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MIKRO – “Στη Θάλασσα”. Free download here:

Το video είναι ένα collage από προσωπικά video των Mikro από παλιότερες διακοπές τους στην Ελλάδα. Το Αιγαίο, το Ιόνιο, η άμμος και ο ήλιος οι πρωταγωνιστές.

MIKRO – Artificial


MIKRO, a Greek four-member electronic/pop band that was formed back in 1997 and has already released 8 studio albums, 2 soundtracks, a lot of CD and digital singles and remixes, unveiled a brand new great electro-pop gem, called “Artificial”. Check it out below. For more, visit their official site here. Their latest album “New” was released on April 2014 by UNDO records.

All we can say is that “Artificial” is the track that’s missing from the new Royksopp album.” Mikro

MIKRO – Abused


Greek based electro-pop band MIKRO have shared a brand new track, Abused, featuring their new female singer Chloe Ann. Available for free download here. In case you missed it, their latest New LP is out now on Undo Records. Get it here.

MIKRO – Full Speed Ahead

Greek based electro-pop band MIKRO introduce their new female vocalist Chloe Ann, with a brand new track available for free download! Download for free "Full Speed Ahead" here. Their latest album "New", is out now on UNDO Records. Get it here.

MIKRO – Beautiful People / Ποιος θα ‘ναι αυτός

Greek based electro-pop band MIKRO returns with a new album, the aptly-titled "NEW", which is set to be released on April 11 from UNDO records. The LP will features six songs in English and six in Greek. Ckeck out one from each category, the uplifitng "Beautiful People" and "Ποιος θα ‘ναι αυτός".