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Morcheeba – Blaze Away (Throwing Snow Remix)

British trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba are sharing a new remix of the title track from their latest ‘Blaze Away’ album – courtesy of acclaimed London based producer, Throwing Snow.

Ross Tones, making music under the ever so pertinent moniker, Throwing Snow – draws influence from a vast array of genres, with his production work possessing consistent and comforting warmth, while still glistening with a serene kind of steely coldness.

His remix of Morcheeba’s ‘Blaze Away’, released today – is a stunning, deep-bass led cut; interspersed with otherworldly electronics and tumultuous synth runs.

“I used the phrase ‘come live in the dark’ to inspire my remix, conjuring a feeling of a coming storm” said Tones on his remix. “Fragmented arpeggios range over a deep sub creating a rising sense of the approaching thunder.”

Morcheeba‘s 2018 album ‘Blaze Away’ is out now.

Morcheeba – Free of Debris (Kelpe Remix)

British trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba are sharing a new remix courtesy of London based electronic artist and producer Kelpe.

The Kelpe remix of ‘Free Of Debris’ – an interlude of sorts on Morcheeba’s 2018 album ‘Blaze Away’, is a sumptuous, slow-burning electronic beauty. Pairing soft synth pads and lilting keyboard runs, with deep rumbling electronic bass notes – Skye Edwards’ vocals compliment the instrumentation beautifully – to create something not wildly dissimilar from the original track, yet something wonderfully enjoyable and fresh.

Speaking on his work on the remix, Kelpe (real name: Kel McKeown) said: “Working from a stripped back original song of around one minute length, this was a really fun remix to work on as I felt I could add quite a bit of my own sound to it, expanding on it without making it sound too cluttered. I replaced the main guitar hook with my own synth sounds which replicated the original melody, then added in some programmed beats and the fender rhodes sound from the original, then further layers of my synths and vocals with a different effect treatment. My approach to this remix was quite simplistic but I was happy with how it turned out as I felt that even though a lot of the sounds on it were new ones that I had recorded in myself it didn’t deviate from the actual original tune too much.”

Morcheeba’s 2018 album ‘Blaze Away’ is out now.

Morcheeba – It’s Summertime (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remixes)


Following on from the release of their positivity-packed ninth studio album Blaze Away, British trip-hop pioneers are today releasing 4 remixes courtesy of legendary Norwegian production outfit Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, who have spun the original into a cosmic Italo-Disco stomper. The lead remix – premiering via DJ Mag, arrives alongside a dub edit, an instrumental version and a radio edit.

An infectiously upbeat track, the original version possesses an undeniable, instant sing-along appeal. Frontwoman Skye Edward’s silky vocals (lyrics co-penned by Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner) drift effortlessly in, accompanied by blissful acoustic guitar chords. A tranquil, laid back beat joins the proceedings, before a wave of golden haze washes over as it builds and drops.

Morcheeba – Make Believer (Psychemagik Remix)


Multi-million-selling electronic music pioneers Morcheeba announce their new single, ‘Make Believer’ from the critically acclaimed album, ‘Head Up High’ via Play It Again Sam on August 18th 2014.

The impressive clutch of remixes for ‘Make Believer’ include the production wizardry of prolific UK duo, Psychemagik described by THUMP as “first-choice remixers that crisscross genres and scene affiliations”; who supply a big and bold anthem that showcases their capabilities for blending vocals and electronic elements to spectacular effect. German legend Timo Mass offers a surprisingly deep and textured interpretation perfect for balmy summer evenings. Meanwhile, up and coming UK producer, Ben Gomori gives the original track a dance-floor ready rework with cool vocal effects and a bouncing bass line. Rounding off the package is the enigmatic Don La Maison, who delivers a fittingly hypnotic and sensual remix.

Their eighth studio album, ‘Head Up High’ is written by all three band members, Paul and Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards with production by Paul Godfrey. The album reflects a series of significant changes in the trio’s lives while marking the success of the bands career spanning eighteen years since the release of their debut album, ‘Who Can You’, an acclaimed trip-hop blueprint and the root of Morcheeba’s universal success and appeal having sold millions of albums worldwide.

Stream Psychemagik’s remix below.

