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Leon Vynehall’s debut album “Nothing Is Still“, will be released 15 June 2018. Since the album announcement he has shared ‘Envelopes (Chapter VI)’ and ‘Movements (Chapter III)’ as well their stunning accompanying videos (directed by Young Replicant) and novella chapters.

Today he has followed up with ‘English Oak’, a track with an infectious rhythm that nods towards Vynehall’s dancefloor prowess whilst flowing seamlessly into the structure of this grand, textural album. The track is based around a surreal dream that Vynehall’s grandmother had about falling from the top of the Chrysler Building during her time in New York.

As well as the original he has shared a Gerd Janson remix.

Josin – Company (Kiasmos Remix)


Josin – the project from German composer and producer Arabella Rauch – has premiered a new remix of ‘Company’ from Kiasmos, the electronic duo made up of BAFTA-winning Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, and the Faroe Islands’ Janus Rasmussen, known as the mastermind of the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup.

Kiasmos’ take on ‘Company’ maintains the raw beauty of the original vocal and combines it perfectly with a distinctly Kiasmos style, creating affecting and emotional soundscapes from a minimal electronic approach. “It feels a bit unreal to be honest to have a Kiasmos remix of one of my songs” explains Josin. “I love their work and their approach to electronical music. While waiting to hear a first mix I was excited about how the two worlds would sound combined: From the first notes I heard, it made complete sense. Very Kiasmos, very Josin. They used the right essentials from the original and added their deepness and emotional colour in an amazing way. The way they kept the vocal part completely unfiltered and raw is exactly how I see the vocals in that track. For me, the remix raises the song to a new level and inspires me back for my own work.”

The original track was written last summer during a campervan trip in Norway on a ridiculously small, battery-powered keyboard. “It was fun because I was able to work on the melodies basically everywhere: On a kayak in the middle of the ocean, while hiking, while waiting for ferries” explains Josin. “Sometimes writing on the go and with less gear makes one focus on the essentials more. Company is about trying to become one with something but not succeeding. It´s a solitary, careful declaration of love.”

Last year Josin released her debut acclaimed EP ‘Epilogue’ via Swedish independent label Dumont Dumont (Ry X, José González). The EP sees a dynamic blend of electronic jolts, enhanced by keyboards and haunting poetic vocals that draw on a variety of traditions, from classical to electronic. As a self-taught producer, Josin is always experimenting, incorporating the electronical world into her writing as well as composing string arrangements.

Josin will be performing at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton on May 18th at 8.30pm at the Unitarian Church.

I-Robots – Glamouflage EP

After being one of the many standouts on the ‘We Are Opilec…! Vol. III’ compilation back in 2016, I-Robots’ ‘Glamouflage’ is now getting a full vinyl release with artwork by Tomozo Kevorkian, who was designer for NYC’s Body & Soul, and remixes by a standout team of producers from Japan to Switzerland to South Africa and the USA.

Opening up the EP is a fantastic new Take II version from label boss I-Robots, who added exclusive Chinese vocal samples recorded on the streets of Huang Jiang City many years ago. The track is inspired by Ennio Morricone and Supermax and is a loose and infectious groove with brilliant drums and percussion and an elastic bassline that really gets you moving. It’s a subtle update to the original—also included here as a bonus cut—which itself is a steamy and tropical sounding groove.

Swiss electronic pioneer Schaltkreis Wassermann then features on a version of the original that reaches for the cosmos with its rugged bass riffs, tumbling toms and busy, ever evolving groove. It has a big breakdown with exotic synths wandering through the night and oodles of effects and big guitar licks. As one of the three bonus tracks, Wassermann also offers a brilliant remix that has acid twitches and psyched-out synth lines all weaving through the deep mid-tempo drums.

The first of the remixes comes from Kuniyuki Takahashi who has been a big supporter of I-Robots since 2000. He is a sound designer from Japan who had a compilation of his works put out by Music From Memory back in February. His version is laden with cosmic synths and chants, grunting and organic drums and is sure to be massive this summer thanks to its open air vibes.

Detroit’s underrated but vital Gary Martin is the boss of the Teknotika label and his version featuring Colten Decker playing an unusual sax line shows another side to the Motor City. It’s a curious and mysterious tune that makes for an unsettling atmosphere that keeps you locked throughout as it snakes along.

To accompany the original and Schaltkreis Wassermann remixes amongst the 3 bonus tracks we have a mix from Djembe Monks. Djembe Monks is a regular on Opilec Music and he shows the truly deep vibes of South Africa with his version, which sucks you deep into an enchanting groove. Afro percussion, chanting and sun-kissed xylophone sounds all bring the heat and make this another summer anthem in the making.

This is a fulsome package that brims with character and sunshine vibes and is sure to make its way into plenty of influential record bags this summer.

01 I-Robots – Glamouflage (Take II)
02 I-Robots – Glamouflage ft. Schaltkreis Wassermann
03 I-Robots – Glamouflage (Kuniyuki Takahashi Jungle Remix)
04 I-Robots – Glamouflage (Gary Martin Teknotika Remix ft.Colten Decker)
05 I-Robots – Glamouflage (Djembe Monks Remix) (digital bonus)
06 I-Robots – Glamouflage (Schaltkreis Wassermann Remix) (digital bonus)
07 I-Robots – Glamouflage (Original Version) (digital bonus)

Booka Shade – Cut The Strings (Album Remixes 1)

Claude Von Stroke, Yousef and Wes Wieland step up to remix Booka Shade for the first in two remix packages of the duo’s recently released, critically acclaimed ‘Cut The Strings’ LP.

