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Tear Council – Anywhere

tear council

Headed by none other than Matt Van Schie (Van She / Du Tonc), Tear Council is not just an advisory body on tear control, but a full body performance authority. After having previously collaborated in 2009 with fellow fashion aficionado and former band bud Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) to write “Journey” – from Van Schie’s “Balmy Nights” EP – the pair now join forces yet again to bring you “Anywhere”.

The first single from a double A side release, “Anywhere” is more than a solid preview of what is yet to come from Sydney’s Tear Council – a project described by Van Schie as an outlet for his “more emotional outpourings”.

Taking you back to the rhythm of the 80s and “Drive”-esque memories from summer days past, “Anywhere” will make you relive those throwback-thrills – an experience that is guaranteed to get you on your feet. With a video for “Anywhere” scheduled for March, and their music credentials and fashion game already strong, Tear Council are ready to take 2015 by storm.