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Kasper Bjørke – Cloud 9 EP


Here’s the first single out of Kasper Bjørke’s upcoming mini-LP ‘Fountain of Youth’ (out June 10th) which bends genres such as classic house, electro, post disco and techno, into his own melting pot of late night jams – created entirely for the dancefloors. It’s Kaspers joyous return to clubland, after focusing his previous album productions on song oriented compositions, suitable for home listening rather than the clubs.

Before that, ‘Cloud 9’, leading single from ‘Fountain of Youth’ is released on May 20th – and arriving with a remix package, as always handpicked by Kasper himself.

‘Cloud 9’ comes in two original versions: An instrumental version, that with its dreamy analoge OB-8 pads, haunting melancholic bell theme and 808 breakbeats surely will take you back in time. The vocal mix features Urdur from Icelandic band GusGus. Urdur delivers a infectious hookline, with a clear reference to the 90s vocal house scene.

Weval, soon to release their debut album on Kompakt, provides a stunning and brilliantly different take on the original, refocusing the vibe into a shuffling, lo-fi jam, complete with their signature sampled, pitched vocal bits. The Dub, available via Juno only, allows yet more space to the smudged, warm groove.

The Italian duo Marvin & Guy, known for their jams on John Talabots Hivern Discs and most recently on Correspondant Records, brings a beefy, chugging Italo vibe to their main version with a classic arpeggio synth anthem.

Marvin & Guy’s Dub Remix is pushing the simmering melodies into a dreamy climax – and is a sure shot for the open air sunset slots this summer.