Hot off the back of the ‘Cut The Strings’ LP from Booka Shade which dropped on their Blaufield imprint in April, the duo have reached out to some of their contemporaries and fellow artists they admire to revisit and provide their own interpretations of what has been yet another impressive chapter in the Berlin based artists careers.

Dirtybird’s main man Claude Von Stroke steps up to rework ‘Easy Drifter’ first, and as expected we’re treated to driving bottom end, growling bass leads and heady acid swells alongside the original’s infectious arp line.

Circus founder Yousef turns in his take on ‘Tyrell’ next, opting for pulsating pads, oscillating bass sweeps and organic drums alongside the originals choppy pitch bending vocal cuts. Wes Wieland’s take on ‘Black Crystal’ then completes the package with a darker edge, this time round laying focus on expansive reverberated percussion, elongated bass drones and twinkling arpeggios.

The Booka Shade ‘Cut The Strings Album Remixes 1’ package is out on Blaufield 25th May 2018.

1. Easy Drifter (Claude Von Stroke Remix)
2. Easy Drifter (Claude Von Stroke Radio Edit)
3. Tyrell (Yousef Circus Remix)
4. Black Crystal (Wes Wieland Remix)

Pin Up Club – Naoshima (inc Perel remix)

The Phantasm label has something special up its sleeve for June: a new EP from Amsterdam outfit Pin Up Club and an excellent remix from lady of the moment, DFA star and disco innovator Perel.

This young label comes from Sinchi Collective in association with Night Noise and has quickly established itself with innovative music. That continues with the trippy leftfield electronica and dark disco and EBM flavours of Pin Up Club, who have worked on labels like Nein, Relish, Bordello a Parigi.

In their own words; “For this EP we chose to work with natural ambient sounds as a background for each track. So if you listen carefully you can hear dogs barking, crickets chirping and other ambient noises we’ve recorded ourselves on our travels,” say the pair who derived these tracks from live jam sessions using plenty of proper hardware, a Roland Space Echo and Fender Stratocaster, amongst other things’.

The thoughtful ‘Naoshima’ opens things with gentle deep house drums and organic claps. Broad synths stretch out to add scale and dreamy acid takes your mind away into a reverie.

Hugely acclaimed German DJ, producer and vocalist Perel is about to launch her album on DFA and it’s sure to shoot her to worldwide acclaim. Just before that she serves up a truly captivating remix of ‘Naoshima’ that’s harmonically rich and deliciously disco flavoured. Gorgeous pads and silky drums are embellished with a rugged, low slung bassline and the whole thing oozes cool.

’10:00am’ is a brilliantly laidback groove with relaxing chords and meandering synth lines. It’s one to sink into and float along with as a sea of melodies wash over you and calm your mind in classy fashion. Last of all, ‘Cauldron’ has more slow motion drums and slithering hi hats embellished with masterful chords and synths that ooze musicality. It’s a romantic and late night cut with cosmic keys that effortlessly wins you over.

These are four stunning and mature tracks that make a deep and long lasting impact.

1- Naoshima
2- Naoshima (Perel Remix)
3- 10.00 A.M
4- Cauldron
5- Naoshima (Sinchi Bonus Remix)

The Presets – 14U+14ME (Superpitcher Remix)

Amirali – Odyssey EP

Dark Matters label head Amirali returns with the expertly crafted Odyssey EP, employing his vital understanding of space and texture to construct a highly emotive release featuring a remix from Fort Romeau. The three track package is out digitally on May 14th followed by the vinyl release a few weeks later.

Leading on from his critically acclaimed discography and curatorial work with the inimitable Dark Matters imprint, Amirali enters 2018 with grand plans for the future. He is currently conceptualising a live stage show whilst continuing to provide a platform for all manner of weird and wonderful music.

‘Odyssey’ is a striking example of Amirali’s penchant for songwriting, as well as a testament to his sonic identity, merging memorable harmonies with heartfelt vocals and complex soundscapes. ‘Hidden Past’ veers more towards the dancefloor, brandishing vast sonic explorations and levitating pads amongst detailed drum patterns.

For the ‘Hidden Past’ remix, Fort Romeau mutates the delicacy of the original into a spaced out dose of peak time house, gradually building rich harmonies around a fierce rhythmic motif.

On the creation of this forthcoming EP, Amirali states:

“Nothing is more important than my craft which is the main reason I’m here. There’s no better satisfaction than to create an amazing piece of music, that’s my happiest point in life. I don’t want my work to just be good or ok and that takes a lot of effort and sacrifice in life. I got to a point where I said to myself I have to go and disappear for a while, go be normal and do normal things. Instead of being on the road all the time, stay home, create an environment I like to write music.

There have been many experimentations involved in my upcoming material. I wanted to try and push myself to the limit and I believe I’ve succeeded. For me, it’s all about evolving and exploring areas I haven’t touched. That’s why sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected, I don’t just want to meet people’s expectations, sometimes I want to blow them away. There is so much music coming out week in and week out, the music is evidently becoming more disposable and I would like to stay out of that chaos.

When you stay true to your heart and try to do something different you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, that’s when you grow as an artist and also as a person, but the satisfaction you get when you finish a work cannot be put into words.”

Amirali Odyssey EP
14 May 2018 / Dark Matters
01 Odyssey
02 Hidden Past
03 Hidden Past (Fort Romeau Remix)

Talaboman – Dins El Llit (Superpitcher Remix)

Taken from ‘The Night Land Remixed’, out May 18 on R&S Records.

Video: Zola Jesus – Ash to Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix)

– Teams up with WeTransfer for premiere of “Ash To Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix)”
– LP ‘Okovi: Additions’ out April 6th via Sacred Bones Records

SSION feat. Ariel Pink – AT LEAST THE SKY IS BLUE (Johnny Jewel’s Moody Midnight Mix)