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NICK WARREN’S The Soundgarden – ADE Special


Giving a platform to emerging artists has long been a goal of Nick Warren’s. The legendary DJ and producer has been championing new music for decades, and now he’s brought together eight of the planet’s finest emerging producers for The Soundgarden’sinaugural eight-trackADE Special.

In the words of the man himself, “these are some of the secret weapons that have been rocking my sets over the past few months, squarely aimed at the dancefloor and for your dancing pleasure”, and here among the more established artists are some of the finest of the new school of producers who are bringing new life and vitality to the Progressive House and Melodic Techno scenes.

First up is Argentinian EmiGalvan, who applies the knowledge he’s attained through years of studio craft to create a richly musical summery soundscape – and one that’s full of hope and low-end thrust – in the form of the groovy ‘Synchronicity’. Next up is the stark and distilled imaginings of Verlk, using a vocal sample in ‘Alias’ to great effect to create a mesmerising theme tune to a film that was never made.

Frankie Mburst onto the scene in 2015 and now finds himself signed to the likes of Superordinate, Massive Harmony and Balkan Connection SA; and, if ‘Otro Mundo’ is anything to go by, he has the potential to become one of the greats. Julian Natesis another emerging talent making his debut on The Soundgarden. ‘Seven Ways’ is a smooth, well imagined, and wild ride into the peak time hours – this is a guy on the up.

Argentinian supremo Manu Fadds to his already impressive back catalogue with the dreamy ‘Digital Kiss’, while fellow countryman Memory(ARG) (hot from his Sudbeat appearance) reminds us why he’s currently such an in-demand producer with the bumpy Eastern promise of ‘Borderline’.

Next up, JJSalinastakes us on a jazzy ride, and one that’s filled with bubbling synths and catchy hooks, with his brand-new track ‘X23’. To complete this ADE Special, the Polish DJ and producer otherwise known as Tuxedounleashes his alter ego, Fluente. ‘Lasting Generation’is emotive, utterly hypnotic and perfect for any time of night.

It’s an impressively varied package, and one that’s been carefully curated to highlight the very best of the Progressive House and Melodic Techno scenes from every corner of the globe. No matter what your tastes may be, there’s guaranteed to be something for you on The Soundgarden’s ADE Special.


If the sound of their ADE Special is getting you excited, then you’re in luck: The Soundgarden is hosting two special showcases at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. The first, a collaboration with Flying Circus and Sudbeat – and featuring the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Audiofly, Nicolas Rada, Tripswitchand Interaxxis – takes place at Thuishaven on Thursday 18 October, and is set to serve as the perfect start to what promises to be a jam-packed weekend of quality electronic music.

Then, as soon as the curtain has fallen on their epic Thuishaven show, Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo’s attention will turn to Friday 19 October and The Soundgarden x Sudbeat Boat Party, which will be an all-day affair featuring a special back-to-back set from the two electronic music titans themselves.

For more on The Soundgarden’s two Amsterdam Dance Event showcases:

Beatport / Spotify Exclusive: 12 October 2018
All Stores Release: 26 October 2018

The Soundgarden ADE Special
1. Emi Galvan – Synchronicity
2. Verlk – Alias
3. Frankie M – Otro Mundo
4. Julian Nates- Seven Ways
5. Manu F – Digital Kiss
6. Memory (ARG) – Borderline
7. JJ Salinas – X23
8. Fluente – Lasting Generation

Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot Remixes


The original “Sad Robot” collaboration between Nick Warren and Guy Mantzur was heaped with acclaim when it first appeared on John Digweed’s Bedrock label a year ago. This sparkling gem of a track pushed all the right buttons with a euphoric attitude that only comes from years of experience of rocking the best dancefloors around the world week in week out, and now the label is set to take the story to the next level with 3 diverse, exciting new remixes.

The enigmatic Rich Lane from Newcastle Under Lyme (who also records under aliases such as Original Disco Thing and Chug Norris) has been gaining plaudits for his musical creations that loosely fall into the realms of what are variously tagged “Slo-Mo”, “Chug”, “Nu-Disco” and even “NEW New Beat”. By channelling the sounds and feel of classic House, Techno, New Beat etc. and mellowing the groove towards a slower mid-tempo ride, whilst adding a sprinkling Post Punk, Funk and Synth Pop, Rich Lane is a masterful producer who draws together so many disparate elements that seem to unite a particular type of music lover. Here, through his love of classic analogue sounds, he has created a truly original take on “Sad Robot”.

German duo, Christian “D-Nox” Wedekind and Frank Beckers, have become firm favourites worldwide over the past 10 years with a perfect fusion of studio expertise and an impeccable dancefloor touch Their creative chemistry has become an unfailing source of massive grooves and their exceptional remix of “Sad Robot” sees them firmly at the forefront of the current phase of musical evolution, drawing from the best elements of a variety of musical genres, to create a mesmerizing new future.

Hailing from the current hotbed of exciting musical evolution, Argentina’s Alejo Gonzalez (renowned for his show on Radio 90.3FM Delta) has joined forces with fellow DJ and producer Max Blade to create a beautifully melancholic interpretation of “Sad Robot”, a perfect, understated finale for this remix package. The undoubted talent of this young duo marks them out as being ones to watch for the future, for sure.

