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Serge Devant & Damiano feat. Camille Safiya – Thinking Of You EP

Following monumental releases on both Rebellion and Crosstown Rebels, Serge Devant is back onboard the label to deliver one of his best to date. The immensely sensual Thinking Of You sees him team up once again with Damiano and Camille Safiya with invigorating remixes from heavy-weights Reboot and Art Department.

Serge Devant has been turning heads since the seminal Fearing Love feat. Camille Safiya dropped in 2015 on Emerald City, picking up the Best Music Video award at the 2016 Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival. Serge reveals “it was so nice to have the same company back in the studio to work on more magic!” Thinking Of You breaths the air of summer with its blissfully smooth chords and deep hypnotic tones. He explains “this record took some time to finish; we recorded so many good vocal bits, it made it difficult to choose what to keep.” Serge also provides an electrifying Floor Cut for those later hours.

Frankfurt’s Reboot brings his flavour to the release with intricate percussion and deep underlying pads. Growing up in Sven Vath’s Omen Club, the talented musician now spearheads the ‘new sound of Frankfurt’ and has released on a wealth of labels like Conaisseur, Supplement Facts, Combi Int, Moon Harbour, Cadenza and Get Physical.

Welcomed back onto Crosstown Rebels, No.19 boss Jonny White aka Art Department delivers a raw, techno cut in his Modular Perspective remix, complemented by his Jaded Perspective mix which packs more swing but holds onto techno energy for the dancefloor. Jonny has seen almost unparalleled success in the world of dance music and continues to be at the forefront of the industry with a huge focus on his record labels and his in-demand label showcases that take the name of his vinyl only label, Social Experiment.

Release Date: 23/06/2017, Label: Crosstown Rebels

Reboot – Are You Loosing My Mind (Ricardo Villalobos Remixes)


In April 2017 Reboot revisits a key cut from his recent album aLIVE on Get Physical, with two remixes from none other than Ricardo Villalobos.

That album, his third, was another expressive statement from the long-time house and techno minimalist. It comes years into his impressive career which has taken him to headline shows all over the world, as well as to labels like Cadenza, Defected and of course Get Physical.

The original included here is ‘Are You Loosing My Mind’, a dubby and ever-evolving track with intricate little sounds, slinky synths and organic textures all run through with intoxicating vocal samples and waify keys. It’s one that really burrows into your brain and makes your body wriggle.

Master minimal man Ricardo Villalobos then serves up two stunning remixes. As ever, with his 24-minute long ‘Hauswiedermischung’ version he has created a kind of detailed sonic chaos in which the track just about holds together without ever losing its underlying groove. Alien sounds, jazzy hi hats and cymbals, wonky sine waves and more mind melting tricks and techniques all scuttle and wrap around each other and tie you in knots.

Next is Ricardo’s equally epic ‘Losing My Miles’ remix, where he really loosens the grip on the track and lets it wander in and out of coherence, taking it and us along for a special ride that only Ricardo can deliver. From beginning to end, you don’t know what to expect, but you know it when it comes because it leaves you in awe.

This is a landmark package that offers some of Reboot and Villalobos’s finest work to date.

1. Reboot – Are You Losing My Mind (Ricardo Villalobos Hauswiedermischung)
2. Reboot – Are You Losing My Mind (Ricardo Villalobos Losing My Miles Remix)
3. Reboot – Are You Losing My Mind

Alex Dolby – Calypso EP


Late February will see Alex Dolby release ‘Calypso’ via his Affekt Recordings LTD imprint, accompanied by remixes from Reboot and Riviera.

Alex Dolby has been a driving force for Italian Techno for quite some time now, with support coming from the likes of Truncate, Jane Fitz, Boris and Nubian Mindz. Here though we see Dolby push on with Affekt Recordings LTD imprints third release, which tips the focus over to a deeper more melodic sound.

Alex Dolby.jpg

This time round Alex turns in a three-track release opening with the original mix of title track ‘Calypso’, an arpeggio fuelled six minute composition with multi-layered pad sequences, subtly unfolding synth leads and a robust rhythmic drive.

Following is ‘Reboot’s Art Aint Nutting But Noodlesoup RMX’ which takes things in a more refined and stripped back direction via snaking bass grooves, bumpy organic percussion and stuttering atmospheric loops. Riviera’s ‘90’s Mix’ then rounds off the package and as the name would suggest focuses on a raw old school sound with dusty drum hits and infectious piano hooks.

Alex Dolby’s ‘Calypso’ is out on Affekt Recordings LTD 26th February 2016.

Calypso (Reboot’s Art Ain’t Nuttin But Noodlesoul RMX)
Calypso (Riviera 90’s Mix)