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Dominik Eulberg & Essáy – Dream Machine


“Dream Machine” is an unreleased track or even more a „pop“ song people have been talking about for some months now not knowing what it is called and where to get it. Dominik Eulberg has been playing it in his sets and it has created a big stir on Soundcloud and in the fan community so Traum is releasing the track now on a limited one side colored vinyl. “Dream Machine” was written together with talented German musician Essáy who has a career for himself and together they have written this club hymn!

The release manifests in a clear transparent vinyl, with minimal information on the etiquette and is sold in a plastic bag including separate artwork by Miro D’Oro. This features a hand drawn vision of how a Dream Machine could look like for Dominik and Essáy. Music wise the “Dream Machine’s” captivating quality is it’s compelling friendliness.

The track is good Karma full stop and we see the track also as an extension of what Dominik has been writing in the last years developing his own style left-field of the techno universe. That the track turned out so smooth incorporating a flute and floating beat which is very untypical for Dominik is certainly due to Essáy personality to create a wonderful smooth feeling with his music. The record is distributed through Kompakt distribution.

Dovim – Cambrian Explosion EP


June sees the return of Dovim on Traum Schallplatten with his brand new 3 Track EP “Cambrian Explosion”. Csaba Magyar aka Dovim takes you to an exploration to the rich world of the far gone Cambrium. Take a seat and let your mind flow…

One of our favorite artists on Traum is releasing a brand new EP with us.
For all of you who don’t know Dovim, he is a classic trained musician who we discovered end of 2015 which resulted in his stunning debut “Cryo Gemini” in 2016 and his follow up EP “Makaratta” end of 2016.

So 9 months later the 3-track EP “The Cambrian Explosion” is unleashed. Extreme, overflowing with melodies full of colors and at the same time 100% defined and precisely scripted. Dovim is back and better then ever!

The release kicks off with “Marine Dimensions” a battleship of melodies and
complex polyrhythmic structures that cruises through tidal waves with high precision and poise. “Marine Dimensions” is a true Dovim track that captures the emotion in a „wanderlust“ mannerism, never coming to a rest. “Body Fossils” disperses mind tickling razor sharp sounds and executing parrot flight formations in the busiest of all high streets. This is a soundtrack of our civilization where the speed of things hat gained a momentum where it nearly collapses. Dovim captures all that and we feel his communication with the outer world is as vivid as his inner-self turmoil. The last track “Comb Jellies” seems to have come to a rest formulating itself in a more mature manner, but watch out since Dovim always likes to destroy and tear down his melodies in order to build up something new and exciting. Welcome to Dovim’s pleasure dome.

Teho – Jupiter EP


From the press release:

We have been in contact with French artist Teho for quiet a while and were looking for something alongside our path which would leave its mark. So here are four brand new trax ranging from direct dance-floor impact to more personal music.

The EP starts with the title track “Jupiter” which might be the most sinister track on the EP. Teho paints a mighty and strange sound here which is still fascinating and seductive. A sound that rotates in slow motion but develops in the course of the track step by step to a more complex and exciting composition.
His powerful grooves, that easily transport the track onto the dance floor, back up his skillful textures.

Teho is a master in driving a minimal set up skillfully and by this makes it accessible for the dance-floor! “Jupiter” is a result of unifying an alien atmosphere with Teho’s tough definition of funk. “Suspect No 6” builds up moments of suspense, that are constantly altered and wander towards landscapes
strikingly picturesque. This demands a strong composition and Teho accomplishes that by working with lots of small unobstrutcive details which give the track its elegance and flow as well as expressing a certain kind of chill.
“Donkey Korg” opens up with a carpet of sounds which are a result of a masterful blend of: heavenly voices, guitars and bouncy bass-lines. If that sounds too weird you will have to listen to the track yourself because it has great moments of „wanderlust“ in which you can totally loose yourself. “Elephants” starts with a grand opening of an intro that announces great shifting of tones, resulting in a monstrous landslide of tones. There is a lot of unparalleled drama here you wont want to miss which makes it another highlight on this EP.

Dovim, the best kept secret of the Budapest electronic scene and core artist on Traum, has put his hands on the original (“Elephants”) to write a quirky and mad interpretation that sees sequences rushing in all at once! There are a lot of eruptions with sequences here leaving you unprepared.

German artist Koelle who has released successfully on Tour de Traum before, has taken on “Donkey Korg” to give it his analogue treatment and voyage-like feel. Sometimes when all sequences meet his remix shows great orchestral moments of passion. And although that much more new school it evokes the spirits of
music such as Underground Resistance Galaxy 2 Galaxy. We doubt someone can follow us on this comparison but we could not resist.

Mitja&Daniel Mes (Tour De Traum XIII) have heavily reworked “Elephants” so it really stands out as a different track. They have moved it towards a breathtaking 80ies epic soundtrack that goes under your skin and leaves a void when it stops

Dominik Eulberg – Falkenauge, Katzengold & Taubenblut


Dominik Eulberg has just released a new EP on the cologne label Traum Schallplatten.

