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Ralph Myerz presents R.E.C. – Recognise EP


The unofficial King of Norway Ralph Myerz is back on Paper with a brand new project and his hallmark impeccable production. R.E.C. is his new collaboration with fellow Vikings Eddie Da Bass and Carina and they have turned out three original tracks plus a remix of big room house that will have people running to the booth demanding to know what it is.

Hercules & The Love Affair’s Nomi Ruiz is the Dirty Diva and lets it be known that there will be no prisoners. Originally titled “Peter Rauhofer Tribute Made With Love” it has all the hallmarks of his classic Sound Factory / Twilo sound and is best heard on a big warehouse rig with the smell of poppers in the air. There’s a nagging stab, bumping bass, ricocheting snares and the riff builds with reverbs and the X rated vocal. As the stabs filter and the drop beckons, best get prepared as carnage is round the corner.

Don’t Leave Me Now keeps the NYC vibe going with nailed on the one drums, a driving riff and moaned vocals from Leona Freiburg. The sub keeps things building before it breaks to some keys and it’s back in with added arp and heads down proper house music.

Michigan takes things deeper and pulls Man Without County’s Ryan James along for the ride. Mid 90s bass, Maurizio inspired drums and breathy vocals make it a head trip that keeps building in it’s intensity.

Finally, Ralph takes Dirty Diva and puts it through his psychedelic scandi-disco machine that tips a wink to Paper’s early days. There’s plenty of percussion and and FXed out synths and after the big room originals is more suited to a grotty basement long after it was going home time.

Overall a package that is going LARGE! Out via Paper Recordings.

Ralph Myerz presents R.E.C. feat Nomi Ruiz – Dirty Diva (Original Mix)
Ralph Myerz presents R.E.C. feat. Leona Freiburg – Don’t Leave Me Now (Original Mix)
Ralph Myerz presents R.E.C. feat. Ryan James & Superspaceproject – Michigan (Original Mix)
Ralph Myerz presents R.E.C. feat Nomi Ruiz – Dirty Diva (Ralph Myerz Remix)

Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz – Stay Kosmik EP

RalphMyerz-5051 2

The long running and always excellent Paper Recordings label keeps up the pressure here with a new three track EP from Ralph Myerz & The Kosmik Diamondz.

Ralph Myerz is a long time associate of Paper and this new EP features the lead track from his forthcoming album. Ralph has been a cornerstone of the Norwegian dance scene since the early 90s when he broke globally with the Jack Herron band and “Think Twice”. Since then he has built up an eye watering body of work that ranges from jacking Chicago house and techno to nu-disco, deep house and hip hop.

Says Ralph on the making of the EP, “I love Jupiter, both the Planet and the synthesizers, so both have been in use on this album. To be nerdy I mixed it on the mixer that Eurhythmics used for their Sweet Dreams LP and fed it through a whole bunch of stuff like Roland Space Echo and some cool compressors and stuff. And I love the Roland ProMars too!

‘Acid 4 Eddie’ opens things in purposeful style with taught drums and nerve jangling synths. It’s a slo-disco affair that grows ever more cosmic and lively thanks to Ralph’s inventive synthetic sounds and colourful sound palette. Ripping and rasping synth lines bring some energy and clipped vocals add a human element that finishes the track perfectly.

Next up, ‘Hello Space’ is another fulsome bit of deep disco with terrific synth lines and dancing melodies underpinned by rubbery, well-driven drums. The percussion, too, is sharp and prickly and the twitching synth stabs really make the track stand out.

Finally, ‘Lett Sommarmat’ is a fierce and skyward affair with uplifting chords, ripples of synth and gorgeous melodies all wrapping around each other in a truly cosmic alliance. Trumpet toots and lush string sweeps add a sense of cool and class that really set it apart.

On the evidence of these magical intergalactic sounds, Ralph Myerz next album is sure to be a sensational affair.

Stay Kosmik EP is out on July 24th 2014 via Paper Recordings. Preview it below.