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Taff – A Million Waves


Athens-based electronic music project TAFF is set to release its second digital single “A Million Waves” on September 29 on major digital stores.

The one-man passion project of Greek film editor and director George Tsirogiannis, TAFF fuses delicate male vocals with electronic darkness, harsh synth sounds and an evolving beat in this ode to tortured love.

Starting quietly, TAFF sings about “washing up” on a coast after swimming “a million waves” of searching for affection. He becomes able to “drink the sun”, gaining power from his newfound love. As heavy synths come in the middle of the track though, he is required to “leave a part of him” for his love to “disturb when there’s no storm to repress”.

Already picked by respected tastemaker La Belle Musique, the single us out today on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other music stores. Get your copy now from Bandcamp (including an exclusive instrumental) and Amazon.