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Black Devil Disco Club – H Friend (Vox & Dance Remixes)


Celebrating 40 years of electronic music exploration this year saw the re-release of three seminal works by Bernard Fevre (aka Black Devil), ‘Suspense’ (1975), ‘Cosmos 2043’ (1977) and the storied ‘Disco Club’ (1978). Completing this anniversary year Fevre now returns with three EPs featuring new remixes of his 1978 underground cosmic disco hit ‘H Friend’ from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, GoldFFinch, Turzi and many more.

The first EP (released 13 November) is aimed directly at the dancefloor with remixes from Berlin based duo Africaine 808, French Psychedelic Space Rocker Turzi, Sao Paulo’s DJ Tide, and last but not least world famous British Acid House DJ & producer Andrew Weatherall, who contributes the first of two remixes.

The second EP (released 27 November) makes more use of the re-recorded vocals by British singer Jo Apps and features remixes from Adelaide based Luke Million, Belgian Techno duo GoldFFinch, Anglo-French rising stars Loframes and the second of Andrew Weatherall’s remixes.

The final EP (released 11 December) is especially dedicated to Japan. 45 years after touring the country with his first band Francs Garçons, Bernard returned to Japan in 2015 for his first solo tour of Japan and was amazed by the music a new generation of artists were creating. Featuring remixes from Carpainter, Oorutaichi, Free Disco Permanent Midnight and Sparrows (the solo project of CRYSTAL’s Ryota Miyake), it’s a wildly eclectic set of remixes that perfectly finishes off this set.

A pioneering member of France’s electronic music scene in the 1970s, Fevre’s career entered a new phase in the early ‘00s when his ‘Disco Club’ album was rediscovered and reissued by Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) on his Rephlex label. Since then Fevre has gone on to be sampled by the likes of the Chemical Brothers and released several new albums on Lo Recordings collaborating with artists such as Jon Spencer, Afrika Bambaataa, Nancy Sinatra, Faris Badwan (The Horrors), Mondkopf and Daniel Avery

Kraftwerk – Robots (Luke Million Remake)

luke million

Australian producer Luke Million remakes Kraftwerk’s seminal track, “The Robots”. Available for free here.

“When looking at the history of Electronic Music, you can’t go past the pioneering role of Kraftwerk. They were the first guys out there making music with synths, drum machines and vocoders and making it popular. They are a massive influence for me and I have chosen “The Robots” as my latest remake.

I re-created all the synths on a 1975 Micromoog Synthesizer and added an Oberheim DMX drum machine for a slightly different twist. The vocodering was taken care of by my Roland VP-330, which was definitely my favourite part of this remake.”