After releasing a handful of longplayers and lots of 12“s, receiving the german critic award for music, making it into the top league of Germany’s tops DJ’s, being hosted by the BBC and BBC 6 (incl. Thomas Ravenscroft & “Nemone’s Electric Ladyland” by Adam Hudson) he now leaps forward to sculpture another bizarre masterpiece of melodic music for Traum.

Playing at all big open airs and various gigs at this years ADE, the european electronic scene is embracing him now more then ever in his career.

Dominik’s home has always been the Cologne label TRAUM with excursions on Sven Väth’s label Coocoon and lately with a release on Bodzin’s label Herzblut.

His brand new VINYL EP expressing an explicit feeling of wanderlust, advocacy and longing. It is a walk through nature all picturesque and colorful and if you listen closely, the sequences seem to ?talk“ to you.
The vinyl comes with hand drawings by female artist Miri D’Oro bringing the tracks alive on the cover with her self painted bird collage technique for which she has gained international reputation.

Dominik resides in the Westerwald which is famous for its lakes and woods and records music in a studio that overlooks thats scenery.

Tour De Traum XI


Traum Schallplatten flagship, Tour De Traum, is now online. The newest issue of forward-thinking dance music, Tour De Traum XI, is literally from around the world pushing the boarders of electronica. Over a period of 6 months Riley Reinhold has selected original and recognizable music by creative artists.

See more here.

Ryan Davis & Microtrauma – Synthesis EP


After in all 9 EPs and one album the Traum artists Ryan Davis and Microtrauma have joined forces to record a new EP together.

They’re opening track “Harmonia” is a track with a great choice of variables and a skilled and artistic form of shifting and moving them within the track. The result is a loose and unpredictable track which has gigantic, sonic moments. At times it takes out the beat and pulsates along not loosing any of the intensity, the contrary is the case… with each free minded passage the track gains more depth. “Harmonia” is a tremendous piece of hypnotic techno with an gripping arrangement.

“Calendula” starts rather introspective and silent but undergoes an enormous transition which puts it in a league with some of the best gentle pieces of melodic techno around.
It is hard to wrap up in words how the track moves to totally different corners music wise within its eight minute ride but for all of you who know Ryan Davis and Microtrauma you will have expected something like this to happen.

Dubspeeka has remixed “Calendula” in the style of a raw and heavy grinding techno track that is invaded by sounds that come and go in perfectly timed intervals.

“Philomela” rounds up the EP and is night crawler of a track that skillfully works with a broken beat and a carpet of orchestral sounds that later are joined by darker ones to create an overall gloomy atmosphere.

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Luis Junior – Otro Ayer EP


From the press release:

The Madrid based producer Luis Junior is often described as a genre-defying person who pushes the limits forward, bends the genres and creates new forms of cross-over. He received support from John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo throughout his career for his releases on Bedrock etc. On his own imprint “Mooseekaa” he released EPs from artists such as Max Cooper and Ryan Davis.

So when he sent uns a demo we realized that he applied all this skill also to his “Otro Ayer EP” in a big way… Luis combines melodies, a modern techno sentiment with an extraordinary virulent groove as one can witness here. “Otro Ayer” is such a track that directly enters your blood. A mover of a track with an indie connotation that makes it difficult to pigeonhole it, which we like for Traum. A track that opens its wings in the course of it and constantly grows in proportion (but always seeks moments of convalescence as we know from Minilogue) to create a wonderful up and down dynamic.
We hope “Otro Ayer” will create a collective spirit as we always dance to this track all together behind our computers.

“Green Tag” is a more playful and and introspective track that keeps rays of sound coming in, creating then a memorable break in the flow of the track, “down zooming” on what could be microscopic small creatures trembling with joy… installing here a gentle moment of suspense, before plunging back into the groove. Masterfully crafted by Luis Junior “Green Tag” is the perfect match to “Otro Ayer”.

Microtrauma have taken on “Otro Ayer” and have added their magic to the already existing alchemy of the original. The remix embraces a cosmic quality which you might have come across with experimental music form the late 60ies and 70ies (Pink Floyd) fusing it with a techno beat… which struck us enormously as we are aware of how difficult it is to evoke moments of the “Krautrock” age.

We are sure Microtrauma themselves would coin different phrases to describe the track, but this is what we felt when we first heard it.

The Berlin based musician Powel who has been playing in bands as well as working as a DJ and producer presents with his remix of “Green Tag” a great flow of deep house music expressed through soft beats and an amazing organic texture that puts him next to people such as Âme and Move D. Out now on TRAUM Schallplatten.

Video: Egokind & Ozean – Mega


Here’s the official video for Egokind & Ozean‘s “Mega”, taken from the duo’s just-released album “Transition” on Traum Schallplatten.

Video: Hannes Rasmus – Eine leichte Brise weht über das Sonnendeck

The infallible Traum Schallplatten imprint returns to the fore with the epic thrust of Hannes Rasmus’ "Musik Für Fünf Maschinen" EP – check out the opening cut "Eine Leichte Brise Weht Über Das Sonnendeck" and its non-vinyl remix by Egokid below.