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Vitalic – Tu Conmigo feat. La Bien Querida

‘Tu Conmigo’ started life as an idea in Vitalic’s head many years ago, eventually ending up as the opening track/introduction to ‘Voyager,’ titled ‘El Via,’ ‘the voyage’ in Spanish. “It was good, but I didn’t get to explore completely what I had in mind,” he explains. “An essential element was missing – Spanish lyrics, something that can make a track radiate, make it universal and positive.”

Now remodelled and extended with Spanish lyrics, the track has taken on a new life. Renamed ‘Tu Conmigo’ it’s a real departure from ‘Voyager,’ and one that might have some Vitalic fans a little taken aback. Evoking memories of holidays abroad with lyrics reminiscent of your first summer loves, it’s refreshingly nestled in a sweet spot between pop, disco and electronic music. Think 70’s crooner meets analogue synths on the dancefloor over thirty years down the line.