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Massive Attack – Fantom app

massive attack

On 21st January 2016 Massive Attack launch ‘Fantom’

Developed by a team including Massive Attack’s Robert del Naja, ‘Fantom’ is a sensory music player that remixes and reforms songs uniquely using a variety of environmental variables including location, movement, time of day, heartbeat and the integral moving image camera.

In addition to a constantly evolving listening experience, ‘Fantom’ also allows users to create and record unique audio-visual clips which can be shared and saved and easily shared via socials, SMS and peer-to-peer channels.

‘Fantom’ is available for free via the iTunes App Store from 21st January here:

For further information on ‘Fantom’, head to

Video: Soulwax / 2 Many DJ’s – As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2

Belgian duo Soulwax have shared an amazing hour-long video mix of their 2002 classic mash-up album “As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2″, which they released under the 2 Many DJ’s moniker.

“12 yrs, 2 months and 24 days later, 114 tracks are re-united in 1 single hour of visual mayhem. ‘As Heard on the Radio’ becomes ‘As Seen on the App’. Is this technically Pt III? Probably. Who’s counting? Who cares? Just watch it.” 

Download the RADIO SOULWAX app for iphone / ipad / android or watch online at Directed by Glyn Peppiatt.

Various Production – Your Move

UK duo Various Production has announced it will issue one of its sporadic releases on February 24, pairing with the 12" a companion iPad app. The upcoming single will feature "Checking On" and "Your Move," the latter of which can be streamed in full above.

In addition to the upcoming 12", Various Production has collaborated with Code Computer Love to create an interactive iPad app which presents various "audio/visual puzzles to discover exclusive music tracks and videos" from the pair’s hardware music project. The app will be available to download for free via the iTunes App Store on February 19.

Video: GTI & Underworld – Play the Road

Volkswagen Golf GTI and Underworld have collaborated on a project that synchronises driving and music in real time. Play the road generates music via a phone app that’s connected to the GTI’s onboard computer, reading the driver’s location and movements to compose music live!

WhoMadeWho – The Morning

Copenhagen-based pop trio WhoMadeWho are back to announce the release of their next single ‘The Morning’ next Monday 25 November. But much like the experimental band themselves, WhoMadeWho are making the single available in an unconventional way…

Today, you can download an app custom-made for the band which, when downloaded, will set an alarm for next Monday 25 November to wake you up at 7am local time with ‘The Morning’ – the first place you can hear the single. From there, you can record a 7 second video of yourself in the morning, or take a picture of yourself in bed, which can be uploaded and will be used in a collaborative fan video for the band. All information is at

"The Morning" is taken from the forthcoming WhoMadeWho album – to be released on March 3 2014 on the band’s new own imprint. With the coming album, the Copenhagen trio is taking it a step further, setting a goal to create an album that will challenge people’s perception of them as a cool niche act:

"We really don’t feel there are any good excuses for still thinking about our band as an underground act", says producer and band member Tomas Barfod. "It started to be too easy, always being able to hide yourself behind that label. And what is more challenging that making a strong pop album? No doubt it’s still WhoMadeWho; just our band as it sounds today."

You can download ‘The Morning’ app here –