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Mr. Tophat feat. Robyn – Right Time


Swedish house maestro Mr. Tophat and pop phenomenon Robyn have come together for “Trust Me,” a sleek three track EP of dark disco and luscious grooves, featuring contributions from Abba’s original drummer, Per Lindvall, and his brother, bassist David Lindvall. With each track going well beyond the nine-minute mark, “Trust Me” is the artistic culmination of two artists joining together in the studio and putting pure inspiration to tape, resulting in some of the loosest and most intriguing music either has made in their careers. Although Robyn and Mr. Tophat have known each other personally for nearly a decade, the first time they professionally crossed paths was last year, when the latter contributed a few remixes of material from Robyn’s “Love Is Free” EP with La Bagatelle Magique.

Mr. Tophat feat. Robyn’s “Trust Me” EP is out January 13th via Smalltown Supersound and available for pre-order now. After sharing the EP’s title track, the duo now presents “Right Time,” which shuffles and slithers with a jet- black slickness as Robyn toasts and intones over the rhythms.

Listen to Mr. Tophat feat. Robyn’s “Right Time”:

Video: Lindstrøm – Closing Shot


Lindstrøm released his “Windings” EP this past summer via Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity. Skyward synths, effervescent rhythms and melodies that spiral beautifully into the great unknown, the “Windings” EP is Lindstrøm in the zone.

Today, he shares the video for the EP’s impeccable lead single, “Closing Shot,” directed by visual artist Oliver Clegg. As Clegg describes it, “I wanted to make something that could stand alone as a piece of work aside from the context of just listening to the music. So whilst the video strives to respect the cosmic nature of the music, there is also a more subtle twist at the end that suggests a wider commentary – something one would never get from just hearing the music without the visuals. It’s simultaneously serious and respectful with hopefully some splashes of humor!“

Lindstrøm will cap of 2016 with a show in Brooklyn at Good Room on Sat. December 3rd.

Watch Lindstrøm’s “Closing Shot” video:

Prins Thomas – A1 (Gerd Janson Prinspersonation Mix)


The following is a message from Prins Thomas regarding the upcoming 2-disc remix album of his most recent release, Principe Del Norte, titled Principe Del Norte Remixed, out 10/14 on Smalltown Supersound:

The further adventures of Principe Del Norte (or “grabbing the panther by the tail”):

Immediately after wrapping up Principe Del Norte, Joakim Haugland (Smalltown Supersound’s founder) and I spoke about possible remixers for separate 12″ releases. Although I’ve remixed artists far and wide throughout the last decade (roughly 300 remixes and counting!), I’ve largely gone un-remixed myself, with the exception of Blackbelt Andersen’s rework of my debut single “Goettsching.” My music already sounds a bit “remixed” in the first place and I often consider it more as a mass of sound rather than actual songs that could be reinterpreted from what I’ve already done. I also usually have an alternate version of each track ready myself…

Anyway, I made an exception and told Joakim that if we’re going to do remixes, I want to go all out and ask a broad spectrum of producers that I admire; producers who could contribute with a vivid imagination and a wider range of sounds. I already had some of these artists in mind, having used music of theirs in my last mix CD Paradise Goulash, and some new names came up while we waited for others to deliver. As remixes slowly trickled in, I put the tracks in an order that made sense as an album. The final glue to hold it together came in the form of 3 new exclusive tracks of mine presented in Principe Del Norte Remixed: “I”, “J” and “K.”

I’m super psyched about presenting these versions to you; they’re melodies and bits from my own mind taken in new directions by a talented bunch of producers.

It’s going be a wild ride, and one I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

Prins Thomas has shared the remix of his track “A1” by Gerd Janson, a version he calls the “Prinspersonation Mix.”

Purchase Principe Del Norte here:
Purchase Principe Del Norte physical here:

Lindstrøm – Closing Shot


Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, one of the main architects of the Norwegian space disco sound, returns following last year’s release of the “Home Tonight” single, remix of ABBA’s “Something’s Going On,” and his collaboration with Todd Rundgren and Emil Nikolaisen.

His new single, “Closing Shot,” is classic Lindstrøm — wonderful, propulsive disco vibes, and epic in scope. While being known for his collaborations with producers including Prins Thomas and Todd Terje, and his singular remixes, Lindstrøm is most appreciated for managing to keep dance floors across the globe moving with his long and dynamic compositions. “Closing Shot” carries on with that tradition.

It’s the first taste of a forthcoming EP, due out July 8th via Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity Recordings.

Lindstrøm Tour Dates:
Thu. July 28 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
Fri. July 29 – Brooklyn, NY @ 1260 Atlantic Avenue
Sat. July 30 – Miami, FL @ Bardot

Prins Thomas – C (I:Cube remix)


Following Prins Thomas’ lovingly received 4 X LP vinyl ambient record Principe Del Norte released last week, Smalltown Supersound announce the equally sprawling remix package to compliment it, including remixes from seminal ambient legends The Orb and artists featured on his ‘Paradise Goulash’ mix in 2015; Sun Araw, Young Marco, I:Cube, Ricardo Villalobos and Hieroglyphic Being.

The intertextuality between Paradise Goulash, Principe Del Norte and the remix package is underlined when you think back to the track that opened CD3 of the Paradise Goulash. It was ‘The Subbadubba Beat (Stockholmia Glue mix) by Swedish producer Joel Brindefalk recording as Ü, a conversation about whom sparked the idea for Principe. ‘I likened Joel’s record to The Orb’s Peel Sessions record, which then had me and Joakim from Smalltown talking about me doing an ambient record’ says Prins.

