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Fluida – Ivory Spiral EP


Core Southern Fried artist Fluida are back with their fifth release on the label in the form of their fine new four track Ivory Spiral EP.

Fluida have very much been taken onboard by Southern Fried Records, who have helped bring out the best in this fascinating production duo. So far they have shown themselves to take cues from a wide spectrum of sounds outside dance music, calling on organic percussion and real instrumentation as well as beautifully recorded vocals, evolving with each new release. Ahead of new live shows around the UK and on the back of ever building momentum, this new EP couldn’t come soon enough.

First up, the excellent ‘Lost Moments’ is a shiny and reflective tune with glassy tinkles, skipping drum hits and tumbling snares and toms. It’s beautifully natural and crystalline with soothing synths adding real warmth next to steamy, breathy vocals. One for hazy summer afternoons or romantic nights in, it is another masterful song from Fluida. A dub version of ‘Lost Moments’ closes out the package, providing more direct dancefloor impact.

Second cut ’Ritual’ starts with lush hang drum patterns that wallow and ripple in all directions, thumping kicks then come in to drive you along and the whole thing is musical, heavenly and perfectly arranged.

A third and final thrilling original is ‘Barriers’, showing another great side to Fluida: with trilling guitars and rubbery drums, lush chords and softly spoken vocals, it is layered up into something emotionally intense and stirring as well as rhythmically inventive. This is dance music but also moving home listening music, to be sure.

Once more here Fluida shows off a broad range of styles and prove they are a truly singular act.

Release date: 21-04-2017

1. Lost Moments
2. Ritual
3. Barriers
4. Lost Moments (Dub)

Fluida – Blue Spiral EP


After impressing with their debut EP, Fluida now continue to prove they are masterful song craftsmen with an absorbing new EP on Southern Fried Records.

Fluida, though we know little about them, is an act very much on the rise: their first EP saw support from Lauren LaVerne and became the most popular download of the month on
XLR8R. Now they build on their debut with a deeper exploration of their song writing that sees them once again creating moving atmospheres with a luscious blend of recorded
instruments and synthesised sounds.

Bucking every trend going, the excellent first track, ‘Mellifluous’, is a captivating melange of downbeat vocals, sombre synths and organic percussive sounds mixed with bird calls and melancholy. Its slow motion sense of rhythm paves the way for a heartfelt vocal as the track builds towards it’s rhythmic climax.

‘Technicolor’ is next and is a slightly more upbeat but just as magical cut, with lazy rubber kicks, power tin pot percussion and lush pads. Colourful and charming, melodic and musical, it is an expertly crafted bit of music that will find favour with fans of acts like Caribou.

Next up, the brilliant ‘Everything’ again reaches for the night sky with rippling chords and angelic pads making for a serene and uplifting ambience as crunchy kicks slowly propel you along down below. Subtly worked vocal ab libs also bleed in and out of earshot and the cumulative effect is brain soothing indeed. Alongside the original there is superb, stripped back dub version of this cut.

Fluida are clearly masters of their craft: they are producers who manage to imbue their
songs with real meaning and emotion, and that is an all too rare trait in the modern world. Blue Spiral EP is out on September 25th via Southern Fried Records.

1. Mellifluous
2. Technicolour
3. Everything
4. Everything (Dub)

There is also a Fluida re-edit of Koreless ‘Sun’ available here:

The 2 Bears – Run Run Run


Two years ago The 2 Bears dropped a debut album that redefined a genre and gathered fans in the open embrace of house music. In 2014 they returned with The Night Is Young, the eagerly awaited follow-up LP, released on Southern Fried. The Bears now turn to two of their favourite artists to reimagine one of the stand-out moments from the album; a psychedelic trip of shamanic drums and ethereal chants entitled ‘Run Run Run’.

First up studio scientist Martin Buttrich takes Run Run Run and wires it directly into his world of sonic refinery. This constantly evolving remix glitches, clicks and vibrates in classic Buttrich style. Synthesis overlord Emperor Machine also makes his presence known, channeling his vast array of outboard artillery to convert Run Run Run into a throbbing slice of high power electronica.

