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Tear Council – Anywhere

tear council

Headed by none other than Matt Van Schie (Van She / Du Tonc), Tear Council is not just an advisory body on tear control, but a full body performance authority. After having previously collaborated in 2009 with fellow fashion aficionado and former band bud Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) to write “Journey” – from Van Schie’s “Balmy Nights” EP – the pair now join forces yet again to bring you “Anywhere”.

The first single from a double A side release, “Anywhere” is more than a solid preview of what is yet to come from Sydney’s Tear Council – a project described by Van Schie as an outlet for his “more emotional outpourings”.

Taking you back to the rhythm of the 80s and “Drive”-esque memories from summer days past, “Anywhere” will make you relive those throwback-thrills – an experience that is guaranteed to get you on your feet. With a video for “Anywhere” scheduled for March, and their music credentials and fashion game already strong, Tear Council are ready to take 2015 by storm.

Du Tonc – Island

It’s been a little over 8 months since Du Tonc (a.k.a. Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie (from Van She) exploded onto the scene with their debut single Darknes, followed with singles Surging Memories and Rise.
Now, Du Tonc return again with a new single, Island, a song full of emotion, showcasing Matt Van Schie’s enchanting vocals. Out October 14 on Du Tonc’s Nightfilm Label. You can also check their first mixtape on their soundcloud page here.

Du Tonc – Rise

Du Tonc, a.k.a. Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie (from Van She), are back with their third song for 2013. Following hot off the heals of their first two singles, the catchy disco jam “Surging Memories” and their debut track “Darkness“, new single “Rise” takes things in darker, dirtier groove based direction – things are about to get spooky.  And if that wasn’t enough, “Rise” is being released on their brand new label Nightfilm. Watch out for the video for ‘Rise’ coming soon too… Available as a free download for a limited time.