Project Skyward x Ulrich Schnauss x Nick Warren


Los Angeles resident and Holistic Science / Astronomy graduate Ryan Field creates wonderful shoegaze electronica as Project Skyward. Solstice Eclipse / Holographic Universe is the first taster of the Project Skyward’s 3rd album due in the later half of 2016, and Hope Recordings have decided to release it with two stunning remixes from Ulrich Schnauss and Nick Warren.

The legendary Ulrich Schnauss does his thing on ‘Holographic Universe’, with a pacey, infectious vocalled and ethereal wonder its genre defying, and all the better for it.

Then its straight to the dance floor with Nick Warrens rework of ‘Solstice Eclipse’. Drawing on the melodics from the original, and utilising the mysterious vocal, its moody enchanting, and uplifting.

Project Skyward is primarily the vision of singer/songwriter/programmer Ryan Field, aka ‘Skyward’. After obtaining a degree in holistic science and astronomy, Ryan sought to express ideas about the universe and their relation to human experience through music.

Project Skyward’s second album, ‘Moved by Opposing Forces’ won many supporters in the press, and ‘Shoegaze’ fraternity, Uncut, Subba Cultcha, Ulrich Schnauss and Robin Guthrie amongst them. As with the new material the album contained enough aural alchemy to propel your eardrums heavenward; however, the emotional intensity of the music ensures each wistful, seemingly weightless track remains rooted firmly to Planet Earth. It is this combination of ethereality and earthly accessibility which gives the music such power.

Like a chance meeting in space between Flying Saucer Attack and the Cocteau Twins, Project Skyward is as catchy as it is cosmic. Modulated guitars, sublime electronics and breathy boy/girl harmonies combine to create an androgynous, boundless music which is so radical and yet so recognisable, it could only have been hatched on this planet.

Nick Warren presents The Soundgarden

Nick Warren 5

June 2014 will see the release of a new, crowdfunded compilation on Hope Recordings, entitled ‘Nick Warren Presents The Soundgarden’.

Nick Warren has quite the standing in electronic music, having released material via pioneering imprints such as Global Underground, Renaissance and Cream since the early nineties as well as being the A&R behind Hope Recordings and one half of the legendary Way Out West. Here we see Nick return to the mix CD format, which he tells us ‘has always been something I love’, via a 2CD compilation taking in downbeat and club sounds.

‘’Sourcing new music and making it into a cohesive album isn’t always an easy process, but something I find very fulfilling. Ever since compiling the first ever “Back To Mine” in the 90’s my passion for weird and wonderful ambient textures and melody-filled dance floor sounds has been one of the driving forces of my search for the perfect track.

I feel that my role as a producer and DJ also includes helping new and emerging talent and giving them a platform to be noticed in this ever-changing musical world. This is something I’ve been able to pursue again with this new album that will be my 13th!’’

CD1 sees Nick explore soundscapes and ethereal textures, featuring records from the likes of Clara Moto and Nils Frahm as well as some exciting newcomers that Nick’s unearthed while compiling the mix. CD2 tips the focus over to the club, comprising an amalgamation of intricate and melodic dance floor focused cuts, again we see some established artists on offer such as Barry Jamieson, Black 8, Da Funk and Waywork, while introducing some fresh talent into the mix as well.

To coincide with the release of the compilation Warren will also curate a series of ‘Soundgarden’ events, the first of which kicked off in London, early May.

‘Nick Warren presents The Soundgarden’ is out on Hope Recordings June 9th  2014.


CD 1

1.    0:00 Clara Moto – Holy
2.    5:39 Dextro – Heaval
3.    9:30 Nils Frahm – Says
4.    16:05 Mono Electric Orchestra – Low Ball
5.    22:14 Ólafur Arnalds – Alice Enters
6.    25:02 Verche – No One Left Behind (Reprise)
7.    28:35 Purl – Essence
8.    35:49 Of Norway – A Forest
9.    43:27 Nuuda – Curiosity Calling
10.    45:51 Purl – Is
11.    50:42 Fait Du Prince – Wintersonne
12.    56:58 Black 8 – One More Day To Regret
13.    62:22 Jon Sine – Out of my Mind feat. Alex Easdale
14.    67:54 Antü Coimbra – El Jardín De Mis Sueños

CD 2

1.    0:00 Peet – Fear Of Andarana
2.    6:37 Niko Mayer – Anunnaki
3.    14:41 Simon Shackleton – We All Shine On
4.    21:32 Stas Drive Pres. Quattar – Arjuna
5.    26:48 Kassey Voorn – Voices
6.    33:30 Peter Makto & Gregory S – Glass House
7.    39:16 Tero Civill – Paper Girl
8.    44:14 Mono Electric Orchestra – Uno Momento
9.    49:00 James Monroe – Ambientworkx.XIII
10.    53:03 Khen – The Lighthouse
11.    62:25 Simon Shackleton – Getting Closer
12.    68:09 Dark Soul Project – Al Sur

Tour in Greece

6 June 2014 Bolivar Beach Club, Athens
7 June 2014 Cavo Pardiso Mykonos
8 June 2014 Loca Beach Club, Aigio