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Warpaint – New Song (Soulwax Remix)


Soulwax’s remix of “New Song” from Warpaint’s 2016 album ‘Heads Up’, out now. Buy/stream ‘Heads Up’:

Warpaint – Love Is To Die (Chris Cunningham Official Documentary Excerpt)

Video legend Chris Cunningham‘s latest project is a documentary about L.A. four-piece Warpaint, titled Love is to Die. The film, which has been two years in the making, follows the group as they work on their self-titled second album, which hit stores last week.

(via Dazed)
“It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to make a music video in a traditional way, so a video diary is more appealing to me. I thought what might be interesting would be to film stuff in this big way and make a surrealist thing…It covers everything around and during the making of the record, but it’s not a ‘making of’. It’s me filming with a camera whenever I have one and them filming on their phones, and then I’ve been taking outtakes and random pieces of drumming and making new remixes of their songs and using that as a soundtrack.”

Video: Martina Topley-Bird feat. Mark Lanegan – Crystalised (The xx Cover)

Here’s a downtempo excellence from No. 19 Music‘s next release, Art Department presents Martina Topley-Bird featuring Mark Lanegan & Warpaint in ‘Crystalised’. The track is a complete re-imagining of The xx’s modern classic of the same name. Here though, it is masterfully re-built from the bottom up with Warpaint’s instrumentation and vocals from Martina Topley Bird and celebrated American singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan. To accompany the release, there is a fantastic video (produced by Los Angeles’s 1/60 STUDIO, directed by Javier Badet) that pairs the singing-heads of Lanegan and Topley Bird with hi-budget animation and suitably overcast imagery. The release will also include a series of remixes, including one by Directors Cut (a.k.a. Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper), plus ones by Agoria, Deniz Kurtel, and Tone of Arc. Check out the tracklist below the video and preview here.

01 Crystalised
02 Crystalised [Directors Cut Signature Mix]
03 Crystalised [Directors Cut Unmarked Dub]
04 Crystalised [Agoria Remix]
05 Crystalised [Deniz Kurtel Remix]
06 Crystalised [Tone of Arc Remix]