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Apparat – Brandenburg (Stimming Remix)

Apparat – LP5 (official visual)

Listen to LP5, the brand new album from Apparat Tour Dates:

Video: Apparat – Dawan

APPARAT, aka Sascha Ring, has announced details of a new album, LP5, launching with the first taste of what to expect from the Berlin based artist. LP5 is Apparat’s first release since 2013’s Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre), and follows two studio albums, II and III (Mute / Monkeytown) by Moderat, the trio he founded with Modeselektor’s Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary.

Goldfrapp – Anymore

Anymore – the first single from Goldfrapp’s brand new seventh studio album ‘Silver Eye’, released March 31st on Mute.

Video: Arca – Vanity


Arca has revealed ‘Vanity’, the latest song and accompanying video from his forthcoming album Mutant. Shot in Paris, the ‘Vanity’ video carries on the tradition and aesthetic of Mutant’s photography and videos so far and was again shot by Arca himself, this time with some help from Daniel Sannwald. It’s the third song to be released from the album, following previous tracks ‘Soichiro’ and ‘EN’.

Mutant is Arca’s second full-length album and the follow up to his highly acclaimed debut album Xen. Released on 20 November 2015 on Mute, the album will be available on CD, download and as a double LP, and again features artwork from long-time collaborator and friend Jesse Kanda.

Arca today also announces a rare New York DJ set. He will perform at PILLOWQUEEN: a Circuit Slumber Party with music by Shayne Oliver, Ashland Miles and Alejandro Ghersi hosted by Ian Isisah and special guests which will take place at Output on Thursday 3 December. For full ticket info head to

Meanwhile, Arca will join Benji B as special guest on his BBC Radio 1 show this week. The show will feature a full interview and exclusive tracks from Mutant, broadcast from 1am UK time on Thursday 12 November. Further information is available via

ARCA – Mutant LP


Arca has today confirmed details of his second full-length album for Mute. Titled Mutant, the album will be released on 20 November 2015. It will be available on CD, download and as a double LP, and again features artwork from long-time collaborator and friend Jesse Kanda.

Watch the video for ‘EN’, directed by Arca, below:

Where Arca’s previous release Xen (2014) was introspective, Mutant is outwardly emboldened. Dedicated to and coloured by the important people in Arca’s life, Mutant illustrates the continuing mutations catalysed by loved ones: friends, family, acquaintances. Arca morphs for them and because of them. Both releases are contortionist shape-shifters, but where Xen asked us to meet her in her world, Mutant comes out to meet us in the light. Mutant is suggestively agape, embracing multiple sensualities with refreshing softness. Jesse Kanda’s organic cover art, luminous where Xen’s was shrouded, is a reflection of this.

In the artist’s words: ‘Mutant is about sensuality and impulsiveness as escape routes out of rigidity. Softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself.’ Mutations in the records’ textures parallel the malleability of identity; tension is harmonised by openness and the inclusiveness of transformation. Pride is taken in deformity, innocence, distortion and vulnerability: traits often ostracised as undesirable. Themes that have animated Arca’s work – tension, polarities, playfulness, eroticism, mutability – have been refracted into newer, more nuanced shades. Fluctuation, in-betweenness, intimacy and chaos are celebrated.

The title track softens the space between abrasion and enlightenment, morphing from snarling aggression to elusive vapour, the atmosphere shifting at unexpected moments. Its impulsive video consists of an unchoreographed first and single take of Arca dancing. The attached self-portraits of Arca are comparably raw. ‘Anger’ is celebratory and carnival-esque, while ‘Faggot’ concludes with rhythmic allusions to the title track from Xen. The dripping sounds of ‘Umbilical’, fused with the title’s connotations of birth, clash with digital static. ‘Enveloped’ is a label suggestive of overwhelming but comforting containment, yet the track itself feels liberated, with warped strings crawling from the uniform rhythm in the piece’s latter moments. ‘Vanity’, ‘Snakes’ and ‘Soichiro’ are personal and intimate sweltering rainforests of sound. Buds open as tracks unfold, petals of the darkest reds and most vivid blues bloom. Deep roots of bass crawl through the earth beneath the record, anchoring each organism. The only essential consistency between the tracks is a refusal to sit still.

The constant liminality of Mutant is hard to pin down; something seen out of the corner of one’s eye that has moved elsewhere in the time it takes to bring it into focus.

Mutant tracklisting:
Front Load

Watch the video for Soichiro here.

New Order – Restless (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

new order

Here’s the Andrew Weatherall remix of New Order’s ‘Restless’, taken from ‘Restless’ single package – released on Mute on 9 October. Restless is the first single from New Order’s new album, Music Complete, out now on Mute.

The package features an extended 12” Mix, and further remixes from xxxy, RAC & Agoria (already posted here). Pre-order here and get an instant download of Agoria remix here:

New Order – Restless (Agoria Remix)

new order

The Agoria remix of ‘Restless’ is taken from ‘Restless’ single package – released on Mute on 9 October. Restless is the first single from New Order’s upcoming album, Music Complete out September 25th on Mute.

The Restless single package features an extended 12” Mix, and further remixes from xxxy, RAC & long-term collaborator Andrew Weatherall. Pre-order the bundle here and get an instant download of the Agoria remix. Pre-Order Music Complete & get an instant download of ‘Restless’: iTunes –

Video: Zola Jesus – Hunger

zola jesus

Zola Jesus releases an equally statuesque and frenetic performance in the brand new video for third single “Hunger” off the critically acclaimed album TAIGA, out now on Mute. Director Allie Avital Tsypin / BANGS says, “The video for ‘Hunger’ is essentially a sculpture project…an exploration of a life form: both raw and refined. A negotiation between form and inner life, movement and stillness, desire and satiation. Working with Nika is always an honest and satisfying collaboration…it was really fun to interpret the song and Nika’s aesthetic sensibilities through film.”

The “Hunger” video features a newly mixed version of the track by Zola Jesus bandmate Alex DeGroot and Mute founder Daniel Miller and will be available digitally b/w B-Side “Compass” on February 10th 2015.

Arca – Sheep


On January 14th 2015, Arca gave an exclusive live performance to soundtrack Hood By Air’s show as special guests at the Pitti Uomo 87 fashion event in Florence, Italy. At the event, Arca performed a bespoke musical score titled ‘Sheep’ which featured eleven tracks of original Arca music. ‘Sheep’ is now available as a free download exclusively via Arca’s Soundcloud here.

‘Sheep (Hood By Air FW15)’ tracklist:
1. Mothered
2. Pity
3. Drowning
4. En
5. Faggot
6. Submissive
7. Umbilical
8. Hymn
9. Don’t / Else
10. At Last I Am Free (interlude)
11. Immortal

The performance and download follow the recent success of Arca’s debut album Xen, which was released in November 2014 on Mute to widespread acclaim. Xen was one of 2014’s defining debut records.