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Pet Shop Boys – Home And Dry (Utimono Remix)

“Home and dry” was never a massive hit for Pet Shop Boys. It’s a “misunderstood” love ballad with beautiful chords and a chorus that will stick in your head and will sing it in the shower. Well… here’s my trance remix to add a bit of club sexiness sound to it. Enjoy it as much as I did creating it 🙂


Free download :

Kidnap – Start Again (Macious Remix)

Offered on June 4th, 2020 as a free download on SoundCloud, the luscious rework aims to motivate and inspire. 

Speaking about the remix, Macious explains,
“Kidnap is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to electronic music. Following him from the early stages of making music I always looked up to his sound and the euphoric feelings he can evoke in his productions. The remix came about when Kidnap released some stems to his songs via his Instagram stories and this was my moment where I reached out and got the chance to remix his song “Start Again”, which to me is not only my favourite song of his, but this track itself has such a big personal meaning.
“The lyrics directly spoke to me as I was quite exhausted from recent events and big changes that had occurred in my life. “Cause it feels like, we both need a friend” – even though I felt disconnected at this moment, the song reminds me that I’m restarting myself again, and I’m very grateful for that. 
I hope listeners will feel motivating energy whilst listening to my interpretation of the original.” 

Originating from the hallowed turf of Berlin, and now based in Manchester, the young producer has an academic diploma in Electronic Music that has led him on a path of stripped back and playful melodic house, disco and techno. His most recent releases, the bright remix for Golden Bantic’s ‘Simmer Down’ landed number one on both the Hype Machine main & remix charts.

His clever and unique live performances using a variety of synths display not only Mark’s catalogue of eclectic and well thought out tracks but also his deep understanding of creating moving, smiling, educated dance floors.

Max Cooper – 3D Reworks 001

Become surrounded in a world of 3D audio, or is it 8D?

Max Cooper rises to the challenge to correct the recent interest in ‘8D audio’, which is a name that has been given to a single audio track sent through a binaural panner. There aren’t really 8 dimensions, it’s a 3D experience, but it is a special audio experience, worthy of our attention.

The binaural recording technique was invented in the 50’s – sound is recorded from inside a fake head, in order to capture the subtle signals of how sound interacts with the head and ears, and is fractionally delayed between the two ear drums depending on its position. These subtle signals are interpreted by our brains to give information about the sound environment around us, which we experience as a 3D immersive sound world.

The 3D Reworks EP comprises 4 tracks with a complete binaural focus, it is immersive headphone listening at its most powerful. It is available for free download/pay what you want from Bandcamp for one week only.

Max Cooper:

“Binaural panning is a technique I have been using in my music for many years, as have many musicians since the 50’s. But it only works if you listen with headphones, otherwise the left and right signals get mixed up and we can’t subconsciously interpret them as clearly, so the effect is mostly lost. That’s why people don’t usually make entire piece of music in this format.

Now that we’re all at home isolating during the coronavirus epidemic, and with renewed interest in spatial audio, it seemed like a great time for some headphone experiments.

In the 90’s the simulated version of this binaural recording technique was developed – the “head related transfer function” (HRTF). This is what you hear in your “8D” clips, but I wasn’t content with the level of spatial richness, it was just a single source, not very interesting, so I thought I’d experiment with a fully 3D binaural audio world where there are many binaural parts interacting, and all sounds are presented in this format.

It’s not a replacement for the usual optimised stereo (plus some binaural) format, but I love surround sound and there is a lot more room for binaural development, so I thought it would be nice to make a release series around.

We’re such a visually focused society, but actually a lot of our experience of our surroundings comes from audio cues. This form of music tinkers with that part of our awareness.”

This collection of 3D Reworks features music previously released on Mesh:
Penrose Tiling (Yearning for the Infinite [MESH025])
Resynthesis (World Passing By [MESH004])
Veil of Time (World Passing By [MESH004])
Repetition (feat. James Yorkston) (adapted from Yearning for the Infinite [MESH025])

Artwork by Tyler Hobbs.

Against All Logic Mix (Nicolas Jaar)

AAL MIX with all new material.
New EP out this Friday (Jan 31) featuring FKA Twigs & Lydia Lunch.

{{{First aired on NTS Radio January 27 2020}}}

The Voyagers – Distant Planet (Odra Remix)

Beverly Hills Cop Theme (Amir Telem Remake)

Ramin Djawadi – Game Of Thrones (Sander & Stephane Salerno Reinterpretation)

Radiohead – Creep (Jonnas B Remix)

Chicane – Halcyon (Joel Gershom 2019 Tribute Remix)

Hermigervill – Gem Of Tones

Eskimo artist, Icelandic producer Hermigervill, just unleashed a cosmic disco version of the Game of Thrones theme. Free download above.