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John Talabot – Voices


John Talabot returns to Permanent Vacation with his first solo release of the year, Voices, backed with a “Version Conga” remix from Gerd Janson. Out on December 2; get it here.

Video: Mano Le Tough – Energy Flow

mano le tough

Here’s the video for Mano Le Tough’s “Energy Flow”, taken from his excellent second album “Trails”, which was released last year on Permanent Vacation. The single will drop on July 1st, backed with two (!) remixes by DJ Koze. Directed by Al Kennington & Dara O’Neill.

Kauf – A Ruin


After spending 2 years together, he can’t extract a positive -the mournful climax repeatedlydeclaring, “You won’t last,” over a noisy bed of arpeggios and swirling chords.

‘A Ruin’,the second release from Kauf’s forthcoming LP Regrowth,is the clear-eyed view of a distant, failed romance. A winding two-minute intro of legato bass guitar, stuttery rhythms and narcotic, detuned synths sets the scene for that crystallization of imminent demise. The facade has withered with time, revealing an impossibly feeble structure beneath.

Free download for the first month via ‘name your price’ on Kauf’s bandcamp page.

Following a masterful take on the first single ‘Through the Yard’ by Fort Romeau, released last month via Permanent Vacation, look out for remixes from Blue Hawaii and Man Powerto follow ‘A Ruin’ shortly.

Kauf – Through The Yard (Fort Romeau Remix)


Response to ‘Through The Yard’, the first single from Kauf’s debut album ‘ReGrowth’ has been excellent, with features on BBC 6 Music, KCRW, Insomniac, Acid Stag, LA Buzzbands and many more. Friday, 29th April, see’s the release of the Fort Romeau remix of ‘Through The Yard’ via Permanent Vacation, available on 12” vinyl and all good online retailers:

Fort Romeau has been making waves for a while with his “discotheque music from London” with releases on Ghostly / Spectral, Live At Robert Johnson & 100% Silk … he gives the track a dancefloor rework that stays true to the original but leads it further into the realm of the late night / early morning revelry…

With his original productions Kauf has achieved that nearly impossible feat of making dance music that is also song led and lyrically deep. There just aren’t that many records that work in the club and also explore the emotional conflicts and internal struggles that life poses.

His debut album ‘ReGrowth’ is out in August, but before that he’ll be releasing a few more tracks alongside equally staggering remixes from some of the electronic worlds greatest underground talents. Look out for ‘A Ruin’ coming soon with remixes from Man Power and Blue Hawaii….

Mano Le Tough – Trails LP


Mano Le Tough spends a lot of time in the club. In 2014, the Irish-born artist played more than 100 gigs all around the world—landing at number eight on Resident Advisor’s annual DJ Poll in the process—but when the time came to make Trails, the follow-up to his much-lauded 2013 debut album Changing Days, Mano knew that a little time away from the dancefloor was in order.

Although much of Trails was first conceptualized while Mano was on the road, by the time that 2015 rolled around, the record was little more than a collection of notes he’d jotted down on airplanes. Some of the ideas and themes were there, but Mano needed time—and a fair bit of quiet—to let them germinate. As such, he took a break from DJing, decamped to the Swiss countryside and adopted a new routine, one that involved waking up at dawn each day and taking long meditative runs through the hills and forests overlooking Lake Zürich before planting himself in the studio. It was winter and the environment was frozen and snowy, but amongst all that nature, Mano’s creativity flourished, and the resulting flood of inspiration produced Trails.

On the one hand, the album continues down the path Mano has been walking for several years now. Trails is full of slow-brewing, melody-driven tracks, many of them featuring Mano’s emotive vocals; for fans of Changing Days, Mano’s earlier EPs, or even Maeve, the rising young label he runs alongside close friends The Drifter and Baikal, there is plenty to love here.

At the same time, Trails finds Mano speaking—both figuratively and literally—with a more confident voice than ever before. While there’s never been much doubt about his skills as a producer, Mano’s career was largely forged in the DJ booth, and his many extended sets in clubs such as Berghain and Trouw have gradually lent his production work an impressive sense of patience. The songs on Trails are never in a rush; they swell and blossom at a deliberate pace while blurring the lines between house, techno, new wave, ambient and classic pop music.

