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Video: Black Devil Disco Club – The Kid In Me


Initially a one-off “collaboration” between French producer Bernard Fevre and alleged financier Jackie Giordano — credited, respectively, as Joachim Sherylee and Junior Claristidge — Black Devil released a six-track album of spooky electro-disco entitled Disco Club.

Originally released on Italy’s Out label in 1978, it became somewhat mythical in the disco underground due to its scarcity. A copy eventually fell into the hands of the Rephlex label’s PP Roy and won the hearts of Richard James (Aphex Twin) and Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ). Rather than do a straight reissue, Rephlex opted to first release a 12″ including four tracks from the original vinyl; after that, they trickled out the two other tracks, along with a couple outtakes and a remix from Luke Vibert (under his Kerrier District guise), via 12″ and CD single releases that featured different track lists.

Fevre subsequently issued a number of releases as Black Devil Disco Club, including 28 After (2006), Eight Oh Eight (2008), The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre (released in 2009, featuring new mixes of material from Fevre’s 1975 album The Strange World of Bernard Fevre), and Circus (2011) all of which were issued on Lo Recordings.

His most recent album Black Moon, White Sun was released on Lo Recordings last October. Below you can watch the brand new video for ‘The Kid In Me‘. It’s a proper buck rogers at a camp disco track, music to frug to in a bacofoil mini skirt/jumpsuit and another weird milestone in a career that has lasted nearly 4 decades now. Directed by Piero Glina.