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André Bratten
 – Math Ilium Ion EP

André Bratten
André Bratten is the answer to the question; where next for Norwegian disco?

He is the youngest new voice working in the same hallowed studio in Oslo that Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Lindstrøm all create in. Rather than replicate their path, he has sculpted his own sound world, ready to reshape the future.

In place of light-hearted fun or blissed out landscapes, he draws creative inspiration from the sinister and suspenseful microtonal variations of Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi. While the solid sound design could only be Norwegian, André’s riffs around the house 4/4 allude to the trippy analogue bubble-baths of Autechre and his lysergic inner-visions. It’s an epic and thrillingly scary place of shadows and things that creep up on you in the night (club) spurring thoughts of psychosis and questions for one’s sanity.

All qualities that have rightfully made “Trommer & Bass” a must-play in the most discerning record boxes in the world, from DJ Harvey to Erol Alkan. The track, originally released on a compilation by Berlin-based label Correspondant, has solidified Bratten as the dark heir to the Viking disco throne.

Outside “Trommer & Bass”, “Math Ilium Ion” is a further insight to Bratten’s compositional skills. His patience to let an idea develop over a dramatic 7 minutes perhaps related to his day job before this of writing scores for the theatre. By the time we arrive at the tone poem that is outro song ‘Intro’, consider all Norwegian disco expectations thoroughly twisted.

Out now on Smalltown Supersound.

1. Trommer & Bass
2. Your Sincerely, André Bratten
3. The Little Things, Fools And Kings
4. Common Misconception
5. Minor Misconception
6. Intro

Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm – Runddans LP


Runddans is result of the collaboration between Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrom and Emil Nikolaisen. It’s a spiritual magnus-opus that stands alongside Rundgren’s most worshipped trippy albums of the seventies, fusing his blue eyed soul with Lindstrom’s disco epics and the studio trickery of Serena-Maneesh’s Emil Nikolaisen into a cosmic mix of soul, synth, pop and disco. The highly detailed and cacophonous sound of the album clearly conveys the international feel characteristic of Rundgren’s most studio-driven epic, 1973’s A Wizard A True Star, as well as his classics Todd and Initiation. The synthesizers, the restlessness, the suites, the sonic antics, the search for understanding, fulfillment and good times: it’s all here. It also references his lost classic, the massively spiritual voice-only album A Capella from 1985. This, combined with Lindstrom’s signature extended cosmic compositions and Emil’s psychedelic sound-quilting paint the picture of three individuals on a journey towards musical bliss.

Todd Rundgren/Emil Nikolaisen/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s Runddans is out May 5th on Smalltown Supersound, and available for pre-order now. Listen to “Put Your Arms Around Me” below.

Carmen Villain – Quietly / Let Go


Carmen Villain (born Hillestad), the US-born, half– Norwegian, half–Mexican, returns with an enchanting pocket symphony. Immaculately produced dream pop from another galaxy, “Quietly” picks up from the dreamiest parts of 2013 debut Sleeper. Recorded and produced by Hillestad, “Quietly” is a taster of her second album, due out later this year.

An alien landscape –– an anthemic lullaby with a dash of Kurt Vile heartland desperation –– it’s the sound of a waking dream, her voice and breath hovering like a pink cloud over glacial territory (further enhanced by the superb mixing of Supersilent’s sonic architect Helge Sten). The sound of suburban ennui, of life and death rubbing shoulders. Sometimes the quietest things are the most powerful.

The mostly instrumental b-side, “Let Go,” plays the role of comforter. Lifting off into the air, Villain pops in for some whispers toward the end. You just slow down.

The “Quietly” / “Let Go” 7” is out today, January 19th 2015 via Smalltown Supersound.

Neneh Cherry – Out Of The Black feat. Robyn (Joe Goddard The Black Friday Remix )

In October 2013, Neneh Cherry made an exciting announcement. The she was coming back with her first album of solo music in 18 years. The album titled ‘Blank Project’ was recorded and mixed in 5 days, played by RocketNumberNine and produced by Four Tet. Now Neneh reveals the lead single, featuring kindred spirit Robyn. Both iconic Swedish artists have been vocal about inspiring each other, with Robyn covering Neneh songs in her live shows. Hearing them harmonise and throw lines back and forth will be a dream come true for some music fans.

Produced by Four Tet, with the minimal synth and drum work of RocketNumberNine under-pinning the sweet vocal work, ‘Out Of The Black’ is like nothing you’ve heard before from these pop iconoclasts. With the single version having been remixed and re-edited by dance floor maven of the era Joe Goddard (Hot Chip, 2Bears), Neneh is emerging out of the black with another vital blast of buzzing bold music. Out on March 31 via SmallTown Supersound.

Neneh Cherry – Out Of The Black feat. Robyn

Taken from the album "Blank Project", out February 24 via Smalltown Soupersound. Produced by Four Tet.

Neneh Cherry & Four Tet – Everything (Original + Villalobos & Loderbauer Remix)

In October 2013, Neneh Cherry made an exciting announcement. She was coming back with her first album of solo music in 18 years. A collaboration with RocketNumberNine produced by Kieran Hebden, a.k.a. Four Tet, and featuring a guest appearance by Robyn – Neneh shared the eponymous track ‘Blank Project’ in December 2013. To start the New Year, Neneh has revealed a completely new original track ‘Everything’ as well as a remix of the track by the iconic techno producer/DJ Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer. New album Blank Project is out February 24th on Smalltown Supersound.