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The Hacker – Le Théâtre des Opérations LP

Dark Entries: We are honored to announce the latest album from Michel Amato aka The Hacker, ‘Le Théâtre des Opérations’. Michel began making music in 1989 at the age of 17 in Grenoble, France. He grew up listening to New Wave bands like Duran Duran, The Cure and Depeche Mode as well as the darker side of electro Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire and D.A.F. In 1990s he released a series of 12” singles and an album of cold, calculating and relentless techno. In 1997 he teamed up with Caroline Herve aka Miss Kittin and to release landmark singles and albums of effortlessly channelling the carefree spirit of 80s electro pop which we released an EP of lost demos from in 2015. Michel’s new live project sees the enigmatic artist go back to his roots, performing a 100% analogue set directly inspired by his first true loves of New Wave and dark, powerful techno

‘Le Théâtre des Opérations’ is 8 new tracks spread evenly across 2×12”s cut at 45rpm for maximum sound quality and DJs. The title comes from a metaphysical journal by French-born Canadian science fiction writer Maurice G Dantec. Passionate about avant-garde techno, The Hacker has weaved his influences (Jeff Mills, Drexciya, early Aphex Twin) into a unique sound on this album that can best be described as a walking homage to the power of the synthesizer. Songs veer from gritty, raw EBM to dark, subterranean electro, effortlessly channelling the strains of the Michel’s musical DNA: Front 242, Jeff Mills, Dopplereffekt, SPK. The only vocal track features an appearance by longtime friend and collaborator Miss Kittin named “Time X” after the French science fiction television series Temps X. All songs have been mastered and lacquer cut by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Cover artwork features a collage by London-based artist Anthony Gerace and each copy includes a postcard featuring a photo of teenage Michel from 1989.

15 November 2017 / Dark Entries

A1. Underwater Sequence
A2. Frozen Voices
B1. Time X (Feat Miss Kittin)
B2. Dancing Mekanik
C1. Dark Neon
C2. Body Diktat
D1. Complicated Dances
D2. Camisole Chimique

Vitalic – Waiting For The Stars feat. David Shaw And The Beat



It’s been a good fifteen years now since Vitalic (aka Pascal Arbez-Nicolas) took it upon himself to redefine techno using his native French sensibility, mixing energy and melody to forge his own recognisable style. Many of those tunes, like “Poney”, “La Rock 01”, “My Friend Dario” and “You Prefer Cocaine” went on to become club classics, blurring the boundaries between techno, disco, rock and pop, and profoundly inspiring and stimulating a scene that had been struggling since the end of the ‘French touch’ to find something a little more refreshing than filtered disco house.

It could be said that Vitalic ushered in the French Touch 2.0, masterfully bringing bangers back into fashion and putting France back on the dancefloor map. With his first production signed by tastemaker DJ Hell for his Gigolo imprint, Vitalic paid scant regard to genre boundaries and concentrated on simply knocking out some killer tunes – a mix of irresistible melodies, stampeding synths and pure energy. Within a few years, French electronica had changed direction, eschewing the dancefloors for which it had originally been conceived and starting to tour, live. A revolution was born – Vitalic opened the way and Daft Punk, Justice and Etienne de Crecy followed.


Since his first album, “OK Cowboy” in 2005 which mixed galloping techno, brass bands, 100,000 volt electric guitars and languorous pop songs so sad they could make a stone weep, Vitalic has constantly tried to reinvent himself, pushing his idea and vision of disco to the extreme. This constant renewal is no doubt where the producer finds his strength, exploring every facet (like a disco ball), the myriad possibilities of what he calls metal disco, or more prosaically “disco-poilue” – fuzzy disco.

For “Voyager”, his fourth studio album composed over the course of two years and the one he considers his most ‘disco’ ever, Vitalic remembers initially wanting to make something that could barely be danced to, inspired by the electronic music of the 1970s. However, that angle of attack was rapidly diverted. “I changed my mind during production and added beats,” he explains. “Voyager” thus became a record that has forgotten nothing of the cosmic disco heritage of the 1980s, dominated by deeply energetic, orgasmic synthesisers with influences from pioneers of the genre like Moroder, Cerrone, Patrick Cowley, Lime, Spacer, Carpenter and Gino Soccio.

