of Hercules & Love Affair). He also turned in a fantastic remix for the Juan Maclean single “Here I Am”, also released on DFA. He has released a full length album on Munich Germany label Permanent Vacation, and collaborated with such performers as Sally Shapiro, Holy Ghost!, Patrick Pulsinger & Marcus Mixx.

United 707 does not refer to a flight number on United Airlines that might take you direct from JFK to the nearest dance club. Instead, like any proper gear-obsessed dance producer, it is an electro love song dedicated to the Roland TR-707 drum machine.

Remixes included for EP1 come from Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt, close friend and collaborator to Wolfram. As would be the ideal scenario for fans of the Legowelt, the acid and electro vibes are turned up to 11, adding a sparkly old-school sheen to the slightly somber original.

Another German remixer, David Hasert, foregoes the built in 4/4 structure of the original and takes it a bit off the grid, restructuring the time signature and emphasizing both off kilter hi-hats industrial chants and the chaos that can be created from a few simple parts. Regardless of this, he still creates something beyond suitable for the dance floor.

United 707 (Original)
United 707 (Legowelt Remix)
United 707 (David Hasert Remix)

Buy it on iTunes or Bandcamp! A vinyl version will be released Friday Nov 13 by Kim Ann Foxman’s Firehouse Recordings.

The Juan Maclean – Here I Am (Remixes)


The Juan Maclean release another single from their 3rd album “In A Dream”.

“Here I Am” is an album highlight, a bouncy electro bubble-gum pop song, with vocalist Nancy Whang slowly losing her mind (one last time) dealing with the trials and tribulations of keeping a relationship together.

The single release features remixes from some of DFA’s favorite producers. Octo Octa (100% Silk) takes the original and adds a funky drummer breakbeat underneath, with the song now coming across like Madonna in Manchester.

Tuff City Kids (aka Gerd Janson & Lauer) stretch the song into a more slo-mo acid workout, all electro intensity and robotic vocals. If you ever wanted to hear a singing, jaded robot, this is a good chance to do so.

Lastly, the Wolfram remix takes a less obvious route to the dance floor , nearly losing the main vocals altogether and splicing them back in, as splashes of the chorus get sprinkled on top of a sparse 4/4 arrangement.

Wolfram – Can’t Remember / Talking To You (Remixes)


Wolfram is really one of the hardest-working folks. Hot on the heels of his DFA debut, he is set to release a trio of remixes, one made and two commissioned by the man himself.

Up first is the Club Mix of “Talking To You” – fairly faithful to the original, but with some added cymbals and claps and a little extra thump to the bassline. The vinyl is cut at 45, so make sure your needles are well balanced, this one is LOUD. The flip is shared between two DFA pals and Brooklyn natives – Jacques Renault and Mark Verbos, and Secret Circuit.

Jacques Renault (Let’s Play House, Throne Of Blood, and constant gigs around NYC and the world) and Mark Verbos (a self-proclaimed Analog Synthesizer Aficionado) turn in an acidy remix that explodes the sonic palette of the original. Rounding out the package is a remix by Secret Circuit (Eddie Ruscha Jr., check out his LP from last year on DFA Alumni Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space label) that starts with a heartbeat and ends somewhere out in the cosmos.

Out on vinyl and via DFA Direct Digital. Listen here. Purchase high quality digital music and the vinyl at DFA Direct.