The package also includes the original song, as featured on The Night Is Young.



Hotly tipped producer MOTSA drops a brand new EP on Southern Fried Records.

Viennese producer Varerio Dittrich aka MOTSA has been building a sterling reputation over the last year with his unique take on bass driven electronic music. Remixes for Sasha’s Last Night on Earth label and a track on his Mixmag covermount, a ‘Top 50 tracks of the year’ inclusion from Beatport, and an appearance at Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp have all come in a short space of time. Now he is set to join the highly respected Southern Fried Records imprint for the release of ‘Time’, early in 2015.

The EP kicks off with the subtley soulful ‘Digital World’, a delightful broken beat excursion into a melodic, bass fuelled soundscape. Skittering drum patterns, funk laden keys and swirling vocal cuts morph together to form a track with real depth and feeling and showcase the producers undoubted talent from the off.

Next up we have ‘Time Goes On’, an ethereal fusion of FX drenched piano stabs, rumbling sub bass and uplifting vocals that springs to life with an effortless musicality. Hypnotic and heartfelt, the record shows’ the influence of Dittrich’s time on the UK bass scene, whilst living in Scotland some years back, but also transcends any simple pigeonholing with it’s elegant production and rich textural palet, quality stuff.

Penultimate cut ‘Clocks’ sees MOTSA team up with MIMU for a vocal led affair that is as smooth and seductive as you could want, awash with warms pads and deep bass. The package is closed with the wonderful ‘Time Out’ which takes a rougher and tougher approach with it’s sawtooth bass and steppin’ percussion. Synth stabs, pianos and vocal snippets all bring an atmospheric quality to the mix and the end result is a perfect final offering for this stunning EP.

Southern Fried Records have hit a perfect note once again with this latest offering from the highly promising MOTSA.

1. Digital World
2. Time Goes On
3. Clocks Feat. MIMU
4. Time Out

The Emperor Machine – Pop the Lid (inc. Jacques Renault Remixes)

The Emperor Machine - Pop The Lid

Returning to the Southern Fried home, machine loving disco oddball Andy Meecham aka The Emperor Machine is back with a new single from his album, and it comes ahead of a full new EP in 2015. ‘Pop The Lid’ comes with remixes by hotter than hot international talent Jacques Renault, with whom Meecham has also collaborated on a new EP forthcoming on Jacques’ ‘Let’s Play House’ label, and will come in the form of a hand stamped and numbered white label 12″, limited to 300 copies.

The Emperor Machine has been busy off the back of his latest album, Like A Machine, released back in May: he’s continued to play around the world, has remixed Groove Armada’s ‘Look Me In The Eye Sister’ for their Little Black Book album forthcoming on Moda Black and still sounds like no one else when it comes to off kilter and psychedelic disco sounds.

‘Pop The Lid’ is a full fat, hugely colourful nu-disco gem with thick, twanging guitars, proper vocals delivered with lots of style and attitude and louche drums that couldn’t be more inviting. Arp’ed melodies step up though the scale, whirring machines add texture and the whole thing is a masterpiece.

As well as an LP edit, Renault steps up with slightly more pumping, dancefloor aligned versions that are riddled with withering synths, shooting chords and perfectly DIY percussive sounds. He layers the vocal in effects and filters to lend a spacey feel and also turns out a vintage instrumental version.

This is modern disco at its finest and is a nice teaser ahead of some brand new music from the one and only The Emperor Machine. Out on December 8th 2014 on Southern Fried Records.

Video: The 2 Bears – Not This Time

the 2 bears

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Raphael ‘Raf Dadd’ Rundell’s project The 2 Bears just dropped a video for their brand new single “Not This Time”, featuring London’s drag collective Sink The Pink. Taken from the duo’s forthcoming second album “The Night Is Young”, which will drop on October 13th 2014 via Southern Fried Records. Video directed by Dan Cadan.