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Agoria – Baptême EP


One of the most accomplished and revered producers in electronic music today makes his solo debut on Kompakt: French mastermind Agoria presents his new mesmerizing floor epic Baptême.

I’m very happy that Baptême will finally be released“, says the producer, “it’s a very special tune for me, representing a lot of changes in my personal life these last two years. It signals my ‘second life’, if you will“.

Meaning “baptism” in French, the cut’s title is indeed a perfect fit for its particularly festive spirit, exuding both solemnity and sheer pleasure, hallmarks of Agoria’s unique brand of emotional and versatile techno. Bouncy, minimalist percussion is joined by an extensive, dub-styled sub-bass and floating shards of atmospheric synths, quickly escalating into a high definition mover fitted with gorgeous swabs of piano and a keen sense for emotional space.

On the flipside, the original track gets a fascinating rework from DJ Tennis and The Rapture’s Luke Jenner, whose Lucky Blue Eyes Version adds more wiggle room to the proceedings, bolstering its loosened grip with enticing new vocals. In yet another step forward, Agoria himself revisits the remix, sharpening its blurry edges and successfully putting the vocals to work in a prime time environment: “my friend Patrice Bardot – the chief editor of Tsugi Magazine – even said that this one sounds like The Doors for the 21st century“, he adds – and indeed, it’s next level dreaming for those who need a little bit more from their floor than just another knock on the head. (via kompakt)

Video: Joakim – Bring Your Love


Below, youi can watch the official video for “Bring Your Love“, the new single from Joakim‘s Tropics Of Love album featuring Luke Jenner (from the Rapture) on vocals. Album available here via Tigersushi. Directed by Ill-Studio.