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Pollux Rose – Daisy LP


“Daisy” is the first full length album from “Pollux Rose”. Greek talented musician ‘Nikolaos Mouchalempis’ attempts a melodic journey through astral automations. Polyrhythmic electronic pads meet stackable drum programming on a highly dance-like background. Basslines show off the analog character of the album which intersects with abstract techno and early 90’s synth elements. The main feature is the piano harmonies that unite all the above features and, at the same time, gives a more emotional IDM aura.

About Pollux Rose:

Nikolaos Mouchalempis, an artist with a multi-faceted approach on music, is the guy behind Nicola Regulus & Pollux Rose. At 18 years of age Nikolaos’ music was discovered by GummiHz and was released by his label, Claap Records as Nicola Regulus. His dj sets include mixing a wide spectrum of music genres depending on the circumstances ranging from jazz, disco, funk to house, breaks, electronica, IDM and techno.

Nikos is currently living in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, where he is also studying at university for a degree in Pharmacy! He is also a highly trained
pianist which he incorporates in his live performances, more recently with his “Pollux Rose” alias. This project includes a more ambient and experimental character combined with various electronic styles. Pollux Rose’s debut album “Daisy” is out now via Numb Capsule (February 2018).

Ηe has started to get a steady flow of dj and live performances as Nicola Regulus and Pollux Rose, while he had performed a dj set and a live set at Thessaloniki’s infamous Reworks festival 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Releases February 7, 2018 via Numb Capsule.

Esoteric Sob – Moon Phases

esoteric sob

Esoteric Sob is the alias of John Trifonopoulos, an electronic music artist based in Greece. Below you can stream his latest single, Moon Phases, part of the upcoming release on Numb Capsule Records. Beautiful dreamy, warm sounds, with nostalgic vibes.

Numb Capsule is a new label based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It aims to explore all fields of contemporary experimental music and combine music with graphic design releasing it in special packaging.

Dozen Draft – Albino Rhino

dozen draft 2

‘Albino Rhino’ is taken from Edinburgh based Greek producer Dozen Draft‘s new album ‘Elasticity’, out now via Numb Capsule Records. Get it here.