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My Favorite Robot – Want Some EP


Making a long overdue return to their own label is My Favorite Robot, the Canadian duo who offer up two brand new tracks and a third re-edit.

Jared Simms and Voytek Korab have built up an assured discography on this label as well as Hypercolour, Visionquest and No.19 Music, all at the same time as gigging around the world and A&Ring likeminded synth craftsmen to release on their revered eponymous imprint. Their own sound is mature and musical, and brings real emotion to their sleek dancefloor grooves.

First up here is the fantastic ‘Want Some,’ a tune as confrontational as the name suggests, with a prying bass synth zipping about under crisp hits and hats. Rooted by rich kick drums, trademark melodic pads and skittish, steppy keys shoot about up top to bring a sleek cosmic feel. The result is brilliantly dramatic and futuristic.

Then comes ‘Think Anymore’, an ever-more direct track but again one with a rasping bassline and whole ecosystem of melodies, keys and pads that bring real light to the track. It’s high tempo, tight and sure to kick start any floor that hears it. A re-edit of the same track closes out the EP, and does so with a more playful feel thanks to the layers of dancing piano chords and broad synth drones that get carefully added in. Like the soundtrack to a police chase, it’s fun yet urgent and widescreen.

This is another briliantly well crafted offering from one of dance music’s most skilled studio outfits.

Release date: 14-04-2017

1. Want Some
2. Think Anymore (Original)
3. Think Anymore (Re-edit)

Stefan Z – Removed EP


Canadian label My Favorite Robot Records turns to a local talent in the form of Vancouver’s Stefan Z for their next EP which sees him serve up three stunning cuts that are sure to become essential club tracks in the coming months.

Before now, Rhombus label head Stefan Z has put his life long obsession with music to good use with standout releases on labels such as Resopal Shallware as well as MFRR, where he dropped his chart topping and heavily supported “No Words” to great acclaim in 2013. Also a classically trained musician and Vangelis enthusiast, he has a mature and musical sound that perfectly fits on this most accomplished label.

Up first is the brilliant ‘Removed (For A Moment)’ which has a groaning bassline and spritely chords all backed by a bustling and bristling atmosphere. It’s sparse but moody, balanced yet driven, and is a seductively subtle groove as a result.

Next is ‘Disappearing,’ an evocative track that comes deep from outer space. It has crackling static, electronic stabs and filtered vocals all making for a slightly urgent and dystopian house vibe that really captures the imagination and transports you to another world in terrific fashion.

Lastly, the expertly shadowy ‘Believe’ is a more thumping, firmly rooted number with slow techno kicks, big, fat, reverb rich synths and a heavyweight sense of groove all run through with glowing metallic pads and an eerie sense of late night menace.

This is another carefully crafted EP that manages to resonate both physically and mentally and is a fine bit of work from both label and artist as a result.

My Favorite Robot – Panoptikum EP

MFR125 art

After a strong run of EPs in recent times, the bosses of the much loved Canadian label My Favorite Robot return again to their own imprint with a strong follow-up release to their Glass To The End EP released earlier this year.

The accomplished trio of Jared Simms, James Teej and Voytek Korab has become synonymous with emotive, synth heavy tracks that are much more than functional club offerings. As well as releasing on their own label, they have dropped releases on the likes of Sasha’s Last Night on Earth, No.19 Music, Visionquest, and Life & Death.

The Panoptikum EP, named after a type of institutional building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The concept of the design is to allow a single watchman to observe inmates of an institution without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. Although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that all inmates must act as though they are watched at all times, effectively controlling their own behaviour constantly. This EP plays deeply with this idea in typical robot fashion

Stunning opener ‘Cast’ is an epic techno influenced house track, lush with shimmering synths and live drums creating tension, much in the spirit of 90’s electronica. Breaking through like sun through cloud, though, are brightly glowing chords that really add a celestial air to proceedings, with powerful vocals sprinkled throughout deepening the story. It’s a refreshingly original track that sounds like little else and is sure to make for some standout moments on the floor in the coming weeks.

