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Video: Hior – Under Any Custody feat. Anna Maria Marjamäki

‘Under any custody’ feat. Anna Maria Marjamäki is the first single from Greek producer/musician Hior Chronik’s upcoming album ‘Descent’, out soon on Ki Records. Pre-order here.

Filming by Belek Wunderlich – Alex Koch. Video Production by Hior

Fejká – Ghostlight feat. Marie Angerer

“Ghostlight (ft. Marie Angerer)” is the first single to be shared by electronic artist Fejká on the 23rd June. The single comes as a prelude to his debut EP “Twilight” which will be released by Christian Löffler’s label Ki Records on 14 July. Having previously supported Christian Löffler’s tours at Kowalski and Zoom, the new EP is an exciting new project for the young artist, and features collaborations with Icelandic singer-songwriter Hildur and German indie-pop and folk artist Marie Angerer.

Brian Zajak, aka Fejká began his musical career at the age of 17. Torn between the the dreamy soft atmosphere of ambient music, and the hard punchy vibe of techno, Fejká couldn’t decide which direction his music production would take. “Day/night, dream/dance, slow/fast – music was always split into two worlds for me” he says. Thus, he decided to experiment with both, showing the development process of dream music into dance music.

The EP’s first two songs, ‘Illumination’ and ‘Sunlight’ are dreamy downtempo tracks. They embody the emotions of waking up from a long night of restful sleep and slowly becoming aware of the world around you. The album concludes with ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Ghostlight (ft. Marie Angerer)’ which represent a certain state of hypnosis and trance brought on by nightfall. However, the key song and title track, ‘Twilight (ft. Hildur)’ is an amalgamation of both worlds, and is the bridge that merges the two contrasting genres of music embodied on this album. “My personal favourite, “Twilight (ft. Hildur)”, is a unique and rare combination of both worlds and really important for me because it perfectly describes my musical taste. It took me a long time to finish something like this, but I’m very happy to have found that one song, which combines everything to an absolute purity of musical perception.”.

Drawn to artists such as Essáy, HVOB, Stumbleine and Christian Löffler, the appeal of this EP lies in its varied influences, and ability to harness the best of two contrasting genres. Twilight takes the listener on a journey from day to night and Fejká effectively shows us the beauty of both worlds.

Says Fejká of the EP: “The atmosphere of ambient music was my pool of calmness and deep thoughts, something you can just chillout to and think about your life. On the other hand, when I had my first contact with techno music, I felt the unique vibe of it, the feeling how music can make your body move and forget about everything, the feeling of the crowd melting together in a big rain of ecstasis. I never wanted to make music which only appeals to a certain spectrum of mood or people, I’m always trying to achieve that one absolute sound, which is relatable to every situation in ones life, music you can dance and dream to at the same time.”

“Twilight” EP Tracklist:
01 Illumination
02 Sunlight
03 Twilight (ft. Hildur)
04 Moonlight
05 Ghostlight (ft. Marie Angerer)

Monokle – Backwash


Whereas the first track from Monokle’s second album wandered off into the night alongside the melancholic vocals of Russian singer Milina, the Ki Records producer now moves from a moody intro to more of a scattershot dance track. On “Backwash” the St Petersburg born artist focuses on the club oriented side of his productions and delivers an after-hours gem ready to keep the dance-floor moving and dreaming. Here’s what Monokle (AKA Vlad Kudryavtsev) had to say about it:

I wrote this album for about a year. This music is probably a little different from my previous works but the overall theme as always are melancholic melodies, ambient, noise, bouncy rhythms, and beautiful vocals. Most of the album was recorded in a village in the very north of Russia. I moved here recently from St. Petersburg and decided to stay for a while and soak in the very special atmosphere of this place. On some of the tracks my good friend and collaborator Milinal helped with the production and also lent me his voice, for which I am very grateful to him.

New album “Rings” out 14th September 2015 on Ki Records.

Monokle – Rings LP


Russia might not be the epicenter of electronic music from a western point of view but German label Ki records like to spread it’s ears worldwide, searching for unique sounds and producers. Back in 2012 they discovered Vlad Kudryavtsev aka Monokle who appeared on the labels catalogue with his critically acclaimed “Saints”.

Taking inspiration from turn-of-the-20th-century composer Erik Satie, Monokle pairs dreamy ambience with fluttering beats, glorious soundscapes and glitchy bass. Two years after “Saints” he returns with a new album on Ki Records titled “Rings.” Lead single “Calypt” fully reveals Monokle’s talents as a songwriter and features the vocals of his close friend Milinal, whose vocals glide over a shimmering bed of acoustics and organic beats.

Album opener “Rouse” combines a timpany-esque melody and ghostly vocals with spheric sounds, whereas tracks like “Backwash” see the St Petersburg born producer focus more on the club oriented side of his productions and deliver an after-hours gem ready to keep the dance-floor moving and dreaming. With it’s dazzling blend of melodic electronica, gauzy ambience and skittering beats,Monokle’s “Rings” follows on from “Saints” seamlessly as another finely crafted masterpiece for Ki’s growing discography.

1.  Rouse
2.  Calypt (feat. Milinal)
3.  Umbriel
4.  Blew (feat. Gala Ga)
5.  Backwash
6.  Loss
7.  Neon Sign
8.  Holytin
9.  Kay
10. Borealis
11. Radiant Pieces (feat. Milinal)

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