Both the name and sublimely retro-futuristic artwork of “Voyager” clearly announce the direction Vitalic has taken – this is a cosmic space odyssey, packed with energy-filled retro-futuristic hits perfect for dancing in zero gravity, followed by melancholic cooldown periods spent contemplating the lost galaxies of the vast cosmos. “El Viaje”, the album’s opening track with its Latin-tinged melody, is the perfect launchpad for this cosmic expedition, where analogue synths (like the super-rare Buchla) have taken over and are now laying down the law. It’s a weightless voyage that sends our emotions on a rollercoaster ride, from first single “Waiting For The Stars” – featuring David Shaw and an irresistible disco-pop hit with gimmicks à la “Funky Town” – to “Levitation”, a veritable turbine punctuated by screams from the crowd as only Vitalic knows how, to “Eternity”, a sort of synthetic opera or contemporary hybrid of Wim Mertens and Klaus Nomi. However, on “Voyager” you’ll also find “Lightspeed”, a true dancefloor bomb filled with outrageously funky synth rifts, you’ll be fascinated by “Sweet Cigarette”, a sombre rock-influenced track haunted by the ghost of “Warm Leatherette” (as performed by The Normal) and “Hans is Driving” an electronic nursery rhyme with Miss Kittin lost in the cosmos discussing the meaning of life with an artificial intelligence, before breaking down in sobs to “Don’t Leave me Now”, a throbbing, ambient Supertramp cover version. Conceived as a cosmic journey into the heart of dance music, “Voyager” perfectly brings together the three elements that have always composed Vitalic’s strength: a touch of experimental folly, killer melodies and a joyful overabundance of energy. It’s this magic formula that makes “Voyager” the ideal disc to listen to with your feet on the dancefloor and your eyes fixed on the stars. Or vice-versa.

POPOF and Animal & Me – Going Back feat. Arno Joey EP


Parisian Popof gets set to release the second single from his stunning artist album ‘Love Somebody’ on Hot Creations. ‘Going Back feat. Arno Joey’ is also a collaboration with Animal & Me with a feast of remixes on offer.

“‘Going Back’ is the second single taken from my latest album ‘Love Somebody’. I collaborated with Animal & Me on this one; vocalist Arno Joey is also featured. After I finished the track, I submitted it to Oxia and Miss Kittin, Lee Foss, Eats Everything, Mar-T and Luca Donzelli for a remix. I am very proud of the end result. – Popof

Following in the same suit as the first single from the album, ‘Going Back’ also features the voice of Arno Joey and is a superior piece of electronic music with great crossover appeal. Oxia & Miss Kittin team up for the first remix adding percussion and hypnotic synths, spicing things up with Miss Kittin’s vocals. On the B-side, Eats Everything mixes trippy FX and a big build for the main room, while Lee Foss keeps things deep and smooth. Amnesia favourites Luca Donzelli & Mar-T offer a digital only remix with ounces of energy.

Going Back feat Arno Joey
Going Back feat Arno Joey & Miss Kittin (Oxia & Miss Kittin Remix)
Going Back feat Arno Joey (Eats Everything Remix)
Going Back feat Arno Joey (Lee Foss Remix)
Going Back feat Arno Joey (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)

o+ Voted Best Newcomer artist at the Ibiza DJ Awards in 2009, Popof has gained notoriety for his work with Cocoon, and remixing the likes of Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, and Moby. One of the most downloaded artists in techno music, he was appointed the official mentor of the Paris Techno Parade 2013’s fifteen year anniversary, a great honour he shared in front of 300.000 participants. Animal & Me is a French DJ and producer who is also known as Mono Dos on Definive.

o+o French DJ and producers Oxia & Miss Kittin are big names in the game. Their successful track ‘Housewife’ released in 2012 can be found on InFine. Bristolian Eats Everything has been a leader of the new wave of British DJs and producers. His releases can be found on labels such as Pets Recordings, Hypercolour and Southern Fried. Hot Creations co-founder Lee Foss has been growing from strength to strength with a recent venture with MK and Anabel Englund as Pleasure State. After releasing on Wow! Recordings, Mar-T’s label, Luca Donzelli soon formed a close working relationship with him. Mar-T is also a resident of Amnesia in Ibiza.

Guy Gerber & Miss Kittin – Rumors on the Dancefloor


Following a solid year of releases kick started by Beatport #1 ‘No Distance’, a collaboration with Innervisions boss Dixon, we’ve witnessed Guy Gerber’s RUMORS label go from strength to strength. In its debut year the label has already had guest appearances from Seth Troxler and Chaim, and now Guy himself is set to reveal ‘Rumors On The Dancefloor’ featuring Miss Kittin.

Set to be Miss Kittin’s debut appearance on the label and also marking the eighth RUMORS release, ‘Rumors On The Dancefloor’ is a powerful embodiment of Guy’s innovative imprint. Divided into two parts, the release is built around a symbolic whisper and deep bass guitar riffs that follow a galatic-inspired house and techno framework – with part two a harder offering awash with Guy’s signature blend of melodic soundscapes and stylish beats.

