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Red Axes – Kalacol EP

Hot on the heels of their celebrated album Beach Goths and after offering-up Paratrooper as part of DJ Tennis’ recent DJ-Kicks, Israeli genre-defying duo Red Axes arrive on Life and Death with an original EP.

Sami is a post-Moondog shamanic tribal trip, while Round combines dilapidated future Goa electronics with just the right amount of cowbell and guitar psych. Vego Gam is lo-fi Spaghetti Western, full of tape delay and amplifier sauce, while Pulse waves and wind chimes ring Russian bells on the title track, Kalacol – a mind-melding dancefloor gem.

A record that could only come from Niv and Dori – another reconfiguration of the Life and Death mausoleum.

Available for pre-order here:

I-Robots – Brother Man (Rouge Cover remixes)

OPCM 12 084 artwork

Opilec Music’s eclectic remix series rolls on with another essential package, this time tackling a single from label boss I-Robots’s Law of Robotics album back in 2008. Adding their own spin to things are Red Axes and Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito after the likes of Kuniyuki Takahashi, Djembe Monks, Danny Ocean, Los Hermanos, Gary Martin, Alexander Robotnick, Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi have all stepped up previously.

Israeli duo Red Axes go first, a pair known for mixing up synths and guitars in exciting new ways on labels like Hivern Discs, I’m A Cliche and ESP Institute amongst others. Their excellent version of the track re-works it as a deep and spine tingling house cut. Moody chords lull you into a hypnotic and zoned out groove that is finished with some intoxicating spoken words.

Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito is next, an acclaimed Kompakt and Transmat artist who makes succulent techno with ambient atmospheres. His brilliant version here is just that, with cosmic chords and slippery rubber beats carrying you away into the night. Warm and inviting, it elevates you to the next level over its long length, it is a classy bit of techno that also comes as a stripped back instrumental version.

After this vital EP come more remixes from the same album, they will all then be put together on I-Robots – Laws Of Robotics 10 Year Anniversary album in 2018.

01 Brother Man (Red Axes Remix)
02 Brother Man (Hiroshi Watanabe Kaito Remix)
03 Brother Man (Hiroshi Watanabe Kaito Instrumental Remix)

Joakim – Samurai (Red Axes Remix)


Following last week’s premiere of ‘Samurai’ via Stereogum, the prolific production duo Red Axes share an intoxicating 7 minute 30 seconds epic remix of the forthcoming album’s title track. A laid-back hum of brass over a gentle percussion; the instrumental is sprinkled with twinkling sound effects, cosmic synths and chopped segments of the original vocal. This is 100% what a remix should be.

A very personal and conceptual body of work, Joakim’s 6th album Samurai is about the artist’s journey between NY, Tokyo and Paris. In writing, Joakim was inspired by a range of influences from the literary (Mishima’s ‘Hagakure: Samurai Ethics & Modern Japan’), to the sonic (home-made electronic and “new age”’ style music) and the circumstantial (Japan and New York).

Catch Joakim at The Nest on 18th March, 2017.

Samurai is out via Tigersushi / Because on 17th March, 2017.

Fri. March 17 – Milano, IT @ Rollover
Sat. March 18 – London, UK @ The Nest (DJ Set)
Sat. March 25 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
Thu. March 30 – Paris, FR @ Salo
Fri. March 31 – Paris, FR @ Salo
Sat. April 1 – Paris, FR @ Salo
Fri. May 5 – Amsterdam, NL @ Thuishaven
Fri. June 16 – Kiev, UA @ Closer

Chaim – Nineties EP


Culprit’s midsummer release has a distinct Israeli flavor. The Los Angeles-based imprint is pleased to welcome the terrifically talented Chaim and, on remixes, Red Axes and Shahar & Motum. Together they have crafted a 4-track EP of distinct style and top-level artistry.

Tel Aviv-born, New York-based Chaim Avital aka Chaim, is a familiar name on the global dance music circuit. Spawned by the scene that also brought the likes of Guy Gerber, Gel Abril, Shlomi Aber and Guy prominence, Chaim has been a recording artist for nearly a decade. It was through his close friend and cohort Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts label that Chaim first made his mark. Since then, the likes of BPitch Control, Visionquest and Rumors have all clamored for his music.

The title track deftly combines Chaim’s knack for bass-heavy, classic House-inspired grooves with a very modern production technique. The rolling analogue bassline hook truly sets the track apart. ‘Members’ is the deeper, hypnotic counterpart with a perfectly-selected vocal snippet and a low-slung sensuous groove.

Fellow Israelis, Red Axes, are one of the talked about acts right now. A string of hot releases for the likes of Crosstown Rebels, Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation have made their patented tech-disco style hugely in-demand. Their slow-burn of a remix has an off-kilter leftfield charm and unique personality.

Remixing ‘Members’ are fresh-faced duo of young producers Motum and Shahar. The pair shares Chaim’s place of birth and their current base of New York City. They deliver a spare and moody version, with a subtle hint of melody and vocal – perfect for the early morning dancefloors.

