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DJ Koze – Magical Boy (Matthew Herbert Remix)

Earlier this year, weird techno veteran DJ Koze released his excellent LP Amygdala, one of 2013’s strangest and most enjoyable dance records. On December 2, his Pampa label will release a few remixes from that LP by the likes of Matthew Herbert and Efdemin. Below, you can stream the 10-minute pop-focused rework of "Magical Boy" featuring Matthew Dear by Herbert.

Kylie Minogue – Skirt (Matthew Dear Remix)

Matthew Dear has shared his club-ready version of Kylie Minogue’s Skirt on his soundcloud page. Stream and donwload it for free below.

Matthew Dear – Beams (The Complete Edition) [2013]

The Ghostly boss, Matthew Dear will reissue his fifth album with a clutch of new material. The “Complete Edition” of Dear’s Beams is due out on June 17. Along with the original album’s 11 tracks, the reissue will include B-sides, 10 remixes, and the previously unreleased “She’s Just That Way”, which you can stream below.

01 Her Fantasy
02 Earthforms
03 Headcage
04 Fighting Is Futile
05 Up & Out
06 Overtime
07 Get the Rhyme Right
08 Ahead of Myself
09 Do the Right Thing
10 Shake Me
11 Temptation
12 She’s Just That Way *
13 Crimewaves
14 In the Middle (I Met You There) [feat. Jonny Pierce]
15 Street Song
16 Around a Fountain
17 Flunker
18 Earthforms (TOBACCO Remix) *
19 Earthforms (Jessy Lanza Remix) *
20 Earthforms (Michna Remix) *
21 Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix) *
22 Her Fantasy (Tornado Wallace Remix)
23 Fighting Is Futile (Seth Troxler Remix)
24 Fighting Is Futile (KiNK Remix)
25 Fighting Is Futile (Benoit & Sergio Remix)
26 Fighting Is Futile (Laid Back Remix)
27 Fighting Is Futile (KiNK Extended Dub)
* Unreleased