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Oliver Schories – Fields Without Fences LP

oliver schories

Oliver Schories has crafted a truly captivating, emotional and spiritually enlightening journey with this latest offering of his trademark melodic crossbreed of house and techno. During the course of his prosperous career he has gained an extremely impressive following and has released on labels such as Parquet, Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, Kittball and Noir. ‘Fields Without Fences’ is his third studio album and will be his first full length on his own SOSO imprint. What’s most impressive is that it’s his third full length deliverance in the space of four years. ‘Fields Without Fences’ is a big step on from ‘Exit’, a collection of music that was more sun kissed and downtempo, and it takes more of a dance floor direction while still keeping the reflective nature he’s been known for.

Often you may find yourself wondering what it is that separates us, what segregates and classifies us, jaggedly dividing us into our mismatched groups of apparent similitude. You pull into question this supposedly pragmatic and balanced approach to modern society and take it apart, piece by piece, in an attempt to see a way that we can move forward and create a world in which everything and everyone resonates as one. It’s a pure picture, a vision where we no longer exist in this dystopian Discordia, a world defined entirely by distorted fringes and crooked boundaries. It’s this harmonious world, a world of ‘Fields Without Fences’ that we dream of.

The dream is fully and wholeheartedly realised in this stunning body of work. It opens with the beautiful ‘Undisguised’, a piece comprised of intricately interwoven drums and emotionally enrapturing melodies, finished off with beautifully drawn out vocals. From here you’re taken on what can only be described as an undulating journey through immutable rhythms, spellbinding riffs and barrier transcending vocals. Long, one-note bass lines unavoidably hypnotise you and draw you into the music in a way that’s not dissimilar to insects’ attraction to light. It ebbs and flows perfectly, with peak tracks such as ‘In Other Worlds’ or ‘Homeboy’ enticing you to shake a leg, while downtimers such as ‘Late Checkout TBC’ or ‘Fields Without Fences’ encourage you to take a step back and reflect.

Out on March 13rd 2015.

Oliver Schories – Undisguised
Oliver Schories – Copilot
Oliver Schories – Brizzle
Oliver Schories – Fields without Fences
Oliver Schories – In other words
Oliver Schories – Never
Oliver Schories – Missing Empathy
Oliver Schories – Homeboy
Oliver Schories – Late Checkout TBC
Oliver Schories – Daily Routines
Oliver Schories – Oil
Oliver Schories – Super Sunday

The Acid – Ghost (Oliver Schories Remix)


Fresh from being re-worked by Maya Jane Coles, The Acid have unveiled the second remix of their latest single Ghost, this time by Hamburg-based producer, Oliver Schories.

Ghost is the third single to be taken from The Acid’s debut album Liminal, released earlier this year via Infectious Music/Mute Records to widespread critical acclaim including the likes of NME, The Independent and DIY.

Through their work both artists draw parallels in their music by accentuating the ambient mood in a track. However, with his remix of Ghost, Schories injects a fresh shot of brooding energy into the heavy and atmospheric sonic soundscape provided by The Acid, delivering an ominous and haunting undertone that quickly transforms into a dark deep-house dub.

Oliver Schories is fairly new to the big stage, only establishing himself in 2010 after releasing with notable labels Ostwind Records and Parquet Recordings. Since his arrival, Schories is making his stamp as one of the leading figures in a new wave of Hamburg producers creating atmospheric, yet emotive house.

The Acid came together as a partnership between Brit Adam Freeland, L.A. producer Steve Nalepa, and Ry Cuming, a.k.a. RY X, an Australian singer/songwriter. First appearing in 2013 with their debut self-titled EP, the group quickly followed up with the release of Liminal, a sonically drenched body of work with clear nods to artists such as Portishead, Aphex Twin and Thom Yorke, that crosses over a range of genres, which include everything from techno and R&B to deep house and beyond.

Oliver Schories’ re-work of Ghost is the second in a series of remixes with another to follow shortly, this side of Christmas.