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RAC – Let Go feat. Kele & MNDR (Krystal Klear Remix) [Arty Rework]

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With the original released in 2013, RAC’s ‘Let Go’ featuring Bloc Party’s Kele and electronic vocalist sensation MNDR has received a reboot for 2015 from Arty and Krystal Klear.

Arty’s pedigree in dance music, although still only 25, is fully realised. As the first ever signing to Insomniac/ Interscope’s joint label venture for a full album project in the summer of 2015, his debut single ‘Up All Night’ was a huge hit. He has crafted exceptional remixes for the likes of London Grammar, OneRepublic and Porter Robinson and his signature talent has seen him as a mainstay in the DJ Mag Top 100 since 2010 with no sign of moving.

Running along a close parallel, Krystal Klear is strongly affiliated with London radio collective Rinse FM, while releasing on his own Cold Tonic label, collaborating with artists such as Yasmin and remixing the likes of Sky Ferreira and Rudimental.

Already one of the more heartfelt moment in RAC’s back catalogue, Arty and Krystal Klear have injected a subtle pulse into ‘Let Go’, upping the tempo slightly and adding a more infectious, dancefloor-ready beat to the original. By by concealing delicate synth flourishes within the track’s guitar heavy backing, the duo have achieved a feel-good anthem that not only inspires happiness through its pop sensibilities, but is geared towards the club with an almost euphoric build up into the track’s chorus, creating something that is in equal parts contemporary dance music and endorphin driven pop innocence.

Buy RAC ‘Let Go ft. Kele & MNDR’ (Krystal Klear & ARTY Rework) here.

Michna – Thousand Thursday LP


Nearly seven years following’s Michna’s debut album for Ghostly, Magic Monday, the NYC DJ/producer has finished the official follow up to that record, but Adrian Yin Michna doesn’t want to overstate what happened in the interim. “Life just moves,” he starts casually, “there’s been a lot going on.” DJ gigs, music production for video games and commercials, and film scoring have kept him busy, along with a healthy balance of painting, biking, and other non-musical endeavors. In light of Michna’s sophomore LP, Thousand Thursday, though, it all seems beside the point. Simply put, his latest record is a celebration of the producer’s love for vibrant electronic music, bothering very little with conceptual or contextual baggage.

And yet, in many ways, Thousand Thursday effortlessly streamlines Michna’s life and cultural background into affable dancefloor sounds. “My dad is from Ealing in West London,” he shares, “and that’s been a huge direct musical influence my whole life, especially when I was a teen and spent some time in London in the mid­-’90s.” You can easily hear that much in the ravey breakbeats and horn stabs that sneak into synthy tracks like “Cherry 2000” and “Time Will Tell”, or even the vibe of rain­-soaked streets that permeates Thousand Thursday. Then there’s the artist’s enduring love for classic house, disco, and hip­-hop, which is more obvious. “Nuroq Legacy” effortlessly brings all of these influences into one lively, eclectic dance track, but the wistful “Increasing Ambition” is pure neon Italo and Michna’s unclassifiable brand of of hip-hop has never sounded better than on “She Exists In My Mind”.

Perhaps less apparent is how the industrial tapes from Michna’s childhood played a role in creating these 10 spirited tracks. “I started re-­listening to them primarily just to hear how they flip samples,” he elaborates, and the technique is used all over Thousand Thursday. It lends the music an added bit of personal history and what Michna calls “subliminal messages,” as he borrows from years and years worth of field recordings—including bits of “Blackberry video, Flip camera tour footage, terrible interviews with friends, people on the street, and found sounds galore.” Rifle through the slow-grooving robo-beats on “Believe In It Pt. II”, or “Jace the Mind Sculptor”‘s densely textural ambient drift, and you’ll uncover layer upon chopped up layer of these lovingly curated snippets. There seems to be a tapestry of life’s strange, beautiful, and unexpected moments woven into Thousand Thursday

For all of its varying influences and reference points, Thousand Thursday is actually a strong cohesive listen; each of Michna’s productions flow seamlessly into the next. This is an album where NYC/LA dance-­pop vocalist MNDR can deliver her chilly falsetto next to a lifelong gearhead twiddling the knobs of his Akai S­950, Korg MS­20, E­mu SP­1200, and other coveted hardware. Thousand Thursday is the sound of Michna re-discovering his passion for writing tunes and crafting an album, and whether he likes it or not, it all tells us a bit about where his mind has been during the years of his process.

Stream in full below; get it here.

Video: RAC – Let Go feat. Kele, MNDR

Here’s the official and creepy video for Portland’s producer André Allen Anjos, a.k.a. RAC, superb new single “Let Go”, featuring Bloc Party’s Kele and MNDR. The track will appear on RAC’s upcoming four-track EP “Don’t Talk To”, due out on October 14 via Cherrytree / Interscope. As a bonus, stream Krystal Klear’s remix of “Let Go” below. Video directed by Michael Dwyer.