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Beat Remvie – No​-​More​-​Stalgic EP

beat remvie

Almost one year after his debut release Beat Remvie (the indie dance/pop musical project of Greek producer Michalis GDaddie) returns with a concept EP about dreams and memories.

“No-More-Stalgic” is a three track EP that lures the listener into an aural time travel. Starting off with “Cocktails and Dreams”, Prins Obi’s vocals layer over a simple bassline and, combined with retro-referencing synths, they build up a dreamy 70’s atmosphere to set the mood. “Cry Out” has a steady disco-funk groove that drives you into dancing, only in favor of casting off the bitterness imprinted on Beat Remvie’s vocals. The closing track, “No-More-Stalgic”, kicks in with an ethereal intro where performer Yorgia Karidi seconds Beat Remvie’s pledge to never look back and leads the track to a cathartic acid dance towards the future.

Beat Remvie’s “No-More-Stalgic” EP is available via Bandcamp.

Video: Prins Obi – Notions


Two months after the successful launch of his debut LP, Notions, via Inner Ear Records, Greek experimental indie artist Prins Obi (singer-songwriter of Greek psych rock outfit Baby Guru) is pleased to share the video of the debut album’s title track, “Notions”.

The video, directed by Natalia Papadopoulou, premiered on Exclaim! a couple of days ago. It follows a girl staring out in a moving car. Colorfully lit trees whiz by the window, framed through a mass of windblown hair.

Prins Obi – Notions LP


Prins Obi is the moniker of George Dimakis, pharmacist and singer/songwriter of Greek psych trio Baby Guru. Together they have released three official LPs (“Baby Guru”, “Pieces” and “Marginalia”), 5 digital EPs and they have performed live in Greece, Europe and U.S. (Eurosonic, CMJ Music Marathon, Europavox and more).

A year after the debut EP “Love Songs for Instant Success”, Prins Obi is back with his first solo full album, entitled “Notions”.

“Notions” is a personal diary of convictions, sensations and hallucinations, in the form of 11 tracks, some recently written and others dating back even 10 years ago. The album was recorded at a leisurely pace during 2014 with the valuable assistance of King Elephant and featuring special guests such as Sir Kosmiche, Kon Kon, KU and Christina. It is an amalgam of pop songwriting and electronic music (with particular emphasis on the use of the Moog synthesizer) and carries psychedelic frills and an aroma of late 60’s-early 70’s, but with unexpected changes in style.

Stream album’s cut “Weekend Lovers” below. Notions arrives on November 18th 2014 via Inner Ear.

01) Weekend Lovers
02) Sorrow
03) Evening Gown
04) Larry the King
05) Those Stormy Eyes
06) Notions
07) Kineta
08) The Warmest Color
09) Couples
10) Idolize You
11) Naked Dancers Union

Baby Guru – Marginalia Remixes EP

baby guru

Psych/pop Greek trio of Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche aka Baby Guru, have just released the “Marginalia Remixes” EP, featuring great reworks from fellow Greek producers Larry GusMikael Delta and Melorman. The package also features a remix by band member Prins Obi for the track “Exegesis”. Available now for streaming below and free download from Inner Ear Records‘ Bandcamp page here.