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Sunday – Waiting For You


Sunday is music drawn from the Californian desert, music that Aussie producer Aaron Shanahan has provoked from its rocks and rinsed from its open sky. As musical director and singer for iconic prog-dance band Miami Horror, Aaron has spent over half a decade performing, writing and collaborating — a current of exploration that has swept him inexorably towards the heart and heat of Sunday.

Sunday is a drenching of the senses — kaleidoscopic pop drifting over modulating textures. “Waiting For You” is Sunday’s first cut — a wistful, rosy ode to anticipating a lover — begins with a skittering beat and soft, looped chords that lift the melody into a fixed dreamscape. And as he admits softly “Been in this place too long, so I’m headed for the sun,” the track blooms into its break, the tranquil, emotive melody falling as the rhythm amps up and synths lift the track to new heights, repeating “and I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for you.”

“Waiting For You” will be released with the B Side “That’s Believing” and a forthcoming music video.