Over on the white isle, RUMORS is also encompassing a hugely successful event series held at Playa d’en Bossa’s beautiful Beachouse. The party has its own unique ethos whereby each week, the lineups can only be discovered by hearsay and word of mouth. In addition to his weekly party in Ibiza, key dates in Guy’s diary include Space in New York, Story Nightclub in Miami and ENTER’s Space opening party.

‘Rumors On The Dancefloor’ is out now.

POPOF – Love Somebody LP


Hot Creations deliver their first artist album of the year with the Parisian luminary POPOF’s, ‘Love Somebody’.

Jamie Jones & Lee Foss’ Hot Creations imprint has successfully straddled the gap between underground house & techno and more crossover vocal led disco-infused dance music since it was launched in 2010. They have taken artists such as Patrick Topping, Richy Ahmed, Miguel Campbell, Annabel Englund and their own Hot Natured brand, who played live at Coachella this year, on a unique journey into the spotlight.

Only the fourth artist album to be released on the label, Alexandre Paounov AKA POPOF’s longplayer elevates the chic beats and smooth rolling melodies of house music to new heights, opening the world to fresh palatable tastes through tracks such as “Your Eyes” and “Lidl Girl”.

Maintaining a grasp on the dancefloor, tracks like “Pack n Rollin” and “Going Back” strike back to Popof’s roots as a former member of the free-party underground collective Heretik System in Paris. While “Words Gone” has already found great favor through remix treatment from Luciano, Marc Houle and Jamie Jones and the second single “Going Back” features remixes from Eats Everything, Lee Foss, Oxia & Miss Kittin and Luca Donzelli & Mar T.

I’ve been composing club-oriented dancefloor music since the beginning, and this album project allowed me to create tracks with a calmer side to them.” explains Popof, “I teamed up with a singer, Arno Joey, who does the vocals on most of the tracks and Miss Kittin is also featured on ‘Always On My Mind’, a very sunny, warm song. Moreover, there are two other tracks that I’ve worked on with French artist Animal & Me – ‘Going Back’ and ‘Always On My Mind’ – who, in my opinion, is a newcomer to follow attentively.

Sublimely captivating and with the right balance of emotion, ‘Love Somebody’ is a statement of intention for an artist with a heavy artillery of experience, ready to fire in new directions. A perfect combination of hooky house rhythms, understated techno production and evocative vocal melodies that you’ll hear everywhere this summer.

Popof feat. Arno Joey “Words Gone” Remixes out now on 12″ vinyl and exclusively on Beaport.
Pre-order POPOF ‘Love Somebody’ Order ‘on  iTunes / CD / LP (Out June 29)

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Miss Kittin Vs Magda Vs NYMA)


Constantly delving into realms of musical exploration, Magda and Nyma’s ‘Define The Relationship’ project has championed the process of reshaping classic songs into darker electronic reworks. From Chaka Khan’s ‘I Feel For You’ to LL Cool J’s ‘Walking With A Panther’, the pair’s rich musical heritage injects these tracks with a new sound, meaning, and vision. Now, this next release featuring French-born vocalist and artist Miss Kittin pays homage to one of Britain’s most celebrated post-punk band’s front man, Joy Division’s Ian Curtis.

Four tracks that rework the iconic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, which was originally released in 1980, Magda and Nyma have created a sonic eulogy to Ian Curtis. The opening production entitled ‘Falling Apart Mix’ intricately captivates the dusky undertones of Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Miss Kittin’s haunting vocal track is reminiscent of that of Curtis’, complimented perfectly by the slow thudding kick drum and crisp percussion.

All four productions are revived by the input of synthesizers replacing the guitars used on the original track, yet serve a different purpose and capture varying sounds. ‘45rpm Maxi Single’ faster tempo draws influence from the original release, yet Magda and Nyma adding their own minimal sounding synth melody truly adds a new dimension to the song. A real signature of Magda and Nyma is their ability to reshape and revive classics. A trait that evades so many producers yet they have seemingly mastered it to perfection.

The eccentric and erratic style of Ian Curtis is one that is still hailed and so rightfully remembered today. These iconic characteristics are portrayed sophistically in ‘The Wobbler Mix’. A warming distorted baseline plays underneath the original riff on this instrumental track which once again displays Magda and Nyma’s experimental and electronic influence on this classic song. A true standout production from the release, along side the final track titled ‘String It Along’ closing the release with a melodic rework that stays true to the original.

1.Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Miss Kittin Vs Magda Vs NYMA Falling Apart Mix).
2.Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Miss Kittin Vs Magda Vs NYMA 45rpmMaxiSingleVersion).
3.Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Magda Vs NYMA Wobbler Mix).
4.Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Magda Vs NYMA String It Along)