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Etienne de Crécy – We, Computers

House music stalwart Etienne de Crécy has announced a brand new EP, ‘BEATS N CUBES VOL 2’ via his own label Pixadelic this summer. This is the second volume of the lauded BEATS ‘N’ CUBES series, which sees Etienne de Crécy deliver an exclusive set of tracks that have only ever been played in his legendary Cube live set up. Painstakingly reworked by the man himself in the studio, these four finely crafted club gems will finally be released this August just in time for the summer party calendar.

Etienne explains: “The Beats’n’Cubes show was initially conceived as a scenography feature, where I could play my live tracks on a large festival stage. It didn’t take long for me to get inspired by the installation strength. I have regularly updated the show with new images and new tracks to adapt the music to this cube, a massive and luminous structure. I have only been playing these tracks live so it is really exciting to have these songs finally being released.”

All tracks have been mixed by Alex Gopher. Stream “We, Computers”, below.