Then comes ‘Manifesto,’ a playful mid tempo prowler with myriad synths squealing, glowing and spread through the arrangement. You are trapped right at the heart of it all as these spritely lines bring a real sense of life and colour to the track, as well as imbuing it with a sombre sense of futurism. At the center of the recording is a tongue in cheek vocal that intones “selling out is the new underground”, bringing a true light heartedness to proceedings while balancing the darker elements. The track’s apex delivers in true My Favorite Robot spirit, and solidly brings the whole trip back down to earth resulting in a truly unique experience.

This is a small but perfectly formed two track EP that once again showcases the trio’s ability to make genuine, emotionally resonant electronic music sure to stand the test of time.

Skinnerbox – Sawtooth Blues EP


My Favorite Robot Records introduce a new act to the label in the form of German pair Iftah Gabbai and Olaf Hilgenfeld aka Skinnerbox. Here they serve up three exciting new cuts and rightly call themselves an “avant-jazz opus wrapped in a disco suitcase.”

Before now the pair has released in both LP and single format on Doxa Records, BPitch Control and Treat Your DJ Right, and their arty, synth heavy sound makes perfect sense on the MFRR label.

Title track ‘Sawtooth Blues’ opens things up in gloopy style, with bendy, downbeat bass synths off set by more colourful pads up top. It’s an undulating, warm and comforting tune with a left of centre sense of melody that really resonates.

‘Sally’ is a more peak time affair with strident bass notes, buried vocal yelps and thick, purposeful synths next to more pixelated and retro chords. Kinetic and prickly, it’s a fresh and floor filling track that really stands out thanks to the fulsome and rich production.

Lastly, ‘Trimorph’ marries glassy outer space synth lines with arpeggiated melodies, wooden percussion and squelchy bass. It’s curious and involving, cerebral and physical and the groove ticks on like a metronome.

Musical and emotive yet beat driven and florrfilling, this EP is another fine addition to the My Favorite Robot Records cannon. Out on April 27th 2015.

1. Sawtooth Blues
2. Sally
3. Trimorph

My Favorite Robot – Glass to the End EP

My Favorite Robot

The Canadian outfit behind the My Favorite Robot label turn to their own creative talents for the next EP, namely a tidy two tracker entitled ‘Glass to the End’.

Made up of Jared Simms, James Teej and Voytek Korab, My Favorite Robot have established themselves as artful electronic craftsmen with a penchant for deep and moody synth tracks that feature stirring vocals and engaging grooves. This EP will actually be their first for a long while following efforts on Crosstown Rebels, No.19 Music and Life and Death.

Opener ‘Magneto’ is a darkly melodic gem from the Robot trio, with Voytek’s pained vocals low in the mix and reflective but sad synths stretching out all around. The beats grow increasingly prominent and eventually sound like the sort of epic fair that Sasha would drop in one of his emotive club sets.

The title track is then a quicker and slicker track with bursts of horn, blurts of synth and arpeggiated melodies all making for an urgent and dystopian vibe. Futuristic and evocative, this is another well crafted and properly structured song that really sets on fire when Voytek’s vocal cries leap out of the mix at the mid point.

Dramatic and theatrical in truly unique ways, My Favorite Robot really do have their own unique sound, as this EP shows once more. Glass To The End EP is oming to MFRR on March 23rd 2015.

Monoblok & PSLKTR – Relapse EP


French duo Monoblok&PSLKTR return to the Meant label with a superb new EP of emotive, vocal lead electronica replete with remixes from Rework, Arnaud Rebotini and My Favorite Robot.

Yann Aubertot and Benoit Mascot aka Monoblok&PSLKTR have been releasing oustanding left of centre, electro fuelled music for the past 5 years, racking up singles on imprints such as Notorious Elektro and Lebensfreude Records before finding a home with Remain’s Meant Records. Their music is a seamless fusion of rolling electronic grooves melded with their own indie-rock influences and twisted vocal offerings and this latest package is another perfect example of their eclectic musical style.