Stream: Morcheeba – Head Up High LP

Ahead of its official release next Monday 14th October, Morcheeba’s eagerly anticipated new album ‘Head Up High’ is available to stream from today at, giving fans a chance to preview the band’s new material since 2010’s ‘Blood Like Lemonade’. Stream in full above, and pre-order here

In case you missed it, check out the exclusive interview they recently gave us here

EXCLUSIVE: Mini-Interview with Morcheeba

Some 18 years ago, the Godfrey brothers (DJ Paul Godfrey and multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfrey) recruited Skye Edwards as vocalist, during a chance meeting at a party in which both brothers were introduced to Edwards. This led to the formation of Morcheeba. Now, the multi-million-selling electronic music pioneers are back with their 8th album, ‘Head Up High,’ which releases worldwide through [PIAS] on the 14th October. ‘Gimme Your Love’ is the first single to be released from the band’s new album, an infectious synth-driven track which is lifted Skye-wards by a melting vocal and hooky chorus. Below, you can watch the Prano Bailey-Bond directed accompanying video, which portrays Skye in a dizzying kaleidoscope of technicolor, her ethereal beauty exemplified by the sensational floral backdrop and billowing silk gowns.

With anticipation for the official release of ‘Head Up High’, we caught up with Paul Godfrey to talk about the new album, their musical influences, and their future plans. Read our mini-interview and make sure to pre-order ‘Head Up High’ here:
Zac: "Head Up High" is your 8th album! What makes this record different from your older material? Have these new bass sounds and the so-called ‘post-dubstep’ productions influenced you?

Paul: Yes I’d say although this album has all the markings of a Morcheeba classic, it is different. We’ve used new grooves from other areas of electronic music where normally we stuck to Hip Hop rhythms. This album was created with the beats first which allowed us to write songs in new ways.

Zac: Your new album is more uptempo that your previous ones. Which is the ideal place to listen to it?

Paul: The record sounds great in the car on a sunny journey somewhere foreign.

Zac: The album plays hosts to a truly stellar mix of guest features. Do you write down a list of people you want to work with before you set out to do the album or do things just sort of ‘happen’? What about Ana Tijoux and Breaking Bad tv show.

Paul: Things just fell into place with the guests on this record. We were very happy to receive contributions from such talented people. I discovered "White Denim" on a blog and loved them so Ross made contact with James Petralli in L.A. I was already aware of most of the rappers we worked with but I was watching Breaking Bad and heard Ana Tijoux’s "1977". I flipped and realised we needed to work with her too.

Zac: The analogue elements and live instrumentation are evident on your new album. Did your methods of making music changed? 

Paul: We have always tried to find the perfect balance of organic and electronic sound which can be very challenging. With this record I had a pretty clear idea of how it would work and it came together nicely. Ross and Skye make my job as a producer very easy.

Zac: Do you like other producers remixing your songs? Will you release a remix album?

Paul: Sometimes remixes can be incredible but most of the time they are below average. If we get enough good ones maybe we could release a remix album…

Zac: What sort of music were you listening to when you made the album? 

Paul: Many different styles but mostly electronic, contemporary, bass heavy jams.

Zac: Music sales and media have changed so much since you first started. Do you read online press about yourself? How it feels about selling music online and how it feels about illegal music downloads?

I love the digital age as a consumer, we are very lucky to have been born at such a time. I miss the old record industry but I prefer living in the present.

Zac: Future plans and tours? Which is your favorite destination?

Paul: We always have a great time playing in Greece. Ross and I have spent many holidays there so it feels like home.

Zac: On December 14 you will play live in Athens. What should we expect?

Paul: We will be playing some new songs and some old ones with our favourite live musicians. The new tracks have really shaken things up so it will be exciting for all of us.

Thank you Paul Godfrey..

Morcheeba have confirmed the following shows in Europe this Autumn/Winter, with more worldwide dates to be announced in 2014.