DJs may gravitate towards the album’s soaring club cuts (“I See Myself in You,” “Sometimes Lost”), but songs like “Half Closed Eyes” and “Empty Early Years and the Seed” find Mano deftly balancing his pop impulses with the demands of the dancefloor. Elsewhere, “Running in a Constant Circle” and “Generations” kick off the album with serene slices of electronica, “Trails” channels new wave while employing a hooky no wave guitar riff, and “Meilen” offers up a bit of Balearic bliss. Then there’s the “Energy Flow,” a track which puts Mano’s vocals front and centre and just might be the most emotionally naked thing he’s ever produced.

Granted, this sort of variety has long been a staple of Mano’s DJ sets, but Trails is perhaps the first time that his diverse tastes have been so coherently reflected in his own music. Without question, the album is Mano’s deepest, most personal, and most potent work to date, and while it’s undoubtedly been influenced by his time in—and reverence for—the club, its reach goes far beyond the dancefloor.

Mano Le Tough’s Title Trails LP is out on Permanent Vacation on October 30th.

01. Running In A Constant Circle
02. Generations
03. Energy Flow
04. Half Closed Eyes
05. Empty Early Years And The Seed
06. I See Myself In You
07. Trails
08. The Space Between
09. Sometimes Lost
10. Meilen

Woolfy vs Projections – Stations LP


The third and (for now) final chapter of the big book of the Woolfy vs Projections (aka Simon James and Dan Hastie) saga has begun. “Stations” completes the trilogy, which started with the two previous albums: “The Astral Projections Of Starlight” from 2008 and “The Return Of Love” in 2012. The concept of the albums by the California-based band are all loosely based on the adventures of the lost astronaut Captain Starlight, who is the hero in a Zazu track, a notorious Balearic rock classic which also set the bench mark for the sound of Woolfy vs Projections: a deep Balearic twilight vibe combined with a classic west coast sound, dubbed disco, beard rock and a heavy funk bounce.Tracks like “Absynth” (described by Resident Advisor as “Air covering Steely Dan“), “Neeve” or “Set Me Loose” can all be considered as modern classics of genre.

“Stations” is perfecting the technique to filter a psychedelic folk album through modern day disco aesthetic. Whether it’s spaced out house jams like “Combination” and “Tangiers”, or the idyllic vibes of “Walkaway” or “The Bright Light Of The Truth”, a hazy mood stretches over 10 tracks, plus a careful reconstruction of “Who” a Balearic classic from Odyssey that brings the listener into a state of bliss. “Stations” is not only the last resort of Captain Starlight but also a graceful end to this space epos.

Woolfy vs Projections’ “Stations” LP is out now via Permanent Vacation.

01 Jackie feat Michaela
02 Chances Are
03 Missing You feat El Javi
04 My Room
05 Set It Up
06 Combination
07 Walkaway
08 Tangiers
09 Who
10 The Bright Light Of The Truth
11 Stations

Lake People – Drifting Red


Leipzig-based electronic producer Martin Enke aka Lake People has just released his debut album “Purposely Uncertain Field” for Permanent Vacation. Below, you can stream the beautiful atmospheric/melodic tech-house cut “Drifting Red”. Get “Purposely Uncertain Field” here.

Henry Saiz & Pional – Uroboros

“Uroboros”, is a collaborative track between Henry Saiz and fellow Spanish producer Pional which was originally released in 2011 via Natura Sonoris. This Balearic beauty is now being treated to a vinyl reissue from Permanent Vacation, backed with an epic dub house rework by label heads Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly and an exclusive live take of the original track by Henry Saiz himself. Get your 12” here.

Mano Le Tough – Primative People (Tale Of Us Remix)

Berlin via Dublin producer Niall Mannion, a.k.a. Mano Le Tough, has just released “Changing Days Remixes EP” via Permanent Vacation. The EP includes remixes by Tale Of Us, Dixon and New Jackson. Stream the amazing Tale Of Us rework of “Primative People”, below.