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Video: Keinemusik (&ME, Rampa, Adam Port) – Send Return

The new album “Send Return” is out now:

Guy Gerber – What To Do Remixes

Guy Gerber delivers remix package for ‘What To Do’. &ME and DJ Jes rework Guy’s acclaimed production.

Embodying a varied range of sonic arrangements that the Israeli DJ has become synonymous with, the original was released earlier this year and demonstrates varied cymbal-claps and a wide range of isolated percussive instruments. With &ME spinning his own dynamic rework of the track, the German – who has performed a number of sets across Ibiza this summer, playing at DC-10’s ‘Circoloco’ – adds groove-fuelled elements to the mix, a stark contrast to the deep and atmospheric style favoured by DJ Jes. 

&ME – In Your Eyes

Keinemusik’s &ME makes his debut on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records.

Emitting his first material for Pampa, &ME’s ‘In Your Eyes’ EP is out now. A craftsman of all things deep and connoisseur of emotive touch, he is one of the scene’s central characters and one of the main figures of Berlin’s Keinemusik-crew.

The title track and A side to this EP wastes no time in charming the listener, the first chords of an improvised piano-piece entering after a few beats of the kick drum and tenderly laid upon a shimmering instrumentation. In comparison, B-side “As Above So Below” unfolds in a dry and dense sounding pattern, packed subtextual field recordings, a scale-riding synthbass at the tune’s centre-piece, sparking dance floor-ecstasy.

Art Department – Catch You By Surprise Remixes (inc. Guy Gerber and &ME)


Art Department has unveiled 2 remixes to their hit track ‘Catch You By Surprise’ from their 2014 artist album, Natural Selection. They come from some of the hottest producers in today’s underground house scene – Guy Gerber and &Me. Both remixes are out now via Ultra Music and Art Department’s very own No.19 Music.

There’s nothing minimal about &Me’s remix, as whirring beeps and percussions softly caress the haunting top line – a vocal performance done by Art Department’s very own Kenny Glasgow. Powerful piano chords rip through an aggressively tuned drum beat in, perfectly dressing the track with his celebrated techno-leaning touch.

Guy Gerber takes a far darker approach with his rendition – a deep bass assaults the listener amidst dark echoes and fast paced drum play. Balearic hues and perfectly crafted pads make Guy’s take an instant classic, a remix that will fit perfectly into peak time forays. Dance music tastemaker Pete Tong has already been playing Guy’s take on ‘Catch You By Surprise’ out on his Essential Selection and All Gone Pete Tong radio shows.

Watch the Music Video for Art Department’s ‘Catch You By Surprise’:

About Art Department

Jonny White, acting head of No.19 Music and Canadian techno legend, Kenny Glasgow make up the infamous duo known as Art Department, a collaborative project that has seen almost unparalleled success within the world of dance music in recent years. In 2010 the pair transcended genre barriers and paved the way for countless artists with their first single – “Without You” which was awarded Resident Advisor’s “Track of the Year” and #1 track of the year at the 2011 Beatport awards paving their way to a level of success rarely achieved by underground artists.

Natural Selection represents the music, the story and Art Department’s evolution from the projects inception until now, alongside Kenny and Johnny’s personal journeys as individuals. Strewn with themes that centre on the cyclical idiosyncrasy of ‘natural selection’, Art Department explore a defined narrative throughout the LP; feelings of spiritual awakening and tranquility, indecision and turmoil tell a story in which the beginning could in fact be the end. Natural Selection is a diverse album in which Johnny and Kenny’s inherently seamless production is in-fact a prerequisite to their existence.

ZacGk Live @ Six D.O.G.S. for Akou Auto’s Party

Moderat – Bad Kingdom
Dusk – What are the chances (Kled Mone remix)
The xx – Fiction (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
DJ Koze – Nices Wolkchen feat. Apparat
NO CEREMONY/// – Feelsolow
Austra – Forgive Me
Daft Punk – Get Lucky (SIS Edit)
Jose Gonzalez – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)
Daughter – Get Lucky (Pretty Pink Edit)
Keep Shelly in Athens – DIY (Sasha involv3r Remix)
Ry And Frank Wiedemann – Howling (Ame Remix)
London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place (Gigamesh/DiscoTech remix)
Queens Of The Stone Age – Burn The Witch (Unkle Variation)

Guest DJ Set // June 22 // Akou Auto’s Party @ Six DOGS

This Saturday night, June 22, I’ll be playing a guest dj set for Akou Auto’s Street Spirit Party @ Six D.o.g.s.. More info (in Greek) below..

[voc. spirit (n.) ~ a mood or an emotional state / the holy spirit / an alcohol solution]

Φέτος το τριήμερο του Αγίου Πνεύματος δεν έχετε να πάτε πουθενά.

To Σάββατο 22 Ιουνίου, το Άκου Αυτό♫ αναλαμβάνει τα decks στοSix D.O.G.S. (και το μπούρου-μπούρου στον πεζόδρομο) και σας θέλει όλους εκεί.

Ποιοι: ηθοποιοί, μουσικοί, μοντέλα, παρουσιάστριες, δημοσιογράφοι, ραδιοφωνικοί παραγωγοί, φωτογράφοι, μαγαζάτορες, start-up owners, πολυτεχνίτες, δημοσιοσχεσίστες, fashionίstas, επιστήμονες, καλλιτέχνες, αθλητές, γυμναστές, ψυχολόγοι, bankers, managers, interns, φοιτητές, μπαμπάδες, MILFs, ξένοι, bloggers, βαθύ twitter, celebrities, cewebrities, σινεκριτικοί, δισκοκριτικοί και Κρητικοί.


Gig space:
[indie, electro, pop, rock, dance]
Eve & Vicky ( – @EveOfDes / @vikonika
Zacharias Gketsis ( – @ZacGk
Fang Yuan – @fangyuanriot
Steve Bacaliaros – @bacaliaros
Άκου Αυτό♫ – @AkouAuto

[freestyle, break beats, drum & bass, dubstep]
Blast’em Bop / after hours: ManJah

Trivia: Σάββατο 22 Ιουνίου 2013. Six D.O.G.S, Αβραμιώτου 6-9, Μοναστηράκι (μην τη βγάλετε στον πεζόδρομο, να μπείτε μέσα να χορέψουμε.) Doors open: 21:00. Τι να περιμένετε: good times, ωραίες μουσικές, νέες γνωριμίες, hangover και ντροπιαστικές φωτογραφίες την επομένη. Είσοδος ελεύθερη (κι ωραία). Αυστηρά open.

Άκου Αυτό♫: Street spirit ακμαιότατον. We don’t fade out.
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