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Dune: official main trailer

IT’S TIME. #DuneMovie coming October 22.

Warpaint – Love Is To Die (Chris Cunningham Official Documentary Excerpt)

Video legend Chris Cunningham‘s latest project is a documentary about L.A. four-piece Warpaint, titled Love is to Die. The film, which has been two years in the making, follows the group as they work on their self-titled second album, which hit stores last week.

(via Dazed)
“It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to make a music video in a traditional way, so a video diary is more appealing to me. I thought what might be interesting would be to film stuff in this big way and make a surrealist thing…It covers everything around and during the making of the record, but it’s not a ‘making of’. It’s me filming with a camera whenever I have one and them filming on their phones, and then I’ve been taking outtakes and random pieces of drumming and making new remixes of their songs and using that as a soundtrack.”

Robot Koch – Unpaved

Berlin producer Robot Koch has recently released a new short film, called Upaved, in collaboration with director Lukas Feigelfeld, and that his original soundtrack would drop via Project: Mooncircle

Imagine the old mystic character “Pan”, which represents nature, animalism and freedom, in a contemporary and realistic setting; becoming a modern vagabond, a drifter, living in the woods and roaming the lands, always accompanied by his friend, the dog. As his path leads him into the city of modern society, he is quickly confronted with its harsh reality – The conflict between living in an urban space and wanting to be at piece in a remote place in nature. Can we consider ourselves animals or have we already evolved into something too distanced from its natural enviroment and essence?

Robot Koch’s soundtrack is available as a 12" with a free download of the film. You can watch Unpaved below.

A1 Unpaved Ft. Alek Fin
A2 Sugar Owl
A3 Poder Del Perro
B1 Calle Tierra
B2 Moving Objects Ft. Alek Fin
B3 Digital Dwnld: Unpaved Film A Short Film By Lukas Feigelfeld

Video: Lana Del Ray – Tropico

Lana Del Rey’s enchanting, visually captivating, and provocative Anthony Mandler directed short film Tropico finally made its way to the net. At a Hollywood premiere for the film last night, Lana Del Rey announced that her next album will be called Ultraviolence and implied that it’ll be coming soon.

Video: Nguzunguzu – Mecha

Below, you can watch Nguzunguzu‘s (real names: Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda) brand-new video for "Mecha," the grime-inflected lead track of LA duo’s recent Skycell EP for Fade to Mind. Director Jude MC and MOCAtv edited together clips from massive, blockbuster sci-fi and action films, such as Event Horizon, Prometheus, Battleship, Pacific Rim, The Matrix, and Transformers, among many others. More information regarding Jude MC’s video for "Mecha," as well as stills and animated GIFs from the piece, can be found here.

"By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films I am able to, through a process of divination, analyze the culture surrounding technological advancement and the mechanization of earth. Through time, we will see if life imitates art along the path of what is prophesied in these films, in the meantime they are certainly entertaining to watch."

Sasha Involv3r Official Album Film

ourmaninthefield has spent the last 6 years filming festivals and club nights, capturing some of their life long heroes and producing short films for them. Nothing though, had prepared them for their biggest piece of work to date…….a 45 minute film which incorporate 2 festivals, 3 gigs, more time lapses than you can count and a film that was released as the official album film of Sasha’s Invol-3r.

Shot at SW4, Zoo Project Festival, Leeds Warehouse, Manchester Warehouse Project and The Ministry of Sound they aimed to capture a range of venues that were to become the backdrop of the film.

This film represents a huge journey that ourmaninthefield have gone through over the years and attempts to represent the soundscape that clubbers escape to and overcome their week. Where they the ride the peak of the wave that washes the humdrum of the working week away.

For full viewing experience this journey is better taken in the dark………on full volume.

Lapalux – Gold feat. Jassy Grez & Nick Rutter – Chrysalis

Lapalux worked closely with film director Nick Rutter to create the acclaimed music video for “Nostalchic” lead single “Without You”. Lapalux and Nick Rutter come together again but this time in reverse; the music for “Chrysalis” was written specially of the film, the footage shot to tell a gritty and disturbing story of teenage love unrequited.

Set in a small town in rural England, the scenes reflect misspent youth, something witnessed by both Rutter in his home town of Chippenham in Wiltshire, as well as Howard who grew up in rural Essex.

I wanted to make something the observed the awkward discomfort of teenage life, an age group often unrepresented in film. It was an experimental film made in order to gain experience working with an age group in preparation for a longer project. It was great working with an artist like Lapalux as his music expresses complexities of emotion that I felt fit perfectly with our story and what ALEX the lead character was trying to convey”.