The Hieroglyphic Being remixes 12” will be the first to be available on March 18th 2016 in the UK and Europe and April 15th 2016 in North America and Japan. Release date for the second double 12” and The Orb and Sun Araw remixes to be confirmed and all remixes will be collected on a double CD and digital release to be released in Summer 2016.

Prins Thomas – D (Hieroglyphic Being Remixes)
12” vinyl/ digital
A – Prins Thomas – D (Hieroglyphic Being remix)
B – Prins Thomas – D (Hieroglyphic Being Beat rework)

Prins Thomas – C (Remixes)
Double 12” vinyl pack/ digital
A – Prins Thomas – C (Ricardo Villalobos King Crab remix)
B – Prins Thomas – C (Young Marco remix)
C – Prins Thomas – C (Ricardo Villalobos Knödel Prince Dub)
D1 – Prins Thomas – C (Prins Thomas remix)
D2 – Prins Thomas – C (I:Cube remix)

Prins Thomas – B


Prins Thomas announces massive 4xLP ambient record, “PRINCIPE DEL NORTE”, out February 19 2016 on SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND.

Roughly a year ago, an Instagram-post and a recommendation of a posthumous release by Swedish producer Joel Brindefalk sparked an idea forPrins Thomas.  He heard his release ” Doobedoo Dub’e’dope” under the moniker Ü, and began to draw comparisons to KLF’s Chill Out, The Orb’s “Peel Session EP,” and Black Dog’s Spanners. Enthused about those early 90’s “electronica” releases, Thomas set off on the task at hand, making an “ambient” album, leaving conventional drums and drum machines out of the equation. The result is the massive 4XLP, 2XCD Principe Del Norte, out 2/19 on Smalltown Supersound. Below, you can stream the track “B”.

A few tracks were loosely inspired by the “braindance,” aka IDM of the 90’s and its themes and components have been reworked into slightly more “danceable” counterparts. The song “titles” refers to the sides of the vinyl version. How one listen to this album is entirely up to the listener, but Thomas would recommend finding center position in front of your speakers, a comfortable couch or chair and dedicate yourself to the music for a long hour. You can read a recent interview Thomas gave to FACT Mag here.

André Bratten
 – Math Ilium Ion EP

André Bratten
André Bratten is the answer to the question; where next for Norwegian disco?

He is the youngest new voice working in the same hallowed studio in Oslo that Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Lindstrøm all create in. Rather than replicate their path, he has sculpted his own sound world, ready to reshape the future.

In place of light-hearted fun or blissed out landscapes, he draws creative inspiration from the sinister and suspenseful microtonal variations of Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi. While the solid sound design could only be Norwegian, André’s riffs around the house 4/4 allude to the trippy analogue bubble-baths of Autechre and his lysergic inner-visions. It’s an epic and thrillingly scary place of shadows and things that creep up on you in the night (club) spurring thoughts of psychosis and questions for one’s sanity.

All qualities that have rightfully made “Trommer & Bass” a must-play in the most discerning record boxes in the world, from DJ Harvey to Erol Alkan. The track, originally released on a compilation by Berlin-based label Correspondant, has solidified Bratten as the dark heir to the Viking disco throne.

Outside “Trommer & Bass”, “Math Ilium Ion” is a further insight to Bratten’s compositional skills. His patience to let an idea develop over a dramatic 7 minutes perhaps related to his day job before this of writing scores for the theatre. By the time we arrive at the tone poem that is outro song ‘Intro’, consider all Norwegian disco expectations thoroughly twisted.

Out now on Smalltown Supersound.

1. Trommer & Bass
2. Your Sincerely, André Bratten
3. The Little Things, Fools And Kings
4. Common Misconception
5. Minor Misconception
6. Intro

Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm – Runddans LP


Runddans is result of the collaboration between Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrom and Emil Nikolaisen. It’s a spiritual magnus-opus that stands alongside Rundgren’s most worshipped trippy albums of the seventies, fusing his blue eyed soul with Lindstrom’s disco epics and the studio trickery of Serena-Maneesh’s Emil Nikolaisen into a cosmic mix of soul, synth, pop and disco. The highly detailed and cacophonous sound of the album clearly conveys the international feel characteristic of Rundgren’s most studio-driven epic, 1973’s A Wizard A True Star, as well as his classics Todd and Initiation. The synthesizers, the restlessness, the suites, the sonic antics, the search for understanding, fulfillment and good times: it’s all here. It also references his lost classic, the massively spiritual voice-only album A Capella from 1985. This, combined with Lindstrom’s signature extended cosmic compositions and Emil’s psychedelic sound-quilting paint the picture of three individuals on a journey towards musical bliss.

Todd Rundgren/Emil Nikolaisen/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s Runddans is out May 5th on Smalltown Supersound, and available for pre-order now. Listen to “Put Your Arms Around Me” below.

Carmen Villain – Quietly / Let Go


Carmen Villain (born Hillestad), the US-born, half– Norwegian, half–Mexican, returns with an enchanting pocket symphony. Immaculately produced dream pop from another galaxy, “Quietly” picks up from the dreamiest parts of 2013 debut Sleeper. Recorded and produced by Hillestad, “Quietly” is a taster of her second album, due out later this year.

An alien landscape –– an anthemic lullaby with a dash of Kurt Vile heartland desperation –– it’s the sound of a waking dream, her voice and breath hovering like a pink cloud over glacial territory (further enhanced by the superb mixing of Supersilent’s sonic architect Helge Sten). The sound of suburban ennui, of life and death rubbing shoulders. Sometimes the quietest things are the most powerful.

The mostly instrumental b-side, “Let Go,” plays the role of comforter. Lifting off into the air, Villain pops in for some whispers toward the end. You just slow down.

The “Quietly” / “Let Go” 7” is out today, January 19th 2015 via Smalltown Supersound.