Nineties (Red Axes Remix)
Members (Shahar & Motum Remix)

Lena Platonos – Red Axes Remix EP


Dark Entries Records:

Lena Platonos is a pioneer of the Greek electronic music scene of the 1980s. She produced and released her second solo album, ‘Gallop’, in 1985 that we reissued in 2015. The album is made exclusively using analog synthesizers and heavily features the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine. Lena narrates each song, reciting her own surreal Greek poetry with unique skill. Lena says of ‘Gallop’, “It’s a study in the mythology of urban population of the contemporary metropolis and also a gaze into the future life of it.”

We’ve asked Red Axes to chose their four favorite songs from ‘Gallop’ and create remixes for each one. Red Axes is Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, releasing their own productions and remixes since 2009 on I’m a Cliché, Correspondant and Hivern Discs. The duo was raised on a steady diet of post-punk, new-wave and Italo-disco at fogged out warehouse and basement parties. They’ve transform “Witches” and “And We Hear “I Love You”” into solid dancefloor tools. “No. 9” and “Liqueur Ruby” transport the listener to a hypnotic state tripped out in a psychedelic mist, with the latter featuring middle eastern rhythms by fellow Tel Aviv musicians The Dirty Lizards.

All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The jacket riffs off the original ‘Gallop’ cover, isolating the photograph of Lena layered on a grid backdrop designed by Eloise Leigh. Each copy includes a two-sided postcard with a manipulated frame from one of Lena’s music videos.

Red Axes – Sabor feat. Abrao


Next up on Crosstown Rebels is the hauntingly beautiful release ‘Sabor’ from the Tel-Aviv based duo Red Axes, with Brazilian-born Abrao on vocals.

Give your sounds some room and blades and it will float above the land”. Red Axes

Title track ‘Sabor’ is an emotive and intricate composition. Spoken in his foreign tongue, there is a soothing and enchanting element to the vocals of Abrao. The variety of instruments and effects could easily have resulted in something disjointed, but all elements flawlessly come together. The instrumental version is complemented by a remix from highly respected Isolée, enhancing its depth and delivering an astute and well crafted rework that he is famed for.

o+ Red Axes is made up of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. Starting off in the band Red Cotton they have spent time living in Amsterdam and touring the world, and are now once again based in Tel Aviv. They have released on Correspondant, Klasse Recordings, Hivern Discs and their debut album ‘Ballad Of The Ice’ was released in 2014 on I’m A Cliché. This year saw them start their very own label Garzen Records. Born in Sao Paulo, Abrao has been creating and producing music for thirty years and can now be found performing live with the Red Axes.

o+o Isolée is German-born Rajko Müller and has been creating music for over twenty years. He has released on labels including: Playhouse, Freundinnen, Diynamic Music and most recently Pampa Records. Resident Advisor ranked his 2005 album ‘We Are Monster’ #53 in their Top 100 Albums of the ‘00s.

Video: Red Axes – The Watkins

red axes

Israeli duo Red Axes unveil the second video from their upcoming I’m a Cliché Records debut album “Ballad of the Ice” after “Papa Sooma“. “The Watkins” video is made by Marco Dos Santos out of old French TV images. Get a very particular flavor of the Parisian nightlife below.

Video: Red Axes feat. Abrão – Papa Sooma

Debut album “Ballad Of The Ice” from Israelis Red Axes (a.k.a. Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik) is out now on I’m A Cliché. A video was shot at the Dead Sea to go along "Papa Sooma", one of the album’s most beautiful songs featuring Brazilan ex-punk Abrão. Directed by Roi Schur and Ari Pines.

Red Axes – Too Late to Samba

“Kicks Out of You EP” is Red Axes’ fourth EP with the Paris-based boutique I’m a Cliché. It is their last DJ-friendly record before the awaited release of their first LP entitled “Ballad of the Ice”. It features three original tracks and will be out – both vinyl and digital – on March 17. "Too Late to Samba" is the first extract to be shared . Check it out below.

Alien Alien – One By One EP [2014]

Parisian label Meant turns to Hugo Sanchez and Rodion in their Alien Alien guise, a little known side project that has released on their own label RoccoDisco and that has also featured on Get Physical back in 2012. The two originals from Alien Alien come with remixes by Rodion in solo mode, plus Red Axes.

Alien Alien have in fact found lots of favour with the international queer community thanks to their ‘Sambaca’ tune, released on Berlin’s Slowmotion label, and ‘The Nights’, on San Fran outlet Discaire, both of which came with truly freaky videos.

‘One by One’ is the first track and it is a very poised and well-paced bit of lo-down disco funk. Searching synths spray across the face of the dark, rubbery track as a male vocal repeats the title’s refrain. It’s the sort of slo-mo chugger the ALFOS crews will love and is filled with menace despite being a sparse track overall.

Rodion then goes solo for a remix and in doing so layers in even more unsettling intergalactic synths and curious alien details. The groove, too, is made more rubbery and supple and really sweeps you up.

‘Soter’ then ups the ante a little with an arpeggiated bassline, crystalline synths and all sorts of weird and wonderful voices. It’s deep but direct and has a solid, chunky groove at its somewhat dystopian core. The Red Axes remix is a more human and soulful affair with hip swinging claps, more arpeggiated lines and something of a classic jack feel to the raw drums.

This is a macho disco-tastic release from Meant that proves Alien Alien have many different sounds.

1. One By One (Original Mix)
2. One By One (Rodion Remix)
3. Soter (Original Mix)
4. Soter (Red Axes Remix)