The EP opens with title track ‘Relapse’, a bouncing and dark edged slice of hypnotic indie electronica. Rubbery live bass and atmospheric guitar licks play against off-kilter synth lines and an insistent drum pattern to create an ethereal soundbed for the duo’s nuwave, gothic vocals. The original is followed with a remix from German production outfit and label mates Rework who stripped things back, delivering a spacious reinterpretation that eschews the live elements in favour of a more minimal approach.

The second of the two original cuts sees Monoblok&PSLKTR drop the tempo and turn up the electro funk for the excellent ‘Walking Disaster’. The original version focuses on old school arp lines, dark sweeps and haunting vocals whilst Black Strobe man Arnaud Rebotini provides a remix which boosts the intensity with metallic hits, swirling FX and a reverb drenched sound.

Finally Canadian three piece My Favorite Robot get to grips with ‘Relapse’ turning in a reworking that brings the tracks cinematic flair to the fore, wrapping the darkly illuminating guitars around stuttering beats and claustrophobic delays, mesmerising stuff.

Meant Records have delivered once again, with an EP that beautifully blurs the lines between indie and electronic music. Release date: 12-01-2015.

Abstraxion – I Can’t EP


Following his excellent 2013 debut LP “Break Of Lights” on HAKT Recordings, London-based French producer Harold Boué aka Abstraxion, returns with “I Can’t” EP, which features two new original tracks and two remixes by the likes of Fairmont and My Favorite Robot. Stream the whole thing below and buy your copy here.

Fairmont – Lie to Me Remixes EP


A year after Fairmont dropped his highly impressive Lie To Me EP, Canadian outfit My Favorite Robot carefully curate a selection of remixes of tracks from this standout release. As well as one from the label’s eponymous production trio, the likes of Chloe, Abstraxion, Mattheis and John Digweed and Nick Muir all step up with their own great interpretations.

French producer Chloe you will know from releasing killer cuts on MFRR, Live at Robert Johnson, Throne of Blood & BPitch Control as well as serving up hot DJ sets and mix compilations at clubs like Rex in Paris and for labels like Kill The DJ. Her remix of ‘Boa’ is a sparse but moody house affair, with deep groaning bass and an atmosphere akin to a deserted late night street. It’s a tense, broody track that will make for lots of dramatic moments on the floor.

Next up, Harold Boué aka Abstraxion is a 29 years old French producer based in London and Marseille. He has released on Marketing, Biologic and Nicolas Jaar’s label Other People. His remix of ‘Abysm’ is an invitingly hurried, heavyweight bit of electronic house funk with tons of great synth lines, interesting pads and weird sounds that make you want to move.

Dutchman Mattheis of labels like Nous’klaer then goes for a much more blissed out, slow burning and ambient affair. He layers in lots of twinkling pads and rippled synth lines to his version of ‘The Most Beautiful Eyes in the World’ and it’s a stunning, widescreen bit of work that really sweeps you off your feet.

MFR themselves tackle ‘Lie to Me’ flipping it into a brooding bit of slivery, reflective and synth heavy tech that rises and falls in beautiful ways, with gorgeous pads and feathery hi hats making for a super inviting rhythm.

Finally the Bedrock boss and Renaissance legend that is John Digweed and his studio partner Nick Muir rework the same track with a sensitive heart and conjure up a warm, smooth and serene prog track that is riddled with great synths and really works you into a state of hypnosis.

These carefully chosen remixers all manage to get fantastic results here, and as a result the whole package excels. Out on November 24th 2014 on My Favorite Robot.

1. Fairmont – Boa (Chloe Remix)
2. Fairmont – Abysm (Abstraxion Remix)
3. Fairmont – The Most Beautiful Eyes in the World (Mattheis Remix)
4. Fairmont – Lie To Me (MFR Remix)
5. Fairmont – Lie To Me (John Digweed and Nick Muir Remix)