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Reckonwrong’s Magical Journey


Reckonwrong is a young producer from London whose EPs for Whities and Pinkman have worked diverse influences from the colourful and exuberant ends of techno, post-punk and soundsystem music into a singular and loose-limbed dancefloor sound. His music flirts with goofball humour as much as heart-on-sleeve pathos, adding up to an emotionally rich musical world that will be further uncovered on his forthcoming vocal-led single for Whities.

This mix for Other People is a step away from his club sets and breaks new ground in its idiosyncratic form. While it started life as a live take, the recording has been teased apart with scissors and tape, heavily cut with original vocal and instrumental layers and dubbed into new atmospheric spaces, resulting in a uniquely heady trip which tumbles across the boundaries of its eclectic tracklist and into a vivid psychedelic swirl.

You’re going on a magical journey…