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Blende feat. Mattie Safer – Back To Summertime

“None of that bouncy banana boat nonsense, it’s more real like this.”

London based Swedish producer, song writer and DJ Blende returns to Eskimo Recordings with ‘Back To Summertime’, an outrageously funky slice of disco house featuring the stunning vocals of former The Rapture vocalist Mattie Safer.

“The song came about from one of those demos you sometimes sit with that never seem to lead to anything,” explains Blende. “I was about ready to give up on it when Mattie recorded this brilliant vocal that probably would make even George Benson envious, and after that it was a smooth ride. I must admit I wasn’t paying too much attention to the lyrics at first and even though the title is hinting at the opposite it’s really quite a sad song. But I like that aspect; you book a resort holiday and then it rains for two weeks. None of that bouncy banana boat nonsense, it’s more real like this.”

“I loved the track that Johan delivered and it reminded me of summer festivals and parties on the beach,” recalls Mattie Safer. “The song is a story, two lovers who have let the complications and burdens of everyday life get in the way of their romance. The idea is to back to the innocence and simplicity of a carefree summer fling, just enjoying each other and life. You can run away from love but you can’t hide forever. It comes back around.”

Upping the synth-funk pressure Norwegian producer Cavego follows up his triumphant remix of Satin Jackets (one of Beatport’s biggest sellers in 2016) with not one but two, smooth as satin sheets remixes, sure to cause a population spike later this year. Finally completing the package Australian born, Munich based, producer TSM aka This Soft Machine delivers a remix that instantly recalls the strings, keys and heartbreak of classic Paradise Garage era disco.

Flight Facilities feat. Christine Hoberg – Clair De Lune (TSM Remix)

TSM aka This Soft Machine remix Flight Facilities’ “Clair De Lune” featuring Christine Hoberg.

TSM aka This Soft Machine – Absence Of Rhythm


TSM aka This Soft Machine returns to Eskimo Recordings with ‘Absence Of Rhythm’, backed by a remix from the legendary London-based DJ and producer Rory Phillips and a TSM dub version. ‘Absence Of Rhythm’ is a piece of otherworldly disco with a futurist sheen and was created entirely by Tim Sullivan and his band using analogue equipment. Swedish singer Erik Lindestad aka The Land Below is on the vocals.

He explains: “I lived in London between the ages 18-21. This time changed my taste in music forever. I would do my best to be at Trash Club every Monday night. Here I was introduced to the idea of dance music and rock music being completely compatible. Hearing the Pixies & Talking Heads played along side Dance Music. I remember dancing in the side room to ESG, A Certain Ratio, Delta 5 and The Rapture. Rory Phillips was the guy responsible for the music selection and also my extremely sore legs the next day from dancing all night. I’m super excited to have Rory giving his touch to my own music.”

This Soft Machine – It’s Operational

this soft machine

This Soft Machine (aka Tim Sullivan) returns to Eskimo Recordings with a highly charged slice of psychedelic-tinged modern disco, with remixes from Japanese artist CHIDA and USA born Avalon Emerson. Created entirely by Tim and his band using analogue equipment, ‘It’s Operational’ follows on from last year’s double sided release ‘On & On / This Place Was Meant For Me.’

An irresistible fusion of disco, house and and chiming nu-Balearic pop ’It’s Operational’ is sure to place This Soft Machine firmly back within the contemporary dance music scene, with music that “consists solely of sounds recorded by human hands”. His previous release on Eskimo was met with high acclaim, with the accompanying video premiering on FACT magazine and the past year saw him supporting Carl Craig, DARKSIDE, Tim Sweeney, Flight Facilities and Chris Liebing on stage.

Tim met CHIDA after moving to Tokyo in 2009, describing the Japanese pioneer as “a guy with a huge smile and a great music knowledge to match”. He speeds things up with his cut, delivering an impressive, theatrical remix. CHIDA has been repping the Tokyo underground music scene for over twenty years and is founder of the much-hyped label Ene.

Creating a darker and unyielding remix, Avalon Emerson was recently described as one of the “new leading ladies in underground dance”. Avalon originally fed her appetite to DJ in the San Francisco party scene. Now based in Berlin she has played alongside Erol Alkan and Fort Romeau.

Release Date: 03/06/2016

This Soft Machine – It’s Operational
This Soft Machine – It’s Operational (CHIDA remix)
This Soft Machine – It’s Operational (Avalon Emerson remix)

Horixon feat. Maya – Hold It Like I Own It


We’ve already blogged about Horixon‘s Hold It Like I Own It on Eskimo, a seductive vocal track complete with remixes from This Soft Machine and Hermigervill. You can now stream the full EP below.

This Soft Machine – On & On / This Place Was Meant For Me

This Soft Machine artwork

This Soft Machine makes their debut on Eskimo Recordings with a double­sided release including instrumentation from Dave Harrington of DARKSIDE contributing electric guitar, alluring vocals by Lorraine Nicholson for ‘​On & On’ a​nd Dan Whitford of Cut Copy fame, who helped record the synths.

This Soft Machine is a band at heart. Recorded live at Linear Studios in Sydney in January 2015, everything you hear on the record was recorded by human hands, played by some of my oldest, dearest friends and some hired musicians.” T​im Sullivan AKA This Soft Machine

I​t’s something incomputable, incalculable, unprecedented, all­together analog. It’s This Soft Machine.”

o+ T​his Soft Machine was born in Australia, moved to Japan and is currently residing in Germany. This Soft Machine plays lots of different sounds and it has blonde hair. This Soft Machine is kind, generous, funny, and big­hearted. It is 6 feet tall and it wears white t­shirts and jeans, mainly. Musical influences? Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ramones.

o+o F​irst emerging with a 2hr mix for N​icolas Jaar’s Other People serial label, the second sighting was the highest played mix on Oki Ni & their 200th http://www.oki­­series/ms200­this­soft­machine.

Horixon feat. Maya – Hold It Like I Own It EP


Horixon are back on Eskimo with ‘Hold It Like I Own It’, a seductive vocal track complete with remixes from This Soft Machine and Hermigervill.

Featured on the label’s forthcoming compendium, The Orange Collection, ‘Hold It Like I Own It’ is an indelible and radiant record featuring the flawless vocals of Maya and co-written with Karin Park. The second original track, ‘Burnt Orange’ is a slick piano driven club track, shadowy with melancholic synths. Soft Machine and Hermigervill are on remix duty and an extended mix completes the package. This Soft Machine is infamous for his work with Nicolas Jaar’s Other People while Hermigervill is one of the backbones of the Icelandic music scene, providing a rework reminiscent of the early days of Ewan Pearson.

o+ Horixon are London-based outfit Andrew Armstrong and Joe Sambrooke. Mixing together their experience, the result is a fresh sounding club-vocal project, referencing 90’s R&B, classic house, a touch of garage, wrapped in beautiful atmospherics.

o+ o+ This Soft Machine was born in Australia, moved to Japan and is currently residing in Germany. First emerging with a 2hr mix for Nicolas Jaar’s Other People serial label, then providing the highest played mix on Oki Ni and his next release on the Eskimo Recordings has already gained support from the likes of FACT and Purple TV.

o+ o+ o+ Electronic beats wizard Hermigervill is a young upcoming electronic musician from Reykjavík, Iceland. John Grant, named “Rough Trade Album of the Year 2013”, features on his new album, and he has recently delivered an ode to Belgium, apt for this release on Ghent based Eskimo label.