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Tycho – Apogee (RJD2 Remix)


After recently announcing ‘Awake Remixes’ LP, Tycho has shared a new RJD2 remix of ‘Apogee’, which is streaming online now. The forthcoming record is set for release on January 15th via Ghostly International, with the physical release on May 20th.

RJD2 takes the swift-kicking ‘Apogee’ and transforms it into tranquil instrumental funk.

Awake represented a high-water mark for Scott Hansen, the San Francisco musician better known asTycho. Described by Hansen as, “in many ways, the first True Tycho record,” Awake announced the arrival of Tycho as a full band, and it found Hansen streamlining the group’s sound, focusing on the drums and aiming to capture the energy and power of the group’s live set. The story of Awake arrives at its natural conclusion with this 12” of remixes, on which Hansen’s songs are re-interpreted by producers who make the songs their own while retaining all of their core elements. The digital release is out January 15th on Ghostly International, with the physical release set for a May 20th release.
In the hands of Few Nolder, ‘Montana’ becomes tense and driving, four-on-the-floor beat undergirding bright, rippling synths. Baio, who splits his time between solo work and his role as bassist in Vampire Weekend, gives ‘Plains’ a kind of soulfulness, adding a driving rhythm to the original’s beatless ambience and dropping in snatches of vocal for texture and warmth.

Additional remixes from Com Truise, Christopher Willits, Bibio and Beacon, which had been previously released, have been added to this package. Taken together, ‘Awake Remixes’ offer a parallel narrative for Tycho’s artistic breakthrough. Additionally, the digital only ‘Deluxe Version’ of ‘Awake’ now includes the original version of ‘Awake’ and all eight remixes available on the ‘Awake Remixes’ album.

Pre-orders are available at The Ghostly StoreISO50, and these fine retailers.

Video: RJD2 – Her Majesty’s Socialist Request

Three years after his last solo album, veteran instrumental hip-hop producer RJD2 returns with "More Is Than Isn’t", a new LP which includes a few collaborators, like RJ’s Icebird bandmate Aaron Livingston, his Soul Position bandmate Blueprint, and Little Brother’s Phonte Coleman. Most of the tracks are instrumentals, as usual, including the first single, “Her Majesty’s Socialist Request”. Watch the official video below. RJD2’s More Is Than Isn’t is out October 8 on RJ’s Electrical Connections.

RJD2 – More Is Than Isn’t [2013]

Veteran Philadelphia beatmaker RJD2 has now announced that his next record, called “More Is Than Isn’t”, will drop via his own RJ’s Electrical Connections label. The 16-track album is said to be mostly an instrumental affair, but will also feature vocal contributions from the likes of Phonte Coleman from Little Brother, Aaron Livingston (who makes up the other half of RJD2’s Icebird project), and Soul Position collaborator Blueprint, among others. Out October 8.

01. Suite 1
02. Temperamental (feat. Phonte Coleman)
03. Behold, Numbers!
04. Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
05. A Lot of Night Ahead of You
06. Bathwater (feat. P. Blackk)
07. Milk Tooth
08. Suite 2
09. Winter Isn’t Coming
10. See You Leave (feat. STS and Khari Mateen)
11. Got There, Sugar?
12. Love and Go (feat. Aaron Livingston)
13. Descended From Myth
14. Dirty Hands
15. It All Came To Me In A Dream (feat. Blueprint)
16. Suite 3