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Delete – Neverending Story EP


Delete’s new Neverending Story EP is a collaboration track with Sotus and has 3 remixes added to it by Atiq, Module Module and Hathor.

Delete stopped making music after releasing his album and EP in 2013 on Mindtrick Records but now he has returned to making music again. There is also a new album on its way which will be released later and will follow a new sound from the anonymous man.

You can download his new EP including remixes for free here.

Delete – Re: Neva EP [2013]

Following his excellent debut album, last year’s Predatory Things Of A Minute, Russian masked producer Delete will release a remix EP, Re: Neva, on July 15 via Mindtrick Records. This new EP reveals 4 original tracks, including the beautiful haunted atmospheric “Neva“, and 4 “Neva” remixes handpicked by the mysterious man himself. Preview it below (or here track by track) and pre-order your copy here.

Have you ever walked the streets of Saint Petersburg?..

01. Neva
02. Air Raid Waltz
03. Dead Pigeon
04. Warm Street
05. Neva (Mirror State remix)
06. Neva (Module Module remix)
07. Neva (Bonecold remix)
08. Neva (Blind Prophet remix)