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Video: Camea – Moonwalk Away (Locked Groove Remix)

Since her first single "City Watch Over Me", Seattle-born and Berlin-based Camea is one of the most emerging artists on BPitch Control. After her dub/electronica contribution "Love On The Balcony" for last year’s "Where The Wind Blows" compilation, the latest "Neverwhere EP" encourages her sense of space-filling grooves and perfectly shaped melodies. Now appearing with four remixes, all interpreta- tions show and add new facets to "Neverwhere".

At the beginning, the Berlin-based Deadbeat provides "Black Sparrow" with a few sinister sounds- capes that wins in emerging from the background — despite the rudimentary acid hints. The straight rhythm sparked a dynamic aura that consists of both, shy chords and almost inter terrestrial sounds — a dub-infected fibrillation with minimal spleen. 
Camea herself shorten up the length of her own track "Neverwhere" without reducing the sex appeal of bass and groove. Her emotional DJ tool version let the love for melody-driven tech house remain — a jewel for the first rays of sunshine after a long night. 
Following some excellent releases on Hotflush Recordings, the Belgian Locked Groove not only loop Camea’s voice for his version of "Moon Walk Away", but also let the 303 make some sweet- talking circles. The acid spirals only deceive the muscle play, while the strings add some reverent grace to this piece. 
Finally Lee Jones radiates a profound magic that emphasizes the benefits of "Dream Of You". While a corrugated iron bass line enters into a dialogue with the illustrious semi- bleep-driven accents, the naturalistic setting takes us into a deep house meditation that embodies one thing for sure: sunken comfort.
Watch the official video for the Locked Groove edit below and preview all the remixes here.