Full European Live Dates:
24th Oct Roxy, Prague
26th Oct Den Atelier, Luxembourg
28th Oct Theaterfabrik, Munich
29th Oct Gibson, Frankfurt
30th Oct C-Club, Berlin
1st Nov Gruenspan, Hamburg
2nd Nov Kantine, Cologne
4th Nov Paradiso, Amsterdam
5th Nov Het Depot, Leuven
7th Nov Olympia, Paris
8th Nov Krakatoa, Bordeaux
9th Nov Bikini, Toulouse
10th Nov Theatre Du Moulin, Marseille
12th Nov La Rodia, Besancon
13th Nov Laiterie Club, Strasbourg
14th Nov Komplex 457, Zurich
15th Nov Thonex Live, Geneva
17th Nov Gorilla, Manchester
18th Nov ABC, Glasgow
19th Nov Forum, London
1st Dec Meo Arena, Lisbon
2nd Dec Porto Coliseum, Porto
3rd Dec But, Madrid
5th Dec Culture Factory, Girona
7th Dec WUK, Vienna
8th Dec Culture factory, Zagreb
10th Dec Durer Kert, Budapest
11th Dec Arenele Romane, Bucherest
13th Dec NDK Hall 3, Sofia
14th Dec Gargarin, Athens.

Video: Morcheeba – Gimme Your Love

Multi-million-selling electronic music pioneers Morcheeba have released a stunning video for their single ‘Gimme Your Love’ today. Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond, the video portrays Skye in a dizzying kaleidoscope of technicolor, her ethereal beauty exemplified by the sensational floral backdrop and billowing silk gowns. All the costumes for the video were specially designed and created by Skye, drawing inspiration from the seductive brooding landscape of this infectious synth-driven track.

Gimme Your Love’ is the first single to be released from the band’s new album, ‘Head Up High’ which releases worldwide through [PIAS] on the October 14.

Morcheeba – Gimme Your Love (Leo Zero Remix)

Morcheeba will release their eclectic and beautiful new album, ‘Head Up High’ through [PIAS] Recordings on October 14. The same day, the band also release the lead single, ‘Gimme You Love.’

Their eighth studio album, ‘Head Up High’ is written by all three band members, Paul and Ross Godfrey and Skye Edwards with production by Paul Godfrey. The album plays hosts to a truly stellar mix of guest features from hip hop legend, Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), rap mogul Nature Boy, the smoky vocals of James Petralli (White Denim), cheeky UK rhymers, Rizzle Kicks and the fierce French-Chilean rapper, Ana Tijoux who Paul first encountered on hit TV show, ‘Breaking Bad’. The diversity of guests on the album is an inarguable accolade to Morcheeba, highlighting the magnitude of their career and influence on artist’s whole generations apart.

Following 2010’s ‘Blood Like Lemonade’, ‘Head Up High’ has been two years in the crafting and demonstrates a new sense of movement. The beat master, Paul has explored the wonders of analogue synthesis, producing deeper and more irregular basslines hinting at post-dubstep productions, while Ross is responsible for the musical colour, tints and tones. Skye’s melodious vocal adds her signature ethereal texture to the tracks, complimenting the new bass sounds and adding atmosphere to a more uptempo paced album.

The single, ‘Gimme Your Love’, is an infectious synth-driven track which is lifted Skye-wards by a melting vocal and hooky chorus – the perfect introduction to the additive sounds of a new brooding landscape from these musical pioneers. Below, you can also stream an incredible dance remix from Leo Zero.

Morcheeba – Head Up High [2013]

With a career spanning over 18 years, Morcheeba return with their 8th studio album – Head Up High due for release on October 14 via [PIAS] Recordings. The follow up to 2010’s Blood Like Lemonade sees the band enlist Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), James Petralli (White Denim), Rizzle Kicks, Ana Tijoux and Nature Boy highlighting the magnitude of their career and influence on a wide variety of artists old and new.

Today sees the band return with their first new material since 2010’s Blood Like Lemonde; Gimme Your Love (with accompanying lyric video created by Steven Spencer the sees the single artwork come alive) is available to hear/watch below and available to the fans as an instant-grat track via iTunes when pre ordering the album.

The group embark on a full European tour to coincide with the album’s release with dates across Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and the UK. More tour dates to be announced soon. For the avoidance of doubt, the classic line up remains the same: Skye Edwards and Paul & Ross Godfrey.

“We’re very proud of our 8th Album. Can’t wait for our fans to hear it and to play it live. Morcheeba are here to stay. “


1. Gimme Your Love 
2. Face Of Danger 
3. Call It Love 
4. Under The Ice 
5. I’ll Fall Apart 
6. Make Believer 
7. Release Me Now 
8. To Be 9. Hypnotized
10. To The Grave 
11. Do You Good 
12. Finally Found You