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Tomas Barfod – Paloma LP

Whomadewho drummer/producer and electronic-pop stalwart Tomas Barfod arrives on Friends of Friends this November with his third album as a solo artist and his second for the Los Angeles label. Assisted by a diverse range of guest vocalists, the Paloma album is an expansive record that takes the dancefloor-friendly bedroom pop of the Salton Sea (Friends of Friends 2012) and Love Me (Secretly Canadian 2014) albums to dazzling new heights. Embracing a divergent array of genres and tempos, Paloma’s 11 tracks create a world of love and heartbreak, hued by Barfod’s broad synth strokes and effortless drum programming. Fans of Barfod’s previous releases on FoF and Kompakt will find plenty to latch onto here, including several vocal features from label favorite Nina K, but Paloma invokes a larger sound than the Danish producer has put forth in the past, a sound replete with higher highs, more dramatic hooks and an even crisper, more pristine production aesthetic.

Following a beatific vocal cut up intro, Paloma begins in earnest with “Things That Matter”, a propulsive dancefloor number featuring a duet from Louise and Sharin Foo and sparkling, hopeful synth work. “Hope in a Box” continues the airy, upbeat vibe of the album before the bass-forward production and R&B stylings of the Jonas Smith-featuring “Family” marks a stylistic departure for Barfod. Throughout the remainder of the album, strains of afrobeat, techno and synth pop enter the mix as Nina K and a host of other vocalists star in turn on the mic. It’s a delicate sonic balance, but Barfod’s major themes shine through loud and clear, showing off the acute pop sensibility he’s demonstrated since his first solo works well over a decade ago.

New to Paloma though is a celebratory quality and a quiet confidence that imbues the album’s arrangements, a quality that comes to the fore in the tough-as-nails drum programming of “Rhodes” and the sky high hooks of “In The Dark”. Barfod’s willingness to experiment has always been a key component of his solo work, but it has never sounded so complete and Paloma is the ultimate example of his songwriting prowess.

label: Friends Of Friends
date: 3rd November 2017

01. Grandiose*
02. Things That Matter ft. Louise Foo & Sharin Foo
03. Hope in a Box
04. Family ft. Jonas Smith
05. Pantheon
06. Better Than I Would
07. In The Dark ft. Nina K
08. Cannonball ft. Jonas H. Petersen
09. Rhodes*
10. Transpose ft. Adine Kjædegaard Fliid*
11. Tidal Wave ft. Nina K
*digital only

Tomas Barfod – Better Than I Would EP


Tomas Barfod returns to Friends of Friends with a new EP headlined by the pulsing and reverberating single “Better Than I Would”, his first new material since 2015’s ‘Glory’ EP. The booming single is paired with remixes from Kompakt’s Christian Neilsen, burgeoning NYC/Seoul producer Yaeji and a powerful b-side “Technicolor”, making Barfod’s return a package aimed for the dancefloor.

The Danish producer, best known as drummer/producer in the band Whomadewho as well as releases for Secretly Canadian, Kompakt, B-Pitch Control, Turbo and others, is preparing his 3rd solo full-length album for release in Fall ’17.

26 July 2017 / Friends of Friends
1. Better Than I Would (Club Edit)
2. Technicolor
3. Better Than I Would (Christian Nielsen Remix)
4. Better Than I Would (Yaeji Remix)

Tomas Barfod – Used to Be feat. Nina K


Producer, DJ and WhoMadeWho drummer Tomas Barfod collaborates once again with Swedish pop singer Nina K. “Used To Be” is a splice from his forthcoming EP, Glory, which is out on November 13 on Friends of Friends.

Tomas Barfod – Glass Slipper feat. Sekuoia And Kill J

tomas barfod

Whomadewho drummer Tomas Barfod returns to Friends of Friends for the release of his new ‘Glory’ EP out November 13th. The first single off the EP is the beautifully haunting “Glass Slipper” which features Sekuoia and Kill J. Pre-order here.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Fractals (Tomas Barfod Remix)

keep shelly in athens

Greek duo Keep Shelly in Athens unveiled a remix of their single “Fractals” by Danish polymath Tomas Barfod, who transforms this Balearic cut into a beautiful glimmering late-night track.

This single was the first KSIA cut to feature new vocalist Myrtha (pictured above). Their forthcoming album will be out via Friends of Friends in the near future. Stream Barfod’s remix of “Fractals” below. Get the “Fractals” single here via FoF bandcamp page.

Video: Tomas Barfod – Happy feat. Eddie Chacon

Video: Tomas Barfod – Pulsing feat. Nina K / Happy feat. Eddie Chacon

Danish producer and WhoMadeWho drummer Tomas Barfod has shared the official video for "Pulsing", featuring Swedish vocalist Nina Kinert. Directed by Cherise Payne. The Pulsing EP is out on February 18 via Secretly Canadian. As a bonus, below you can stream another great track for the EP, Happy, featuring Eddie Chacon of Charles & Eddie.

Tomas Barfod – Pulsing feat. Nina K

After almost two years, Danish producer and WhoMadeWho drummer Tomas Barfod is back with another four-track EP, Pulsing. Below, you can check the great electro-pop title track, featuring once again Swedish vocalist Nina Kinert. His new album is expected to be released in May via Secretly Canadian. The Pulsing EP is set to drop on February 18th. Pre-order your copy here.