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Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo – Higher EP

Inigo Vontier & Dan Solo

La Dame Noir turns to Mexican studio duo Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo for their next EP, which is a deliciously deep and disco fried house offering complete with a range of great remixes.

The label itself is also a club, blog and bar based in Marseille and has long been defining the local scene. Between now and October the bulk of the releases the label is working on will have a distinctly sunset beach vibe with scorching summer sounds the main aim until winter returns. Iñigo Vontier & Dan Solo, meanwhile, are big stars in their native Mexico and have hooked up a number of times before now with great results.

The duo’s first offering is ‘Higher’, a go slow and teasing bit of disco house with proud, gravelly synth lines, louche drums and sprinkles of cosmic dust. Eventually filling out with more lush synths and nicely loose percussion it’s the sort of lazy groove that demands to be played on the beach/a terrace/a boat this summer. First to remix is Alvaro Cabana of labels like Flumo. He goes for something that is a little more stripped back and deeper, but it chugs invitingly on a tough bassline that is imbued with plenty of funk.

Deep Disco label boss JKriv then turns in his carnival flecked interpretation. Turbo charged with lots of sunny and tropical synths and tin pot percussive sounds, it’s a nice loose groove that makes you wiggle your behind. Next up, Argentine Heartbeat Revolutions producer Thomass Jackson goes for something darker and shadier. His kinetic late night disco mix is full of naughty energy and machismo and excels as a result.

The other original is ‘Big Bang’, a grinding and mechanical bit of disco funk with machine gun basslines, explosions of cosmic melody and cut up vocal samples that sound like partying robots. Spaniard Los López tackles this one, flipping it into an elastic, bendy bit of analogue disco with thick rasping synth lines and that twist and turn for the duration.

This is a serious package of devastating disco once again from the always-inventive La Dame Noir crew. Get it here.

Did Virgo feat. Johanna – Come To My Galaxy EP

Did Virgo pic

La Dame Noir is the label, club, blog and bar that has been defining the scene in its native Marseille for years. For its eight release the label turns to local DJ hero and accomplished producer Did Virgo, who turns out three fantastically alluring tracks, with one being remixed by Javi Redondo.

Did Virgo is one of the most revered DJs in his native Marseille, he also used to run a record shop with Jack De Marseille and Virgo Music owner DJ Paul. On top of that he has had a number of hits before now, including an edit of Queen Charles ‘Come To Me’ that got hammered by DJs like Superpitcher. This is his first solo EP since 2006 and once again confirms the man to be a veritable musical talent.

Opening track ‘Work Addict’ is a deliciously slow house affair where lazy kicks spaciously roll beneath a grinding bassline. Nebulous swirls of melodies drift about with you at the centre and Johanna’s libidinous vocals ooze sex appeal. ‘Come to my Galaxy’ is another track so slow it is leant a seriously purposeful feel. On this one an elastic bassline slowly body-pops down low as rueful synths extend out to the horizon and colourful melodies rain down the face of Johanna’s intimately delivered vocals. Fast rising Spaniard Javi Redondo of the Meant label remixes this track into something doleful and downbeat, dark and deep.

‘Where Is She’ picks up the pace but remains resolutely deep, with crisp hi hats and occult ambiance pervading the prowling groove. Bendy, malleable synths perform slow gymnastics all around the drums and bring with them a stormy, cloudy sky.

This is a moody and captivating EP of slow and sensuous sounds that prove Did Virgo is a master of his craft. Preview below. Get it here.

Forty Fings Dynamo – 615 EP [2014]

La dame Noir Records has impressed with its first 6 EPs and now returns with a 7th from Forty Fings Dynamo – the new side project from Adrien (one half of Villanova) and Emmanuel a.k.a. Solofour.

The Paris and Berlin based producers have been coming up with dark, techy and indie influenced sounds that make a perfect match for the haunted, trippy dancefloor atmospherics that La dame Noir really aims for.

Up first, the excellent ‘615’ is a shadowy bit of spine tingling house music with a gurgling bassline, plenty of unsettling late night atmosphere and a muttered vocal line that adds yet more tension to an already sensory stimulating track. The sweeping synths add a sense of scale and given the aesthetics it makes perfect sense that Canadian trio My Favorite Robot – who run the brilliant label of the same name – remix ‘615’. The results sound like a world falling apart to reveal another dimension of ghoulish synth action, spangled bassline trips and reflective metallic hues.

The next standout original is the fantastically creepy crawly ‘Excuse Me’. A bubbling basslines sets the tone beneath squeaky alien sounds, freaky synth lines and plenty of dark cosmic energy. It’s a prowling track that brings plenty of robotic, post apocalyptic vibes to the dancefloor. Remixer and Santiago de Chile native Alejandro Paz is one of Comème’s spearheading talents. Ecstatic and powerful, the South American delivers a raw, muscular and jacking version of Forty Fings Dynamo’s ‘Excuse Me’ that demands to be danced to.

With this EP La Dame Noir Records once again prove they have a singular sound and great ear for A&Ring talents who fit in with their vision.