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Rework – Hardcore EP


The Meant label really is on a fine run in 2015, and now offers up its 3rd release of the year. This one is a brilliant, club ready package from Rework and features excellent original material alongside carefully A&Red remixes from BALD and ClickBox.

Rework is a German collaborative project between Daniel Varga, Michael Kuebler and Sascha Hedgehog. As well as having ties to this label, they have released on Items & Things, Visionquest and Playhouse, and high profile fans include Seth Troxler. The creative trio has been doing this more than 15 years now, and as such is as good at making essential 12”s as it is full length albums.

Opener ‘Too Forward’ is a freaky bit of slow motion electronic house. Vast kicks form the marching beat as trippy vocals repeat the title’s refrain until it loses all form. Around it, sparking electronics and phased synth lines make for a fine cacophony that will undoubtedly freak out ‘floors.

The devilishly dark and alluring ‘Overdosed’ is a more up tempo track with shadowy post punk energy. No wave synths gurgle and tinny chords light up the centre as a disaffected vocal mutters about overdosing over the top. It’s another perfectly freaky track. Last offering ‘Candy And Korg’ is a wiggling, synthetic house track cut from the Gemini mould. It’s bubbly, rich and subtly groovy and is the sort of thing you’d hear in a Craig Richards set.

Magda favourites ClickBox then remix this one into a sparse but elastic affair with dry hi hats the main hook of a perfectly reduced minimal track. Finally, buy the EP digitally and you will also get a brilliant BALD remix of ‘Too Forward’ that is all tough synths, alien arps and reverb rich vocal ad libs.

Once again here Meant and Rework have cooked up a perfect dance floor storm.

Javi Redondo – Lectures to Young Men EP [2014]

Spaniard Javi Redondo makes an appearance on the superb Meant label with a new offering of tracks that come complete with remixes from Bohemian Groove and Get A Room.

Javi has been DJing for more than 15 years but his production career is in its relative infancy, yet he has already impressed with his fresh musical perspective with a few tracks already released by a couple of recognized labels. Meanwhile Remain’s Meant label has long established itself as a contemporary outlet for credible electronic sounds releasing music from the likes of Vosper, Rework, Alien Alien and Remain himself.

The opener and title track is a perfect slice of slo-mo electronica with a grungy and psychedelic flavor brought on by dirty guitar friffs and gringing drums that set a dark post apocalyptic tone. Shadowy vocals and noir synth lines bring plenty of menace to this rough analogue anthem. Bohemian Groove turn in a remix that is a little more electric and club ready, its still a moody affair with explosive synths and occult voices lurking in the shadows, but this one is also married to a more direct and driving tech house groove.

‘Motorway’ is, as the title hints, a classic bit of motoric house with a rolling guitar played bass line, crisp boom bap snares and plenty of dark wave synth and guitar lines that conjure thoughts of DJ greats like Andrew Weatherall and Ewan Pearson. It’s slick and gliding at the same time as being delightfully angsty. Get A Room! Appear on remix duties and add in vocal traffic report musings, more disco styled synths but also slow down the groove and allow it to spit and kick a bit more roughly than the streamlined original.

If you buy the release digitally you also get ‘No Cool Night’, which is a gurgling, dystopian bonus track with blurting synths, malfunctioning machines and menacing moods all pervading from start to finish.

This is an arresting EP of well made, perfectly analogue electronic music that takes it cues from indie as much as techno and excels as a result.

Alien Alien – One By One EP [2014]

Parisian label Meant turns to Hugo Sanchez and Rodion in their Alien Alien guise, a little known side project that has released on their own label RoccoDisco and that has also featured on Get Physical back in 2012. The two originals from Alien Alien come with remixes by Rodion in solo mode, plus Red Axes.

Alien Alien have in fact found lots of favour with the international queer community thanks to their ‘Sambaca’ tune, released on Berlin’s Slowmotion label, and ‘The Nights’, on San Fran outlet Discaire, both of which came with truly freaky videos.

‘One by One’ is the first track and it is a very poised and well-paced bit of lo-down disco funk. Searching synths spray across the face of the dark, rubbery track as a male vocal repeats the title’s refrain. It’s the sort of slo-mo chugger the ALFOS crews will love and is filled with menace despite being a sparse track overall.

Rodion then goes solo for a remix and in doing so layers in even more unsettling intergalactic synths and curious alien details. The groove, too, is made more rubbery and supple and really sweeps you up.

‘Soter’ then ups the ante a little with an arpeggiated bassline, crystalline synths and all sorts of weird and wonderful voices. It’s deep but direct and has a solid, chunky groove at its somewhat dystopian core. The Red Axes remix is a more human and soulful affair with hip swinging claps, more arpeggiated lines and something of a classic jack feel to the raw drums.

This is a macho disco-tastic release from Meant that proves Alien Alien have many different sounds.

1. One By One (Original Mix)
2. One By One (Rodion Remix)
3. Soter (Original Mix)
4. Soter (Red Axes Remix)