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Premiere: The Micronaut – ‘Swimming’, taken from ‘Olympia’

German multi-instrumentalist and producer, The Micronaut has made a name for himself through his richly textured and enthusiastic compositions. His 2016 album, “Forms” has been described as a true melting pot of sounds and it caught the attention of the electronic music scene with its very playful and original amalgamation of rhythms and samples. This summer, The Micronaut releases Olympia (Summer Games) – an album which continues to draw on his elaborate production style as well as on the values of camaraderie and solidarity of the Olympic Games, despite this year’s postponement of the event.

The album’s first single, Swimming is out today. The track moves from broken bass rhythms to catchy melodies to vocal samples in just a few bars, giving birth to a sort of collage-based genre of music.

Summer Games’ tracks are named after Olympic sports – pole vault, archery and swimming are just some examples of the 12 modalities chosen by the artist. “For this album I chose Olympia as theme, because apart from competition, it’s also about a movement of peace, where the focus is on people, no matter what nation. The Summer Games are coming now, the Winter Games will follow,” says the producer. In the spirit of games, the music is generally high-spirited and upbeat, with many tracks being perfectly fitted for the dance floor. The compositions move from broken bass rhythms to catchy melodies to vocal samples and guitars in just a few bars, making the overall listening experience seem like a fantastic rollercoaster ride, “I would always describe my music as very lively, expressive, dramatic, sometimes calm, sometimes powerful,” says The Micronaut, “I think it is music that fires the imagination.”

The ride is eclectic, but far from chaotic; transitions are fluid, the momentum uninterrupted and the direction cohesive. Behind the music’s energetic flow are sophisticated arrangements and quasiscientific constructions which crush stylistic boundaries and give birth to a new collage-based genre of music. The music is all the more impressive considering that every sound contained therein is crafted by The Micronaut himself, who has been called a one-man-orchestra for exactly that reason. At times, Summer Games veers towards electro-pop, at other times it is inspired by old-school hip-hop, and at other times still, it climaxes and explodes in IDM, but through all the commotion what is clear is that The Micronaut is an avid music lover, collecting ideas and inspirations far and wide, and translating them through his own prism of emotions, “Music must always be a journey, with ups and downs, with fears and with happiness. Making music is always an expression and somehow also a processing of experiences.”

Album Tracklist:
01. Uneven Bars
02. Table Tennis
03. Discus Throw
04. Trampoline
05. Archery
06. Weightlifting
07. Fencing (feat. Saskia Streck)
08. Pole Vault
09. Swimming (feat. Bernhardt.)
10. Taekwondo
11. Sailing
12. Rowing

Release Date: 03.07.2020

Video: The Micronaut – Prism

Taken from his album ‘Forms.’

The Micronaut – Forms LP


The Micronaut shares his third studio album Forms. Released on Acker Records, one of Germany’s leading independent electronic labels, Forms is a mix of electronica, IDM and pop, a fluttering, heady explosion of colorful sounds with a melancholic edge of plaintive clarity.

The Micronaut is a German multi-instrumentalist and producer Stefan Streck. With his broken bass rhythms and catchy melodies, The Micronaut is a one-man orchestra. Tracks narrate with no need for speech, resembling a collage of electronica, samples, and live guitar. Riffs evolve and are passed to synthesizer keys, note by note. A peculiar dynamic arises – a merging.

Since his debut 2012 full length FriedFisch, The Micronaut’s profile has been constantly on the rise. Known for his electrifying live shows, Stefan Streck is one of the hardest working beat-makers in Germany, playing around 100 shows each year with acts such as Apparat, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sven Väth, Ada, The Notwist, Nightmares On Wax, Phon.o, and blowing audiences away at festivals and showcases like Festival Eurosonic and Tallinn Music Week.

“Forms or shapes can be seen everywhere,” Streck says, and so it´s no surprise that his floating music has been described as a melting pot of sounds. Forms reveals new perspectives on the electronic music genre, crushing their boundaries in a very playful way. Germany has been known for the quality of it’s electronic music for quite some time, and the Leipzig-based musician known as The Micronaut is yet more proof of this.

Forms is available now via Acker Records!

Satori – In Between Worlds (Remixes)


Late May sees the release of the ‘In Between Worlds (Remixes)’ package of Satori on Underyourskin Records, featuring reworks from Acid Pauli, The Micronaut, Kris Davis, Änimal and Mario Aureo.

Following the release of Dutch producer Djordje Petrovic aka Satori’s ‘In Between Worlds’ L.P on Underyourskin Records the imprint delivers a follow up remix package, welcoming an array of exciting producers in the world of electronic music. The Underyourskin imprint has been active since 2012 and is home to artist such as Jonas Saalbach, The Forest and Yapaac, and here we see it push on with some more intelligent and intriguing compositions.

Opening up the package is German producer Acid Pauli’s take on ‘The Whising Spell’ seeing him deliver his typically melodious and mind-bending style with sparse rhythms, arpeggio hooks and gradually unfolding synth sequences. The Micronaut’s ‘Days Without You’ remix follows and takes things into electronica realms with warbling square wave bass and broken beats layered under Miou Amadee’s soulful vocal styling’s.

Dutch duo Änimal then turn in a dropped tempo hypnotic rework of ‘Wasted feat Hugo’ next, laying the focus on subtly blooming pad lines, drawn out bass tones and bubbling percussive hits. Berlin’s Mario Aureo switches things up into dubby realms, turning ‘We Don’t Exist’ into a dance floor workout with fluttering stab hits, a mesmeric synth hook and shuffled drum lines. Kris Davis then rounds off the package with his interpretation of ‘Wasted feat Hugo’ delivering a charming bass driven take, employing dreamy bell chimes, elongated sub bass and expansive atmospherics.

Satori’s ‘In Between Worlds (Remixes)’ is out on Underyourskin Records 22nd May (Vinyl) and 4th June (Digital) 2015.


1. The Whising Spell (Acid Pauli Remix)
2. Days Without You feat. Miou Amadee (The Micronaut Remix)
3. Wasted feat Hugo (Änimal Remix)
4. We Don’t Exist (Mario Aureo Remix)
5. Wasted feat Hugo (Kris Davis Remix)

Video: The Micronaut – Modulation Transfer Function

Here’s the video for The Micronaut‘s great new single, "Modulation Transfer Function", a quirky, charming piece of music from the project’s current album "Panorama", available now via Acker Records. Preview "Panorama" in the player above.