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Sissi Rada – Pragma LP


Berlin based Greek singer-songwriter and harpist Sissi Rada just released her adventurous album debut Pragma, on November 25th via Inner Ear Records. Maybe you know her from David August’s single Patria. Also, she has performed with David in Electronic Beats Festival Cologne 2015 and XJazz Festival Berlin 2015. The album produced by Max Trieder (The Hirsch Effekt).

Stream the entire album:

It took two years to compose and produce “Pragma”, which is the answer to her self released split EP “Personae”, released in 2013. The recordings took place in Berlin and Athens with her permanent collaborator and producer, Max Trieder. The album features guest appearances from artists who have contributed in many ways to the identity of SIssi Rada: Camerata Athens Quartet, Sergiu Nastaza (solo violin), Niklas Lutterbach (soundscape) and Florian Bitzer, Sebastian Meyer and Constanze Trieder (wind instruments).
This thematic album is an attempt to highlight the sensitivity of the things that surround us. It deals with the universal word “pragma” and its various uses and delves into the psychic bond of modern man with symbols, symbolism and referentiality. Bilingual lyrics underline the multi-culture of the times and the common words our unisexual root. Music-wise, it is hard to describe the sound of Sissi Rada for the reason that pop, electronic and classical elements blend in a unique way to create an equally unique genre that she calls coquettish-classical-electro-d oom pop.

Sissi Rada began studying the harp at the age of 11 and completed her post-graduate studies in Europe in 2016 (Bachelor in Music/ Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Master in solistic music/ Hochschule für Musik Detmold, Master in Orchestra/ Universität der Künste Berlin). Since 2012 she collaborates with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim, Matthias Pintscher, the Athens State Orchestra and the Greek National Opera. In 2013 she released her first ΕΡ of electronic music, entitled “Personae” and she began her collaborations with various artists such as David August, Kadebostany, Lena Platonos and Foivos Delivorias. In 2015 she was the supporting act for Deerhoof.

Video: Sissi Rada – Sunday

After half a year of work from the first shoot and to the last renderings here’s the new video for the great SISSI RADA (aka Anastasia Sissy Makropoulou, Max Trieder, Tom Krause and Eugen Rolnik). It has all what a good music-clip should have: Donuts, cars, kids on bikes, a harp, a giant foot, a miniature drum set and skateboard-stunts. And of course a black cat.

Shot completely with the Microsoft Kinect 2, edited and programmed in VVVV, developed a pipeline between Cinema4D and VVVV and finalized everything in After Effects.

SUNDAY is a track from the unreleased album PRAGMA.

David August – Patria feat. Sissi Rada

david august

German producer David Nattkemper, aka David August, offers for free a great downtempo house track called “Patria” with Greek lyrics. Featuring vocals from Sissi Rada.

Last year I met Sissi Rada. She was singing in Greek and playing the harp when I first listened to her.

I asked her to record something with me as I wanted to use her voice for my music. We sat down, I played the harmonies on my Prophet 5 and she would jam over it. Her first take is the take you’re listening to. Back then I was in my bedroom studio. We had noises from the street, roommates the next door, but the take captured the magic and the spontaneous moment of just doing music. I didn’t want to record it again.

Her lyrics are about the devastating political and financial situation in Greece and I tried – as much as I could do – to reflect that with my music.” – David August

The lyrics:

Η πατρίδα μου
χώματα και θάλασσα και φρούτα
σ’ αεροπορικά εισιτήρια
Μαζικά συλλαλητήρια
Αέρα σου στρωσα και λούσα

Η πατρίδα μου
αμβλώνεται και κουράζει
με αλλονών τύπους
χώματα και θάλασσα και φρούτα