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Stevie R – Melt LP

Greek musician and producer Stevie R makes a welcome return to Chapter 24 Records with Melt. Above you can stream “Gkii”. The track introduces first the Egyptian and then the Greek melodies as a sort of cross-cultural dialogue, before fusing the two in a beautiful Greco-Egyptian harmony as the track unfolds. Featuring on the track is CERPINTXT, a young female Egyptian artist who was one of Stevie’s students at Point Blank.

Melt showcases Stevie’s desire to bring back ‘rebetiko’ – the little known, underground ‘blues’ music of his native Greece, music that was often outlawed due to its anti-establishment themes. His approach to making music is much like making art and his masterful ability to tell a story is omnipresent in all of his work. Infusing a modern electronic beat with the traditional sounds of his home country, Melt proved to be a cathartic process for Stevie.

In 2018 alone he played alongside artists including; John Talabot and Fitz Kalkbrenner. His live shows, which he’s taken to Sisyphos, ADE and Ministry Of Sound, are a multi-sensory journey. In his productions, Stevie incorporates a broad spectrum of instruments such as traditional Greek tzouras and baglamas, a variety of guitars, acoustic and electric violins, field recordings and modular synthesisers.

Stevie R ‘Melt’, released 15th March on Chapter 24 Records.

“Melt is the story of 13 animals trying to go to space. Each animal is a figure in the artist’s life, accompanying the others on the difficult journey. Nobody knows where space is, what it looks or feels like. To me, space is where our fears disappear, our loved ones stand beside us, and the fights in our mind cease. Nevertheless, there is a different journey for each and every one of us, our Universe is unique and the animals always look different; in this journey, we travel alone.” – Stevie R

01. Stépa
02. Delias feat. Djanan Turan & Master Dani
03. Asprúla
04. Gkii feat. CERPINTXT
05. Gunii
06. Bótsa Bótsa feat. Djanan Turan 7. Madilo feat. CERPINTXT
08. Red Lemon feat. CERPINTXT
09. Acid Tri feat. Djanan Turan
10. Tsari feat. CERPINTXT
11. Misirlu

RY X – Only (Stevie R & The Acid Beast Edition)


Summer is finally here, and Chapter 24 leads the celebrations by continuing its free track series with an unofficial bootleg.

Following on from the success of KatrinKa’s ‘About Love’ the London label steps things up once more with a captivating reinvention of RY X’s ‘Only’ by emerging duo Stevie R & The Acid Beast.

RY X’s original enchanting vocal lines are retained, while deep and dreamy instrumentation is added to cast a warm and hypnotic glow over the track.

Cool and restrained but hugely infectious, the full Edition is ideal for summer bar sets, while a punchy and impactful Edit is added to the package for radio play.

In their other artistic incarnations Stevie R & The Acid Beast have graced labels as wide as OFF Recordings, Babiczstyle, Parquet and Inside Out before founding this new project together drawing on a common love of acid-laced psychedelic house and techno with live synths, instruments and FX.

Catch them playing live at Chapter 24’s new social ‘Second Story’ in London on July 30th.